Saraswatichandra 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant meeting Kumud and Saras saying he is giving the flat for rent and they can see it now. Kumud smiles and goes to see the flat. They like the flat. Kumud says see Saras, its so good view. Saras says its well furnished flat, did anyone live here before. Prashant becomes quiet. He says come, lets see the rooms. Saras and Kumud go with him and like the bedroom. Kumud says its very nice. Prashant says its very nice, come. He shows them the kitchen. Kumud likes the free space and smils. She takes rounds and Prashant eyes her like never seen a girl before.

Kumud feels the breeze of Mumbai city and Saras holds her. Kumud says it’s a beautiful place, so open, when it rains, we will have hot tea and enjoy the rain. He says I can’t promise of rain, but can get hot tea for you. He starts acting and makes tea for her. Prashant and agent leaves. They have a laugh. She says its great, if there were hot pakodas with this it will be great. Saras acts to give her and asks her to eat it. She says its very good. Saras holds her hand and closes her eyes. He asks her to feel the rain drops and she smiles.

They close their eyes. Kumud says yes. Saras looks at her. O piya……………plays………………He says Mrs. Kumud Saraswatichandra Vyas, how are you feeling. She says very nice. He says finally my queen liked the house. She laughs. He hugs her. The agent asks Prashant, what would be the rent. Prashant says what they decide. The agent say they won’t pay much. Prashant says no issues and leaves. Prashant comes and sees Saras and Kumud hugging. He does hmm and they move apart. He asks did you like this house. She says yes, especially this balcony. He says you can shift tomorrow. Saras and Kumud thank him.

Kumud and Saras come back to the hotel room. Kumud looks for Saras and gets worried as he is not around. She calls him and his number is not available. She panics and says where did he go. Saras comes and she hugs him being afraid. He asks what happened. She cries and asks where did you go, you could have told me. He says I went to café for 10mins. She asks where is your phone. He says battery dead. H asks why are you crying. She says we are far from home, I m missing family, and you went without telling me, you know something happens at home in our absence, always stay with me. He says I m always with you, even if I go far from you, stop crying now.

Saras holds her and gets closer. He asks her to come more closer. She says Saras………. They have an eyelock. He smiles seeing her being shy. Mann ke dor…………..plays………………. He touches her and smiles.

Saras and Kumud talk to Vidyachatur and give him updates about the new house. Kumud says I m missing you all a lot. He asks how is the house. Kumud describes it and says it’s a good open house. He says Saras Saras……… She says Saras just went. He laughs and says I meant good. Kumud laughs and ends the call. He says Kumud will make the house a home. Saras and Kumud come to the society and the guard stops them asking them to show NOC.

Saras says we know the procedure, but we have house agreement. They show him. The guard says this won’t work, you can’t go inside. Saras says how can you do this. The guard says rule is rule and stops them at the gate. He says don’t bribe me. Kumud says no use to talk to him. Saras says we did registration also. The guard says you meet the building secretary. Saras says fine. The guard asks them to keep the bags outside. He stops the secretary and tells them about Saras and Kumud coming to saty in the building for rent, but they don’t have NOC.

The secretary asks him to leave. Saras shows the agreement. He checks it and says are you married. Saras says yes. He says any proof. Saras says for marriage? He says yes, I will give NOC after seeing the proof. Kumud says he is my husband. The man says how will we believe this.

The man asks them to give any proof like marriage pics. Kumud says we have everything in our village. The man says then bring it and take NOC. Saras says I will call Danny. Saras calls Danny and asks him to mail his and Kumud’s marriage pic. Danny says fine and sits to mail. Saras tells this to him and says my brother is sending it. Danny calls Saras and says internet is not coming, I will send pics in evening. Saras tells this to the man and asks him to give the NOC. The man says rules are rules, till you don’t show proof, you can’t get the flat.

Saras says lets spend one more day in the hotel. Kumud says sorry, this is happening because of me. H says no need, thanks as we got this house because of you. Saras gets a call from Danny. Saras asks him to send the pics. Danny says net is not working, why do you need pics. Saras says we are not getting NOc here to get the flat. Saras asks him to take marriage album pic and scan it. Danny says Kumud has locked it. Kumud says lets wait for one more day. She asks him to not tell anyone at home as they will be worried. Danny says I will send the pic soon and ends the call.

Kumud says I have some plan, why don’t we talk to Prashant and ask him to talk to secretary. Saraas says not bad. She smiles.

Saras talks to Patel and tells him the problem. Patel asks him to take a fake marriage pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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