Saraswatichandra 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Prashant to describe the girl, and he says exactly like you. She feels odd. He asks her to go and try. She says fine. Prashant gets her phone and sees Saras’s msg that he is coming hoem early today. He thinks to keep phone on silent, as she would not know if he calls. Danny welcomes his friends and introduces to Kusum and Anushka. Anushka and Kusum thinks who is Kiran. They don’t understand. Guniyal says bring drinks for them. Anushka says we made special ones, we will be back with it. Anushka tells Kusum that mission Kiran bhagao start. We will keep a special plate for her now. Kumud selects a dress and asks Prashant. He eyes her and says very beautiful.

She sees some more and asks is this good. He says very good. She likes a yellow one. He goes to see the ourse and he makes her busy. He buys a red dress for her also. She says no, I helped you but I don’t want this. He insists and she says I can’t take this. He says then I will feel I troubled you by bringing you here. She says fine, thanks, we will pay bill and leave now. He says we can buy something for Saras too. She smiles and says this idea is very good. Kusum serves everyone Aam panna. Everyone like it. Kusum says we made special food for them.

Danny says guys, I will eat good food because of you. A girl acts over friendly. Danny talks about Kiran. Anushka says so this is Kiran. Saras comes home and thinks Kumud will be happy today as I came early. He rings the bell and smiles. He rings again and again, and then uses the keys to get in. He calls out Kumud. Kumud selects clothes for Saras. Saras says don’t know where she went, I will call her. Kumud’s phone is on silent so she does not take the call. Saras says I will do some work till she comes. Prashant stares at Kumud and smiles.

It gets late. Saras says its 1 hour now, where is she. Saras continues working. Saras says its very late now, where is she. He keeps calling her. He says now its 6 hours, how can she do this, where did she go.

Anushka and Kusum talk to their assumed Kiran. They praise Badimaa and how much she likes making food, if someone says bad about the food, she cries and does not eat food for many days, so if you don’t like it, just praise her. The girl says ok. Anushka says now we will make her eat our special food, and she can’t leave and can’t eat it. They laugh. Kumud comes home and sees Saras. She says she went for shopping. Saras says I called many times. She says I did not hear it. He says check it. She says sorry, yes missed calls are there, phone was on silent.

Prashant comes and gives the shopping bag to Kumud. He says Saras that he had to shop, so he took Kumud for help, and she stays alone at home, he thought she will be happy. Kumud says but Prashant ji……He says she came with me on my insistence, its not her mistake, don’t scold her. Saras says bye Prashant. Prashant leaves. Anushka brings food and serves everyone. Kusum brings a different plate for that Kiran. Yash’s mum says we are getting gujarati Thaali today thanks to you all. Everyone start eating. Kusum asks Anushka about the food given to Kiran. Anusha says full chilli. The girl eats the food and coughs.

They smile seeing her. Danny asks are you ok. She looks at Anushka, and she asks her to be quiet and eat. Danny says you have laddoos, Badimaa makes it very nice, you will feel relieved of the spices. She does not like it and coughs again. Danny asks Raima are you ok. Anushka says Raima? Kusum says oh Lord. Kumud asks Prashant why did he tell Saras that she gets bored at home so she came with him. He says its obvious. She says we are husband and wife, we don’t need any third person to comer between us, Saras was worried as I did not get his call, don’t explain Saras for me. He apologizes to her. She says its ok, good night.

Kumud shuts the door. Kusum gives her water. Anushka makes the water in her plate. She says I m so sorry, we will change the plate. Danny asks whats wrong. Kabir doubts on Kusum and Anushka. Kusum says we have given spicy food to Raima. Anushka says why did Raiam answer instead of Kiran when Danny was talking about Kiran. Anushka says we can’t leave our mission, we have to teach a lesson to Kiran if she is having an affair with Danny. Anushka asks Kusum to give a normal plate to Raima. Kabir hears all this and says so this is their plan.
Kumud comes to Saras. He says you should have called me once, I was worried. She says I understand, I did not know when my phone went on silent, I tried calling you but got busy. He asks why did you tell Prashant that you get bored at home, if you had this problem, I told you to go Ratnagiri, he knows everything about you, you go Ratnagiri for few days. She says I will cook food now. He says no need, I will order it. He leaves. Kumud cries.

Someone throws a stone at Saras’ flat and the mirror breaks. Kumud asks Saras who did this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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