Saraswatichandra 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras saying Kumud how far you go, I will be here, till you hold my hand. Whenever you open your eyes, you will find me, I will wait for you, til you say yes, even if I have to wait all my life. Kumud looks on while he leaves. Kumud comes to her room and thinks about Saras. She starts feeling cold because of the windy weather and goes to close the windows. She sees Saras standing outside and looking at her. She goes to him. She brings milk for him and says go to your house, its windy. He says let it be, the sky gets clear after the wind. She says the rain will be coming now, you will be ill. He says why do you care for me so much. She says I don’t care about you and leaves.

He stops her and says to whom are you lying, me or yourself. She says leave me, he says I won’t, will you slap me now. She says my divorce is not done yet, I’m someone’s wife. He says I will break this wall very soon. She says go from here. He says if I don’t go. She says you don’t listen to me. She leaves. Saras stands there. Yash talks to his mum and says I selected such a girl that you will be proud of. He says I will tell them after going there. He tells his girlfriend that his mum agreed to their proposal. Yash’s mum tells Guniyal and Vidyachatur about Yash’s decision.

Vidyachatur says Yash will select a good girl so not to worry. Yash’s mum says its not easy, if the girl is not good, then it will be a problem. The next morning, Kumud wakes up and sees the time. She opens her window and looks around. She says where did he go. She looks out for him outside. She sees the empty milk glass and says its good he did what I said. Badimaa says and you, when will you listen to me. Kumud says how can I agree, I want him to have a good life. Badimaa says he does not have a life without you. Kumud says he can’t have a good life with me. She says I saw him getting hurt for my sake, I can’t see in much pain as he will get only pain if he stays with me. Kumud leaves.

Guniyal asks Kusum why did you not come for dinner at night. Kusum says I was having head ache. Gunyal scolds her and says you have to understand the difference between dreams and reality. Kusum wonders how can I forget him seeing him infront of my eyes. Badimaa comes to Kumud. Kumud says I m getting late for school and you know my answer. Badimaa asks Kumud to give some papers to Saras. Kumud reads the papers and Badimaa asks what. Kumud says its my divorce papers, I will get divorce in three months, I will be your Kumud Desai in three months.

Badimaa says Saras won’t have to deal with insult or danger because of you, maybe this papers wants to convey that. Kumud looks on. Kumari comes to Kusum and asks did you make this laddoos. She tastes it and says its good. She asks Yash’s mum to taste it. Yash’s mum says Yash has hurt me, even sweets look bitter. Guniyal says celebrate that Yash is coming home. Guniyal says Yash saved our time by choosing a girl, what can be better. Yash’s mum have the laddoos. Kusum smiles.

Kumud is with her divorce papers. Kusum comes to her and says take this kamarbandh back, its yours. Kumud says from when are you saying mine or yours. She says the thongs that looks on me, looks good on you too, I gave you this, you keep it forever. Kusum smiles and says but if I take away your most precious thing from you without asking you. Kumud says it would be fine with me if you get happiness with it. Kusum runs to me happily and hugs her. Kumud says you liked Kamarbandh so much then why did you not tell me, why were you returning it. Kusum smiles and leaves. Kumud thinks the divorce papers might be some signal.

Saras is at the site doing work. Kumud is waiting for him thinking under a tree about his words. She thinks how to talk to him, when will his meeting end. Kusum and Kumari are waiting for Yash for Bhai Deej. Kumari asks Yash’s mum to be happy and smiling, Yash’s mum says I m afraid, don’t know whom he will bring. Kusum asks her to think good. Yash’s mum says I know everyone is annoyed with me after I brought that proposal for you, but I wanted the best for this house. Kusum and Kumari says leave all that, get ready, your son is coming today.

Saras comes to Kumud and asks what is it. Kumud says nothing. He says were you counting the leaves of the tree standing here. She says I was waiting for you meeting to end, I want the lawyer’s number, I got the divorce papers. Saras gets happy and says you will be free in three months and then we can….. Kumud looks on. He says good for you, why did you give this to me, what do I have to do with them. He gives her the papers back. She says you said right, you don’t have nothing to do with this. He says don’t you want the lawyer’s number. She says message me. He says what I could not do, maybe these papers will do, maybe it will change your no to yes.

Yash comes home. Yash’s mum is happy to see him. Everyone come to welcome him. Yash takes everyone’s blessings. Vidyachatur says you came on the right time. Yash says I brought a bhabhi for them. He brings his bride. He says this is your bahu. Everyone look at her. Yash’s mum stops them and says we told yes for this proposal and you married her. Yash says when you were ready for this proposal, then why to delay for the marriage, so we got married as the situation was such. He says its only because of Kumud Didi. Vidyachatur asks Guniyal to welcome the bride.

The bride enters the house hitting the kalash. Guniyal does their aarti. Everyone welcome her happily except Yash’s mum. Badimaa says can we see her face. Yash says no, only Kumud can see her face, as she made my mum agree. Kumud comes and Badimaa asks her to do the mu dikhai. Kumud lifts her ghunghat and is shocked to see Kalika. Everyone are shocked. Kalika smiles.

Kumud warns Kalika not to give bad name to her and Saras’s relation. Kumud says yes I love Saras, he is my life and my love. Kumud realizes it at last.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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