Saraswatichandra 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 4th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud crying in the dark room. She asks them to open the door. She says where are you Saras. The Kotha is being made ready and many men come. Sunanda welcomes them and talks to Lalit Seth that she will not start the special item without him. Ye kiski hai ahat………………plays………………….. Some girls dance on the song. Kumud hears that and is tensed. The men claps. Jugnu brings an album off some girls and Sunanda says throw it, I will show you an Apsara, come. Sunanda shows him Kumud and he smiles. He says very beautiful, but she is simple and covered. He asks her to make her happening but she can’t do what she wants. Sunanda says she is by my wish here, she has to learn and do as I want against her will. Sunanda smiles.

Sunanda comes to Kumud and looks at her. Sunanda says you got a beautiful face, I have much work for you, she gives clothes and jewellery to Kumud asking her to get ready for the dance. She says all this is for you, get ready soon, you have to dance infront of the guests. Kumud is shocked. Jugnu looks on. Kumud throws the clothes plate and gets angry. Sunanda controls her anger and says its true, real beauty lies in a woman not in clothes and jewellery. Kumud holds her hand and throws the earrings. Jugnu smiles and takes it. Kumud says you are a woman and are you not ashamed to insult another woman, I respected you thinking your fate brought you here and you are helpless, you forced me and now you fell in my eyes.

Kumud says you cheated me, I won’t accept it as my fate, I won’t dance, I will lick you and go from here, remember. Get out taking these things. Sunanda smiles and says great, your strength can’t break any doors and windows, you can earn a good name like Ghuman, get ready as you don’t want have any option. Kumud says I have an option and looks at the Lord. She says The Lord will show me the way, I did his puja and he will bless me. Sunanda says we did the aarti together, lets see the Lord blesses whom. She leaves locking the door. Saras is also praying for Kumud.

Kumud looks at the smiley on her hand and thinks of Saras. Saras draws a smiley on his hand also. Kumud is provided food and prasad. Saras is sad in his room. Sunanda comes to Kumud and says have food. Kumud throws it. Jugnu sees Kumud crying. Saras does not get info about Kumud and is worried. Guniyal says its last day of Navratri, Maa Durga will win over bad things. Ghuman thinks Kumud is in such problem from where she will never come back. Ghuman says Kumud should have done the puja, don’t know how is she. Guniyal talks to Ambe Maa, Saras looks at the Maa’s idol and places a burning diya on his hand. Everyone looks on and tries to stop him.

Saras says no, I will do the aarti today. Kumud is fainting and takes support of Maa. Saras does the aarti holding the diya. Danny cries seeing Saras. Saras asks Maa to show him some way of Kumud.

Saras comes to know that Kumud was finding about old ghungroos in the bazaar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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