Saraswatichandra 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud telling Saras everything. He says don’t worry. She asks about Mumbai. He lies to her. A cat makes sound and he makes excuses to end the call. Kumud thinks. Kabir thinks why is Anushka so quiet today. He thinks is there any problem. He looks in and Kusum catches her. He says I was seeing she is inside or not. He says its good she is not here, I don’t need to see her face. Kusum laughs as he leaves. Danny and Kabir come to Saras. Saras says I need your help, to find out about the culprit, I have a idea to catch him, but we have to go to school now. He tells them his plan. Danny says we will do this. Kabir says think its done.

A truck comes at the school. The guard sees it. Danny and Kabir change their look and tell the guard that they brought grains for the school. The guard is surprised. Kabir and Danny talk to him. Danny says lets go. The guard thinks maybe the govt does not know the status of school, so they have sent it. He stops them and says he has the keys. The guard goes. Saras comes out of the truck and says maybe principal gave him the keys in his absence. Saras gives them the bags. Kabir and Danny keep all the bags inside and says its for six months, keep it safe.

The guard says I will take care of it. Kabir asks for water. The guard goes to bring. Danny and Kabir fix a camera there in the storeroom. The guard sees some money on the ground and picks it. The guard gets happy and says first grains and now money. Saras says cheap man. He traps the guard in his plan and puts much money on the ground. The guard happily picks all the notes. Kabir and Danny set the camera. Kabir says its not becoming on. Saras calls them and asks is it over. Kabir says no, give us some time, the camera is not becoming on. Saras says fine, I will see.

Saras silently comes to the storeroom and thinks what to do. He sees water pot and breaks it. He soon hides. The guard comes back and sees the water on the floor. He says what did this happen. Kabir and Danny are done with their work. The guard comes and says cat has made the pot fall, sorry I could not bring water. Kabir and Danny leave. The guard sees the storeroom and calls someone. He informs that the school got six months grains, the kids don’t come here, what will they do, come fast, don’t worry, I m here.

Saras asks them is the work over. Danny says yes. They leave. Its night, Badimaa likes the food and praises Kusum. Kusum thanks her. Badimaa says the day is good, Kumud also gave the good news, and Danny got the deal. Yash asks where did they go. Kusum says they went out, they said they will bee late, Badimaa worries.

Danny comes home and says Kusum I m very hungry. Saras says we had important work. Badimaa says I will keep food ready. Danny asks about Anushka seeing Kabir. Kusum says she sleepy, as she has to get up early for project. Kabir understands their drama and leaves. A truck of the guard comes at night to the school. The man asks for keys and the guard gives him. He takes him inside. Saras is restless in his room. Danny and Kabir come to him. Danny says don’t worry. Kabir says yes, everything will be fine soon. Danny says I know this school is important for you and Kumud, we are always with you. Kabir says we have fixed the camera, the culprit won’t be saved and come infront of us, then behind bars.

Saras says I know, till I have my brothers with me, I don’t have to worry, if we three are together, we can solve any problem. They get senti and have a hug. Saras asks them to go and sleep. Danny says you too sleep, else Kumud won’t get sleep there, They leave. Saras smiles. The goons take all the grains with the guard’s help. The man hides his face. Saras does not get sleep. He sees the time and gets up. He says I m waiting for the family.

Anushka talks to the Lord non stop and asks him to bring a smile on everyone’s face. She turns and sees everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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