Saraswatichandra 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 5th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kumud’s house:

Saras is standing while everyone are celebrating about the new cow. Kumud comes to him to talk.
Kumud tells him that she wants to tell him something. Saras tells even he has to say. They both go inside the house.

A car is shown entering the village. A lady is shown getting out of the car.

Kumud says Saras that I was close to Yash today but he run away. I will prove that he is innocent. Saras says no need, the problem is solved.

Ghuman comes to a empty house and says that this is the place where she used to dance. She says Vidyachatur has to pay double debts now.

Saras says I have done all this so that peace prevails in your home. Music follows.
It was our duty to pay for Ilaben’s loss. We have done it and now we are free.

Ghuman says Vidyachatur told her that someone who dances cannot make a good home.
She recollects how Vidyachatur told Laxminandan that he has gone mad that he wants to give Ghuman the place of Saraswati Bhabhi.

The scene keeps switching between Ghuman and Saras-Kumud.

Saras tells that I want to give you a surprise. Today I will not hurt you, but give you relief. Now you don’t need to run because my eyes will never come infront of you. He asks her to move her hand forward.

Ghuman says she has made her house but she will not let Vidyachatur make his house. She says Today Ghuman will dance.

Saras gives Kumud her return ticket saying now there is no issue for him to stay. Kumud with full tears in her eyes. Saras says I m going ending everything, forever. This time there is no hope that you will stop me.

Ghuman is shown dancing with anger. The police is coming to arrest Saras.
Saras tells he does not want to let Kumud undergo any problem after he heaves.
He says After the knowing the truth, whatever happens, I will face it.
Kumud is quiet.

Saras says can he go without saying anything. He takes his ticket from her hand and starts going.
Kumud stops him saying can i ask you one question before you leave. Why did you say No to me?
Ghuman dances in full wing and she falls. The police has arrived at Vidyachatur’s house.
Vidyachatur, Gyaan and all are shocked to see the police. The police asks for Saraswatichandra and say they have come to arrest him.

Ghuman says how much anyone tries, Saras has to go to jail.

Ghuman says Vidyachatur has to be ashamed infront of Laxminandan.
Kumud and Saras come out of the house and hear the police.
Vidyachatur says it was an accident. Police says we will see what it was, eiether an accident or a murder.
Ghuman says there was only one hit and two targets, one your friendship and second your daughter’s love.

The policeman asks who is Saraswatichandra. Saras comes there and says Its me. Police says whatever happened by you is a legal crime. Kumud asks who complained about him. Policeman says someone called him. Ilaben says Saras has paid for her loss and also did the prayaschit.
Police says there will be legal action.

Saras tells Kumud that let the police do their duty and we do not have any other option. Kumud is restless and says she will not let him pay for it.

Badimaa says he has done a lot withour being at fault. Whatever you want to find out, take us with you. Everyone nod. Policeman says complaint is against his name.

Vidaychatur says we all are responsible for it, and we all will come to the station.
Kumud, her mother, Badimaa and Vidyachatur make a chain for Saras. Saras stands behind them.

He says Vidyachatur that it is enough for him. He will be sad if they come with him to the station. I have to go alone. Saras goes with the police. Kumud cries, Everyone become sad.

Kumud says that she did not know that this matter may not be legal. Else, they would not kept quiet.Gyaan says he will go to the station, Vidyachatur says he will call the lawyer.

Ghuman says Vidyachatur and his sister have no stone unturned in embarassing her infront of Laminandan.
She says she will embarass him now so that he cannot face his ancestor’s photo.

Kumud is crying. Badimaa comes to her. Badimaa says my two kids have grown up. Kumud stands, Badimaa makes her sit. Badimaa says Saras used to ask her: Where is my mother? When will she come back? And she used to see his pain and hug him tight. He has done a tyaag (sacrifice) for the home and She could not understand. She called him a sinner.Vidyachatur was right. Badimaa cries.
Badimaa asks for forgiveness to Saraswati. Saras went through a lot for this home and Kumud supported him. She is proud of them both. She is feeling ashamed of herself.

Kumari is also seen in the police station. Saras did not see her.

Kumud says Badimaa that it is her upbringing that they think their family is more than them. Kumud says she will bring Saras back without any bad tag. Badimaa sees Yash’s mother and asks Kumud to go and Save Saras even if anyone tells about relations or about suicide.
Kumud tells to save the innocent, the sinner has to be exposed. Kumud smiles.

Saras is sent behind the bars. Saras tells I’m ready to go to jail for your family. You don’t come in this case else there will be a big issue, which should not happen.

Gyaan comes to meet Saras in the lockup. Saras asks for Kumud. Gyaan says whatever happens now, Kumud will not move back. Kumud is asking Yash to come to police station. Yash shows a stick to her in defence. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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