Saraswatichandra 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Pramad having a talk. He says are you not tired of doing this act, don’t make me remember that you are forced on me. Kumud looks at him. Pramad says you got so much insulted but still you are here. He asks her to look down. Kumud stares at him. He is about to slap her, Budhidhan sees them and calls Pramad. He says lets go to office, I need to talk to you. He says Kumud has so much work, move out from her way. Pramad looks at Kumud and gets angry. He leaves. Kumud takes a sigh of relief and cries seeing her fate. She wipes her tears and goes to do her work outside.

Budhidhan tells Pramad that we are going to a village to meet the flood victims, you too be ready. Budhidhan sees Pramad is not hearing him, he gets angry. Saras stands there and watches them. Kumud too stands at a distance and hear them talking. Pramad says if you are embarrassed by my presence, then why do you want to take me, take your Saras with you, afterall you trust him and are proud of him more than me. But you cannot make him your son, thats why you are after me. He insults Saras comparing him with a dog. Saras and Kumud gets angry. Saras thinks of Kumud’w words and controls his anger. Budhidhan gets angry on Pramad, Saras stops him by slapping Pramad. Saras talks to Pramad and says you are right, I m your dad’s servant. I cannot become his son, but I regard him as my dad, because I respect him a lot, whatevre you told, I got angry but your words made your dad embarrasses infront of me. Pramad says I don’t like you. Budhidhan shouts at Pramad, and says get out from here. Saras calms him down. Budhidhan apologizes to Saras on Pramad’s behalf. Saras says I don’t care, its ok. Saras looks at Kumud while she is crying.

Budhidhan and Alak are going to leave for party office. Her mum says I will do your arrangements, Budhidhan says we all have to go. Alak says if we go, it will look like a party campaign, if we go together, they will feel we really care for him. Her mum agrees. She asks Sid to have food fast. Sid says I have to study and write an essay on family. She says you got more busy than your dad. She says your bhabhi Kumud will make you study. She leaves Kumud and Saras alone on the table. Kumud starts leaving but Sid stops her and asks about family. Saras looks on. Kumud says family is that where our people are there who love us, care for us, and sometimes bear pain for our sake. She looks at Saras and says they support us always, don’t leave us, don’t cheat us in any circumstances.
Sid asks Saras to say soomething about family. Saras says family is that where we got forgiveness, no matter what mistake we do, our family punish us but forgive us too, where we cannot see each other in pain, where we want to help them but we cannot do, we hurt ourselves sometimes. He says I don’t have any family, but who I think as mine, I cannot see them in pain. Saras looks at Kumud and defines family. Sid says its enough, I will go and write. Sid leaves. Saras says you don’t trust love now, isn’t it. She says I still believe in maintaining relations even though I got cheated.. She taunts Saras calling him relation breaker. He says then why do you keep your relation with Pramad. She says you don’t have any right to speak between us. He says I don’t care, I m going with everyone, you have to decide what you want to do. Saras replies well and leaves.

Pramad comes to his mum and asks for money. She gives him and says I explained you many time that you should change yourself. He says don’t give a lecture now. Budhidhan comes there and says give this money to Kumud. Kumud comes there with tea. Budhidhan asks Kumud to take the money. Pramad gets angry. Kumud takes the money after much thinking. Budhidhan says Kumud wil take care of your expenses.
Pramad says you are insulting me and looks at his dad. Pramad leaves. Everyone looks on. Kalika hears this standing outside the door. Budhidhan says Kumud will decide Pramad’s expenses. Kumud talks with Pramad’s mum. She says I cannot sleep with peace, now I m worried about you. Kumud asks why and says I have good parents who care for me, I m very happy. She says always be happy. Kumud calls Kalika. Kalika comes. Kumud asks her to clean the room and leaves with her mum-in-law.

Everyone are going to the village. Budhidhan says we are leaving, take care. Inkesh comes and makes excuses. Pramad’s mum says take care of yourself and the house. Kumud says don’t worry. Sid says I m with Kumud bhabhi. Budhidhan says we trust Sid more than Pramad. Budhidhan talks about Patphere rasam, where in Pramad has to be in Kumud’s mum’s place, he says that rasam cannot happen now, because if Pramad does something there, we will be embarrassed. We will talk about this after we return. They leave for the trip. Saras looks at Kumud and leaves.

Pramad asks Kumud the money. She asks for what. Pramad holds Kumud’s neck tightly and she gets hurt. Pramad says give me the money or else……… Saras comes there and says else what?? Pramad turns to see Saras and Kumud looks on…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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