Saraswatichandra 31st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 31st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras calling Danny and Kabir to go to the school. He tells Badimaa that he needs to go there to find out the culprit and save the school. Kusum makes them have curd. Badimaa blesses them. They leave. Saras says I came to check the grains. The guard says I have checked it, why are you worried. Saras says I have to see. The guard says who are you to check the godown, you are Kumud’s husband and I can’t allow you. Danny and Kabir scold him. Danny says if principal knows you did not allow him, you will lose the job.

Danny and Kabir scare him. The guard gets afraid and says fine, and gives the keys. Saras says come. Saras says Kumud will come tomorrow with inspection officer, if they find anything wrong here, the school can be shut. Kabir says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Saras says the guard will call the person if he is involved. Kabir comes to the guard as he is calling the person. Kabir takes the guard with him. Vidyachatur says Laxminandan did not call till now. Anushka comes and greets everyone.

She asks what happened, everyone look upset. Badimaa says nothing. Anushka says you are tensed about school right. Badimaa says Kumud is coming tomorrow, everything will be fine. Anushka says we should request the head office, come with me. Saras and everyone check the godown. Kabir gets the memory card and tries to play on the laptop. The video does not come. Saras asks did you install well. Kabir says yes, don’t know why is it not working now.

Saras is shocked. The guard smils. Anushka prays to the Lord and tell about the school matter. Everyone smile seeing the bubby nature of Anushka. She prays that Saras gets the culprit and everyone get their smile back. She says head office got the request, now the problem will be solved. Everyone smile. Anuskha is confident that the thief will be caught. The video starts playing. The guard gets tensed. He is shocked seeing he is caught red handed. He runs and Saras holds him.

The guard says I m sorry, I did the mistake. Kabir asks who is that man, his face is not seen. Saras asks the guard who is it. Saras gets angry on him. The guard says he will kill me if I name him, Danny says we will kill you, shall we show this video to the kids’ parents. The guard says Sharma. Everyone is shocked. Saras confronts Sharma. Sharma says what is this nonsense, I will complain to police. Saras says we have complaint against you, after knowing the truth. Sharma denies.

Sharma says I m working here for so many years, do you think I can do this. Sharma says I doubt on Saras, he is clever. Saras says the guard took your name, and he has given his statement in police. Sharma says that guard can take anyone’s name, will you agree. Saras says he said you made him do this. Saras says you did everything, brought bad quality food that poor Shankar was puzzled seeing it. Sharma says enough. Saras scolds him and says we know you sold the grains even today. Sharma says fine, a fake story. Saras signs Kabir and he leaves. Sharma asks them to leave from his house.

Saras says let me give you to police first. Sharma says police. Saras shows him the video. Sharma is shocked and says whats this, my face is not shown, it can be you too. Danny gets angry. Saras calms him.Saras says yes you are right, as the face is not shown but look at the ring. He sees his ring and asks him to show his hand. He asks will you still say you did not say. Sharma says this is a lie. Saras says we have the proof, admit it now. Kabir says we have the biggest proof. He shows the grains bags. Sharma says I have bought this. Saras says when. Kabir says see here, SKD is written on it, Saras, Kabir and Danny, we have kept this in store room to catch the thief. Saras says yes, we did this to catch you.

Saras says admit it now. Sharma says yes, I did this. He asks what will you do. Saras says the police will do, the inspector comes and arrests Sharma hearing his crime admittance. Sharma looks at Saras and leaves. The other teachers are shocked seeing Sharma is the thief. They scold him and feel ashamed. Everyone leave. The brothers smile. The principal is informed this and is shocked to know its Sharma. He says I thought he is very honest, we are coming tomorrow with health officials, then they will decide about school affiliation. The teacher says kids will come tomorrow to school.

Its night, everyone are happy knowing the idea. Saras says its Kusum’s idea to catch the rat. Everyone have a talk. Vidyachatur says Kumud will be happy knowing this. Everyone smile.

Anushka and Kabir argue. She says I will see him, I will insult him and give him Mr rude award.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. arey where is kumud oh phir se chalehai apna pati k saath.this is over.we want saras kumud saath saath.when r they going to mumbai.

  2. Awesome episode 😛

  3. Well episode mast tha per saras kumud ko mumbai me dekhna hai yaar

  4. anushka ur awesome

  5. Make the episodes interesting. you are right priya kumud may have gone with that skeleton KSG………

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