Saraswatichandra 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 3rd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kumud’s room. Kusum comes to her and asks her to come for dinner. She notices that Kumud’s kamarbandh is missing. When she asks, Kumud says I might have kept it somewhere and sends her.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Ilaben’s son comes to Saras and asks whether he is hungry. Saras says yes. The boy says he had enough food today happily. Saras also feels happy for him. Saras thinks Kumud might be coming now with food and he will say sorry to her.

Kumari takes food for Saras, Kusum asks that Kumud is not going. Kumari says as Kumud will be busy making mud pots. Kumud in her room searches for her kamarbandh. Chandrika tells that Yash’s mother was angry yesterday. Kusum is shocked to here as she was not knowing that. Kumari asks Chandrika whether Yash’s mother said anything to Badimaa. Chandrika says No.
Kusum tells Kumari not to tell of this to Kumud. They send Kumari to go to Saras. Kumud realises that the kamarbandh might have fallen in Ilaben’s house, and Saras might be having it. She decides that she will not meet him.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Ilaben offers Saras food, just then Kumari brings food from home. Saras thinks that Kumud did not come. Kumari takes Ilaben’s welfare. Ilaben taunts Saras.

Kumari asks Saras to have food. Kumari asks if he wants anything else. He says No. Kumari asks whether he has to ask or give any message to Kumud. He says No. She says ok and leaves. Saras thanks her for bringing the food. Kumari tells Saras that Kumud is going to make mud pots in the night so that she can go to school in the morning. So that he does not get hurt. Kumari conveys the message and goes. Saras thanks her again. Saras tells that Kumud is not willing to meet him that is why she has sent the food with Kumari. He says she is right as he did not know his limits. He says Kumud not to help him.

The next morning, Saras is seen working in Ilaben’s house and he comes to know that Kumud has sent money with Kusum and Ilaben is going to his son’s school to give him food. Saras feels sad that Kumud is not going to meet him. He thinks she might also be in school so he tells Ilaben that he will go to school to give her son the food. Ilaben says that what Kumud is doing you always remember that. Everyone gets a wife, but only with luck, one can get a sacrificing wife. He says ok and leaves.

The scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s house:

Yash calls her home and talks to his mother. She tells him that she has to make a story daily to save him. Kumud’s mother stands behind her but does not listen anything. Yash’s mother is shocked.

Kanti kaka sees Yash. Kanti kaka wants to talk, and Yash runs.

The scene shifts to the school:

Saras gives Ilaben’s son the food. He searches for Kumud and sees her with other teachers and goes near her. She starts leaving from there. He calls her name and stops her and says that whatever happened yesterday I’m really sorry. Kumud says enough. Kumud tries to go. He again stops her. He thanks her that she has sent money to Ilaben. Kumud says that if you can help us without any relation then I can also help you. They stare at each other.

She says that he has said No without even seeing her. Kumud gets angry. Nothing remained between us.
She says that things are changing between them and it is becoming tough for her. He should leave.
Saras that he cannot go till he finishes everything. Saras tells Yash was taking a false oath of his mother.
Kumud is shocked., Saras leaves. She says she will let him do this.

The scene shifts to Dubai:

Ghuman is planning to hurt Vidyachatur as Laxminandan has gone outside Dubai. Kanti Kaka calls for Laxminandan and Ghuman talks to him.
Ghuman comes to know that Vidyachatur is worried. She asks the reason. He tells her about the Gau Hatya.

The scene shifts to the school:

Kumud tells Saras to go freely. He says even if he goes or stays, we will be always apart. They walk in opposite direction.
The scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Yash’s mother feels that she is going in trouble each day.

The scene shifts to Ilaben’s house:

Ilaben tells Saras that Kumud has sent her the money and he need not work there. Ilaben confronts Saras as she comes to know the truth that Saras is doing the prayaschit only to stop Yash from taking a false oath.
Ilaben realises that Saras loves her mother very much. Saras denies that he is not understanding what she is saying. He says Yash is innocent.

Ilaben says even she is a mother and she can see the truth in a son’s eyes.
He says that he was seeing hatred in her eyes and he felt burdened, today he is seeing forgiveness, he is feeling that the prayaschit is over. He asks Ilaben can I buy a cow for you. She says yes. But she keeps a condition saying can you say taking your mother’s oath that you have hit the cow. Saras is silent.

Kumud talks to her mother saying Yash is not innocent. Kumud’s mother says that Vidyachatur has given a promise to Badi Bhabhi (Yash’s mother) and they cannot do anything now. Kumud asks what promise?

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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