Saraswatichandra 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud’s student coming to Kumud’s house for the puja. Saras is doing the aarti with diya in his hand. Kusum takes the diya off his hand and they hear girl calling Kumud. Some students come to meet Kumud. Sunanda comes to Kumud and Jugnu looks on smiling. Sunanda asks till when will you be hungry, you have to stay here, its your first dance today, will you take such a small face, have something, get fresh, if my guests did not get happy, then I won’t give you food. Kumud says I did not ask for food, take it from here. Sunanda says enough, don’t talk but dance, I have invited rich men only for you, if you don’t eat, I will make you eat. Kumud holds her hand and it shocks Sunanda.

Kumud leaves her hand with anger and gets up. Kumud says you don’t know me, I love my self esteem more than my life, I will die but not have food, even if I die, I will not dance. Jugnu stops Sunanda and says leave it, come with me, I need to talk. They lock the door and leaves. Everyone makes the girls have food at home and serves them. A girl asks where is Kumud. Saras says she went out. Jugnu tells Sunanda to let Kumud go. Sunanda says are you mad. He says I bring so many girls for you, if she does not want to dance, leave her, I will bring a new one. I work for you since years, I did not ask you anything, I m asking you today, let her go for my sake.

Sunanda says why, do you love her or struck by her beauty. She laughs and says she is very precious, you are mad. Jugnu smiles. Kusum asks the girls to come with her as their mums are waiting. Saras says he will drop Mishti to her mum. Mishti talks to Saras and asks where is Kumud. Saras tells her everything. She says then find her soon, she went so far that we are not getting her. Her mum comes. Saras talks to her about Kumud. She says we met her in market, she has old ghungroos in her hand, she was asking about it and was worried. Saras says thanks, we will get Kumud soon now. He leaves.

Saras comes to the shop with Kumud’s photo and asks about her. The man says I don’t remember. Saras says please help me. Saras says she had ghungroos with her. The man recollects and says yes, she came here and I have sent her to Sundarnagar. Saras thinks it might be something important that she went there to find out. Saras says I m coming Kumud. Saras is on the way to Sundarnagar and informs Guniyal about it. He says don’t tell anyone till I get her. Guniyal says fine, take care. He says we will get Kumud, don’t worry. Saras says why is Kumud asking about old ghungroos.

Sunanda comes to Kumud and throws ghungroos at her. Kumud looks on. Sunanda says its your wish to eat or not, but you have to tie this ghungroos, else how will you dance. She leaves. Kumud takes the ghungroos and looks at them and her mangalsutra.

Kumud imagines Saras coming to her and hugs him. Music plays…………………. Both of them cry. She sees he disappeared and piya……………… plays…………….. Saras sees Kumud in the car and when he tries to touch her, she disappears. He sees Kumud on the road and stops the car to see. He realizes its his imagination and is upset. Kumud cries thinking about Saras. She smiles. Two girls come to her and ask so you smile also, show some teeth also, they bring food and ask her to have it. She says Sunanda is busy today as she has done big arrangements for her, agree else…. Kumud says what, will you kill me. She says no one can come here without her permission. The other girl feels bad for her.

The girl insists Kumud to have food. Kumud says I won’t have. She says if you have to go from here, you have to be alive. She shares her story and makes Kumud eat saying her name is Kusum. Kumud is shocked. She says please have it thinking I m your younger sister. Kumud cries and thinks about Kusum. She eats by her hands and misses Kusum. That girl Kusum also cries. Kumud smiles seeing her and holds her hand.

Saras tries to ask few shopkeepers about Kumud. Someone steals his phone and runs. Saras runs after him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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