Saraswatichandra 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Saras feeling the presence of Kumud while his eyes are closed. kumud passes from there, he hears the Kumud’s payal voice. When he opens his eyes he sees someone who offers him soft drink. Vidya chatur tells him that nandu did not inform him and both the father and son did the conspiracy. Saras smiles.

Kumud thinks that she won the bet, and he came and what if he tells everything to Bapu. Some girls came running to her and says Saras is in Dadaji’s room, Kumud says yes I know. Kusum says he is looking at every girl thinking is this my Kumud. They say that he is far more handsome than his photo. I cant keep my eyes off him. Kusum say did saw him before you. Kumud says you both marry him. I have work to do. They laughs. Kumud mother enters and ask them to go and help in the kitchen. Kumud’s mother informs Kumud that Saras have arrived. Kumud tells her that in anger she asked him to come here and talk to Bapu.
Kumud’s mother says that he will stay in your room. Kumud looks surprised. Her mother tells her to shift her belongings and says he is a guest.

Kusum tells Kumud that you did won the bet and he came but how you will go infront of him and what you will tell. Kumud replies that whatever he want to tells, let him tell to Bapu n leaves. Why should I go infront of him? Kusum says he is not looking like a coward. He is different from others. He is special. Meet him. May be he will change his heart.
Kumud replies back looking at her photo that he said No without seeing her face and she will never show him her face.

The family members served the food to Saras. Kusum says jija ji dont eat this these things. he like Pizza, burger. VidyaChatur ask him what you need. Saras ask for a tea. someone say that for tea you have to wait for Kumud.

Kumud takes off all her photos from her room’s wall. She cries and says it is good that I did not complete the photo. It would be fake. The ladies in the house tease Saras that they will take him to Swamiji for his blessings. Vidyachatur says bhabhi let him rest today, take her tomorrow. She says as you tell Vidyabhai.

Gyan talks something. Vidyachatur stops him. Saras looks everywhere for Kumud, Vidyachatur smiles.

Someone comes to Kumud and inform her that bhabhi wants you to take tea for Saras. Kumud gets angry. She looks into the mirror and leaves. Vidyachatur’s bhabhi gossips with Badi maa that Saras is not a good boy. Vidya is happy too. Badi maa says they are the people who thinks about the profit and loss before taking the step. If he comes there might be reason. Bhabhi says everybody luck is not the same. Badi Maa says they ditch me, time changes but people remain the same. Bhabhi says I did not talk about you. if anyone rub karela onto their palm then they will find dal chawal taste bad.

Saras looks at eveywhere. VidyaChatur tease him that you are waiting for tea or Kumud. He says when Nandu talks about Kumud and Saras alliance. He thought that God is showering him happiness. I was very happy that Kumud will become Nandu and Saraswati bhabhi bahu. I cant believe. Vidyachatur says when you see Kumud you will forget to shy. Kumud is beautiful. I will send Kumud here with the tea. He leaves.

Bhabhi asks Kumud to be shy. Kumud ask her mother whether he inform Bapu, she replies no.
Kumud leaves with the tea and thinks the face which he say no without seeing, why should I show him my face. Kusum comes there and says he did show up the courage now it is your turn…

Saras thinks about the Kumud words that she ask him to come to her house and says No to her parents. Then he thinks what Vidyachatur had said. He thinks what Kumud had said he dont have any right to see her face.
Meanwhile it shows that Kumud walks towards him, Then he turns around and sees Kusum with the tea and he thinks about the FB where he sees a glimpse of Kumud on the videochat. Payal falls from Kusum saree, Saras tells Kusum to inform Kumud that he will no go from here without meeting her. Kusum is shocked. And he gives the Kumud’s payal and ask Kusum to return it to her. Kusum tells Kumud that Saras did recognise her. Saras is very smart and he will not leave from here without meeting you. You are the one who invited him here. Kumud wonders how he knew without seeing her.

Bhabhi comes to her son yash and tells him to go and talk to Saras. They comes to him and says that you are yash play with each other in childhood. He says I dont keep photos. They ask him whether you talk in English, he says I talk in hindi. She says you used to come at our home in childhood with your parents.
He says my mother died in my childhood and I dont want to remember it.

Kumud wonders how he came to know that the girl who served him tea is not me. Why everybody is praising him. what is in him.

Bhabhi tells that Saras did not any photo of his mother and he dont want to remember his mother either. They wonder what might be the reason.

Kumud thinks lets see who is this Saraswatichandra. She feels restless and gets up from the bed, lit up the lantern and leaves. She removes her anklet and go to Saras’s room and opens the door. The episode ends on her face….


It shows that Saras looks at the sleepy Kumud on the bed. Then badi maa daughter comes to Kumud who is standing on the terrace and says that jijaji is not in the room. Kumud turns around shocked and looks everywhere…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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