Saraswatichandra 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur praising Kumud. She says no, the credit goes to Saras for being here and saving the school. Badimaa says Kumud and Saras are incomplete without each other, if they meet, they can do anything. Danny says we should praise Anushka too, as it was her idea to tell the oarents how education is important for kids. Kumud thanks Anushka. Anushka smiles and says I will tell you everything cool spot of Mumbai. Saras gets Mehta’s call and says I will come Mumbai tomorrow. He tells Vidyachatur that I will leave tomorrow.

Badimaa says fine, I will make your fav food today as you won’t get this in Mumbai. Saras looks at Kumud. Kumud comes in her room and is tensed. Saras looks at her and says I understand whats going on in your heart, its fine if you don’t want to come Mumbai, see I have to go, I have committed them, I promise I will come back soon. He hugs her. Its night, Kabir looks in Anushka’s room and says its good if she does not stay here. He bumps into table and she sees him hurt.

She also acts like him and he thinks super irritating. She enacts him every bit and Kabir simply looks on. He says idiot. She says Sadu and leaves. She says my slipper broke and he is acting like me, how insensitive. He says my leg is hurt and she is acting like me, how bad. Saras sees them and asks why did they walk like this, did anything happen. Kabir says my leg is hurt so I walking improperly, but she enacted like me. He complains and Saras leaves.

Kabir comes in the hall and dresses his foot. Anushka sees this and understands he was hurt. She comes to him and are you really hurt. He says no, I was walking like that as I was fun. He says you made fun of me. She asks when. He says you also acted like me. She says my slipper……… he says I don’t care, go from here. She says fine, bye. Danny comes and gives her a slipper as her slipper was broken. Kabir hears this and realizes she did not copy him. Danny leaves. Kabir tells Anushka that he did not know her slipper………. She says I don’t care. She leaves. He says idiot.

Saras is in his room. Kumud comes to him. He looks at her and is upset. He asks why are you quiet now, Kumud I told you I will come back very soon. She asks will you be able to live without me. He asks her the same. He says w don’t have the answers. He holds her hand and says some great man said to support each other, its not necessary to be together. He says Lord sends us far so that we come more closer. He kisses her forehead. He hugs her. O piya…………….plays……………….She cries.

Its morning, Saras is leaving for Mumbai. Everyone bless him. Saras hugs everyone asking them to take care. Saras asks Danny and Kabir to take care of house and factory. Anushka says if there is any problem in Mumbai,, give me a call. Kabir says how can there be any problem as she is here. Saras looks for Kumud. Danny says lets go. Vidyachatur says did you take everything. Saras says yes. Yash’s mum says check again. Danny smiles. Saras says I kept everything. Badimaa says see is there anything left. She tells about Kumud.

She asks how will you live without Kumud. Everyone smile. Kumud comes smiling. Vidyachatur says go, be happy. Saras smiles and says you? Vidyachatur says yes, your wife will always live with you. Saras gets much happy. Danny says we kept her luggage in car. Kumud asks Saras could you not wait for my answer, I can’t live without you. She gets tears in her eyes and asks did you get the answer now. He says yes. Piya re……………..plays………………. She smiles and says lets go. He says com. Kumud hugs everyone and takes their blessings. Vidyachatur asks her to call him once in a day. She says sure. Badimaa says take care of yourself and Saras.

Kumud asks Danny to take care of Kusum. Saras holds Kumud’s hand and they start leaving waving bye to the family. Danny and Kabir take them to the airport. Everyone wait for Saras and Kumud’s call. Vidyachatur sounds much worried. Badimaa pacifies him. The plane lands in Mumbai. The city is shown. Anushka hears everyone talking about Mumbai. She says the city is very good, it accept everyone, the city never sleeps, you can get autos at 3am too, people work at night. She says the city makes dreams fulfilled.

Saras and Kumud are excited to see their new home. Saras says welcome to Mumbai, Mrs. Kumud Saraswatichandra Vyas.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So sweet of you……….

    Sara’s n kumud at last reached Mumbai waiting for next episodes

  2. just waiting for samud to reach Mumbai and also for their baby

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