Saraswatichandra 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras smiling and standing in the Jarokha. The criminal crane man cuts the rope and Saras smiles seeing Kumud. The creep Rohit looks on with a bloody face. The Jarokha swings and Anushka shouts Jiju…… Everyone turn and see the Jarokha coming down. Saras is shocked. Kumud and Badimaa shout Saras…………. Kumud runs to Saras. Saras falls down as the Jarokha bumps to the ground. Everyone is shocked and hold their heads and mouths. Saras screams Aah and faints………… The groom Kabir is shocked too. Everyone shout Saras and run to him, all of them turning black screened. Kumud is in a state of shock, looking at him. Saras is taken to the hospital.

Kumud asks the doctor to see Saras fast, he has lost much blood. Everyone worry. Everyone ask Saras to open his eyes. Kabir and Danny’s hearts pump out of their dazzling sherwanis. The doctor asks everyone to stay out. Saras is taken inside and they stand outside crying. Badimaa hugs Kumud. Kusum says Didi, nothing will happen to Saras. Anushka cries too. Kabir and Danny hug with intensity. Kabir asks Danny not to worry, as nothing will happen to Saras, Lord can’t let anything happen to him. (even I wish the same!!) Guniyal says we have to be patient, Lord will save Saras.

Badimaa consoles Kumud. Kabir says Danny, the treatment is going on, don’t worry. The doctor comes out and sees everyone’s positive news expecting eyes. Danny asks how is Saras. The doctor says he is critical, with internal bleedings, we have to do operation, just do the formalities fast, take his wife’s sign on the form. Kabir and Yash go to bring the form. Vidyachatur says my Saras always does good to everyone, why this happens with him, till when will he bear all this. Guniyal asks him to be strong, as they have to see Kumud too. Kabir and Yash bring the form. Kumud hugs Vidyachatur and cries. He consoles her. Kabir asks her to sign the form. Kumud signs it crying.

Badimaa says Lord, why do you do this with my Saras, how much will you test him. Yash’s mum says yes, Lord always tests Kumud and Saras. She says he has saved Kumud’s life and risked his life. Kumud hears this. She thinks what Saras did, he brought the Jarokha down and made her come out, he stood inside and went ahead. Anushka holds Rohit’s collar and asks why did he dare to take Saras’ life, if anything happens to him then. He says don’t get emotional. She says he regards me a sister, if anything happens to him, I will tell everyone that you did this. He pushes her and she falls.

He says what did you say, you will tell everyone, then what about you, who will trust you, that your cousin came and did this, fine, they agreed to you, then what, they will kick you out of this house first. He says you will lose Kabir and family. He says and Kumud…… and this family…… will curse you more than me, so don’t use your mind, as a slave should walk as much as told. Saras is treated in the OT. Kumud worries for Saras crying. Everyone cry. Danny hugs the pillar crying. Kusum signs she is here and he hugs her. She says nothing will happen to Saras and holds his face. Badimaa says yes, Saras will get fine soon.

Guniyal makes a loud sound and cries, to make Kusum attend her now. Badimaa sees Kumud and goes to her. Kumud hugs her. Badimaa asks her to trust Lord. Saras is being operated, just blood bag, scissors and cotton is shown. The doctor says arrange this group’s blood, he lost much, we need more blood. Vidyachatur asks the nurse how is Saras. She says doctor is trying his best, Saras needs more blood.

Danny thinks about Saras’ words. Badimaa thinks how she sang lori for him as he was restless that day. She thinks Saras was worried for Kumud and said something wrong is going to happen. Everyone think about Saras’ good deeds and great words. Kumud looks at the OT red light and thinks how Pramad shot Saras. O Piya………… plays…………. She thinks how Prashant and Mahesh has trapped Saras. She thinks of his words that he will not let pain reach her. (Remarkable words!!) She thinks about his worry for her and his never ending love. She thinks how he fell off the Jarokha and that they can’t run from problems, they have to face it some day.

She goes to the small temple in the hospital and prays to Lord. She says I got your blessings by getting Saras, my trust on you became strong by his strong love, and you tested him, he always won, when there was no hope for us to meet, he did not fail, how can he fail now, he can’t. She cries.

She says she will give every test till we both are together, make him fine, you have to change our fate if there is something else written in it. (Kumud, get back Saras from the Yamraaj, the show makers!!)

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

  1. i crid n watchng 2day’s epi.i am ur grt diehard fan saras.

  2. A very very emotional episodeepisode!

  3. A very very emotional episode!

  4. saras fan fan

    Plz do something bring saras back somehow plz plz plz

  5. Crying by jus reading the written epi only! I don’t dare to watch it.. Saras dont go man .. Plss .. Der can’t b any1 like u… Which s ur blood group ? We ll arrang for it!! Lol!

  6. we reallly loves u saras……we don’t wish u 2 gooooo…..kumud wll be lonely in her life….we don’t wsh tht….saras we reallly love uuuu

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