Saraswatichandra 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode Starts with Saras driving the car rashly and stopping it in an isolated place. Saras and Sunny’s talk that the marriage proposal was made from his father, and he wrote the letter and the girl has spoken to him on videochat, sunny asks what to do. Saras asks him to keep quiet. He is getting irritated and he says this is happening for the first time and he will talk to him.

The scene shifts to India:

Kumud’s grandmother says that as they are getting a rich groom, it should not be like that they have to give jewellery and village land to them with her. Kumud’s mother asks for Kumud.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

Saras father speaks to his associates and they say that Saras has chosen this place for the wing which gives the view of Dubai, where they will provide food to the poor. LaxmiNandan says that he will choose another place. Saras is seen coming there. His employee says that Saras has agreed only on this thing.

The scene shifts to India:

Kumud’s mother comes to her and asks her where she was.

Her mother asks kusum to leave and she says that they will talk and come.
She asks Kumud whether she has liked the groom and that her father is very happy about it. She cries and says that he is very selfish and fearful. His father’s dream got shattered. she hugs her mother and says that this marriage will not happen. Her mother says that she has read the letter and she also got the right to say No. She says that he has no right to insult us.
Her mother says that tell your father and he will support you. She says that I’m feeling sorry that he is not Saraswati’s son, but Ghuman’s son. Kumud cries.

LaxmiNandan says that he cannot understand Saras and also his late mother. Saras says that he doesn’t try to understand. LaxmiNandan says maybe. They stare at each other.

Ghuman calls LaxmiNandan and asks about Saras, he tells he is fine and till then Saras goes away.

Saras and Sunny are in the car. They search for Kumud on facebook and Saras reads her poetry and thinks he should meet her.

Kumud’s family members gave a light funny scene. Kumud’s mother enters and asks Kumud to take the tea for her father.

Kumud’s mother asks her to go to her father and say the truth.
Saras enters to Kumud’s house alone with his luggage while the song is playing kuch na kaho…. in the background. Kumud feels his presence.
The servant the door and says that Saraswatichandra have arrived. everyone are happy to see him. Someone does the tilak. Kumud hides and tries to see him.
Vidyachatur praises him.

Saras identifies them, they are happy. Vidyachatur says that he is same as he has seen in his childhood. He bends and greets them. Kumud tries to see him from upstairs. He sees a glimpse of Kumud and she goes away.

Saras meets Kumud’s grandfather and they have a good laugh. He takes his blessings. VidyaChatur’s father asks him to give Saras Kumud’s room and make few sweets for him to eat. Saras stands as few girls see him, smiles and run away.

He hears Kumud’s payal sound keeping his eyes closed. The episode ends.

Kumud tells Kusum that and she says she will never her face to him as he has said her
No without seeing her. She then takes tea for him hiding her face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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