Saraswatichandra 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Kumud not to stop her today. Kusum looks at Pramad and says this is true. She says its about my and Naveen’s love. Saras and Kumud are shocked. She says these earrings are Kumud’s but I wore it when I went to meet Kumud. This poetry I gave it to Naveen to speak out my heart. Kusum says when Kumud’s marriage was broken, then Naveen’s dad broke our relation too, and we never met. I met him suddenly here, but I kept quiet as I did not want to trouble my parents. She says I did not know he will be here. Kusum says I can bear anything, but not my sister’s insult. Everyone looks at her. Kusum tells Budhidhan to ask Saras about it. Pramad looks at Saras. Budhidhan tells Saras I have always thought of you as my son and asks Saras is this

all true. Saras thinks about Vidyachatur’s words and his promise to Kumud. Kumud interrupts and says I will tell you. Saras tells him that its true. Saras stops Kumud from saying anything and says you won’t bear anything because of me.

Kalika is shocked. Murakh Das says Kusum is right. as I have also seen Kusum and Naveen in the kitchen, they were holding hands. Saras says yes, I gave the kamarbandh to Kumud as a gift. Saras apologizes to Budhidhan for not telling him. He says I wanted to apologize to Kusum so I went after her in the function. Budhidhan says we are sorry that you have to share your personal things infront of us, because of Pramad. Budhidhan scolds Pramad and says we won’t believe you next time. Pramad leaves in anger. Kalika says sorry for making such a mistake. Pramad’s mum says you made a big mistake, apologize to Kumud by touching her feet. Kalika agrees and holds Kumud’s feet saying sorry. Kalika leaves. Pramad’s mum hugs Kumud. Kusum apologizes to Pramad’s mum too. Pramad’s mum says we are responsible for all this. Saras looks on.

Budhidhan comes to his room. Alak is angry too. Budhidhan says I wish to kick out Pramad out of this house. Alak says he doubted on Naveen, we can’t forget this. Budhidhan says what can we say. Pramad is senseless. Pramad’s mum takes Pramad’s side. Budhidhan says he could have asked Kumud in private, rather than insulting her infront of us. Kumud says whats happening, everything is getting ruined. Kusum says don’t blame yourself. Kumud breaks down. Kumud says I can’t take my relation forward on this lie. Pramad’s mum says till Kusum did not tell us the truth, even we were shocked, maybe Pramad misunderstood when Kalika kept the things infront of him. She talks in favour of Pramad. Budhidhan says Kumud would have told us about Naveen and Kusum, why did she hide it from us. Saras says you are not hiding anything from Pramad. Our relation has ended, a new relation should not suffer because of it.
Saras says whatever happened, let it be on my and Kusum’s name, and you go forward. Kumud says how, when Pramad comes to know the reality. Saras says we will tell everything to everyone when the time comes. Kusum asks Kumud to agree with them. Pramad is drinking wine and Kalika comes to him. Pramad throws wine on her face in anger. She says listen to me. He says shut up, you made me a fool infront of everyone, I don’t want to see your face. Kalika cries and leaves. Saras tells Kumud not to tell anything to anyone, else it will create a problem. Budhidhan and his wife come there. Saras leaves. Budhidhan says whatever happened was not right, he says forgive us. Kusum asks Kumud not to tell anything and leaves.

Budhidhan says I trust you Kumud and asks Kumud whats the truth. Kumud is tensed. Kumud says even I want to tell you the truth. She says I will accept your every decision. Kumud says his name was Saraswatichandra, my parents fixed my marriage with him and I also dreamed to spend my life with him. Budhidhan says but he broke the marriage one day prior to marriage. Budhidhan says your dad told me everything about this. He says our love for you will never change. He says we came to ask you about Kusum and Naveen and why did you not tell us about them.

Saras thinks how Pramad insulted Kumud infront of everyone. He gets angry and thinks of Kumud’s promise. He says I can’t see this happening with Kumud. He hears Pramad and Alak arguing. Alak says you don’t have a right to ask Kumud. She says how did you doubt on your wife. Pramad says she is not my wife. Alak says you married her. She says we got you married for you to change. Pramad says you married Inkesh because of your dad, but you made a place in dad’s party. Alak says I made a place because you could not. Saras interrupts and shouts enough. Saras gets angry.

Pramad asks Saras to leave his house. Saras says I won’t go. Pramad warns him. Saras says I don’t fear you, not even death.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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