Saraswatichandra 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras hugging his mum’s pic and says Maa he is alive, my younger brother, I can feel your oain, what would you have felt when you came to know about giving birth to dead baby, but it was not the truth, I promise I won’t let anything happen to him, I will bring him here safely and fine. Kabir lands in UK and some UK roads and buildings are shown. Kabir thinks Ghuman’s flight would have landed, she does not know she is coming towards her death herself. Saras gets his passport and visa. He says I think Kabir landed in London, I will call him. He calls him and could not connect. He says how to tell him about Ghuman’s evil plan. Badimaa says do the packing fast. Kabir calls Ghuman but the number is unreachable.

Kabir says did she change her plan to come. Badimaa asks Saras to call Kabir again. Few men keeps an eye on Kabir. Saras calls him and the call connects. Kabir says yes Saras. Saras tells him that his life isn in danger. Kabir is shocked.Kabir is injected on his neck. Saras hears the men talking. Kabir falls saying Saras. Saras says hello? Saras tells Badimaa that Kabir took the call but….Kabir is kidnapped. Saras says I won’t let anything happen to my brother. Badimaa says nothing will happen, Lord will help you. She says go and bring him. Danny comes and hears them. Danny asks where are they going. Everyone look at him. Badimaa says Saras is going to city for some work.

She says I asked him to take Kumud, she will feel good. Danny says you are right. Saras says till we come back, take care of everyone. Danny says I will take care of them, don’t worry. Danny thinks they are not telling me something big, they look worried, I should not ask now. Kabir is brought to a hotel room and dumped.

Saras and Kumud are leaving for London. Badimaa says them to keep calling and informing them. They greet everyone. Vidyachatur asks Saras to come back soon, as they will be waiting for them, bring your brother with you. Badimaa gives them Prasad and blesses them. Saras and Kumud land in London. Ghuamn gets the news from Kalika that they left and thinks Saras is going to meet his brother, it would have been good if he did not go, emotional fools, risking lives for the one they did not knew till now. Saras says its second day today, we can’t connect to Kabir.

They are on the way. The Indian driver talks to them. Saras says we are finding someone who is related to us. Kabir wakes him and his hands and legs are lied, and mouth is taped.

The goons come to him and keep a laptop infront of him. Ghuman is live on video chat and says how are you Kabir Laxminandan Vyas, the drama is over now. Kabir is shocked. She says I know everything now, I tried to kill you when you were born and you were dreaming to kill me on your birthday. She says you will die on your birthday, last time my sister saved you, even this time someone came but they don’t know I have an eye on them. She shows him Saras and Kumud and says they came to take you, but won’t return with you alive, they will also die with you, I will send you three to your mum, bye. The goons take the laptop and leave.

Danny says Badimaa is also worried and where did mum go, why are everyone tensed. Badimaa hears Danny and thinks its good till he does not know, but one day he has to know everything and have strength. She thinks I wish Saras and Kumud get Kabir soon. A man follows Saras and Kumud. Saras shows Kabir’s pic to the shop keeper from where Kabir bought a drink. He says he was there but left. Saras thinks he heard some sounds and tells Kumud this is the same sound he heard on phone. He asks some other people about Kabir. Kumud tells Saras that the guy is following them. Saras says don’t react.

The man comes infront of them. Saras asks him why are you following us. He gives him a card and leaves. Saras thinks why did he give this, whats the matter.

Saras and Kumud come to the hotel and asks about Kabir. They come to know he is in room and run to him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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