Saraswatichandra 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ghuman saying don’t know what Aarti is doing. Aarti calls her and says everything is happening as you said. Saraswati took promises from me and Saras, Kumud is not reacting, but I think family is doubting me, don’t worry, just send money to my family, your work will be done. Ghuman says but be careful, they are very sharp people, I will also get free from her soon, but Aarti just to remind you. Ghuman tells Aarti not to double cross her. Danny, Kabir and Anushka talk about Saraswati’s wish to get Saras married to Aarti.

They talk and say we have doubt on Aarti, she came in between Saras and Kumud. Saraswati hears Aarti and she is talking advantage of her state. Anushka says I feel Aarti is filling her ears against Kumud. Danny says now we have to do something. Saras comes to talk to Saraswati and asks Aarti to leave. She leaves. Saraswati asks what happened, your face looks pale, are you fine. Saras says no Maa, I could not come out of the pain that you went, I tried hard and you taught me to trust Lord always and keep praying.

He says so I was always with you. I was incomplete without you, I did not use to talk to anyone and was reserved. He says when I saw you, I could believe you are back in my life, when I rested in your lap, I got much peace like I forgot the world. He says he forgot to tell an important thing to her. She asks what, tell me. He says Aarti is very nice girl, she took good care of you. She says yes. He says but I can’t marry her because……………. She says what did you say, you will not marry Aarti and not listen to me. She says you are saying this because of Kumud. She gets a panic attack and falls on the bed. Saras shouts Maa. Kumud comes and is shocked too.

After some time, she gets conscious and sees the whole family around her. Saraswati says we will keep Aarti and Chandra’s engagement tomorrow. She says Aarti is a nice girl, Lord can sent her to become my bahu. She asks Badimaa will she help her, as she is not well, its much work in marriage, you manage it. Badimaa says why to hurry and take such big decision, its not good, wait for some time. Saraswati says no, I decided it will be done tomorrow. Kumud cries. Everyone discuss about Saras and Kumud.

Badimaa comes to Saras. He says I can’t manage, though I m trying. I love Kumud a lot, and can’t lose her again, I don’t know how to explain Maa. He says tomorrow its my engagement with Aarti and Kumud gave up. She says you know why she gave up, she can’t fight with your mum for you. He says I know, but how to make it fine. She says I don’t know this, but I know one thing, you and Kumud can’t be separate, you always faced tough time, leave all this on Lord. He says yes.

Aarti tells Ghuman everything. Ghuman says what, Kumud made Saras agree and he said yes. She laughs and says you and Kumud surprised me, I did not know you are so smart and Kumud a big fool. Aarti says talk slowly, it will be problem if anyone hears you. Ghuman asks did you do anything to free me from here. Aarti says yes, it will happen soon. Ghuman says good and ends the call. Ghuman says whats this Kumud, you gave up without fighting. Kumud talks to Saras and says seeing Maa’s state, can you tell her the truth. He says he can’t get engaged to Aarti. She says you can’t lose her again, no one can help us, He gets an idea and says Aarti can help us, I feel she is helpless and said yes for marriage, I will explain her she can act till Maa gets fine.

Aarti comes and says she can’t do acting and can’t lie to Saraswati. He says you know everything, how can this marriage happen. She says I know, what if anything happens to Kaki, its more wrong for me, I know I m playing with my life, but I m ready for Kaki’s sake. She leaves ending the option. Saraswati is happy that Chandra will become a groom. Aarti gives her medicines. Anushka keeps an eye on Aarti. Saraswati asks Aarti to do all arrangements and get ready well for the engagement. Aarti asks her to sleep. Saraswati says Chandra will be happy with you.

Aarti goes out and thinks to call Ghuman. She sees Kabir in the mirror and stops. Kabir thinks he is sure she was calling someone, I should have come late. Aarti thinks are they keeping an eye on me, I have to be alert. Aarti goes out smiling and sees no one around. She calls …….. Danny keeps an eye on her. She turns to see and he hides.

Kumud sees Aarti being very happy and selecting her engagement dress, and jewellery. Kumud thinks what is she doing, I thought she is doing this for Maa being helpless, but…………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plz dont spreat kumud&saras

    1. what is ‘spreat’??? gosh!!!

    2. why all time kumud and saras ko alak karthi hay? plz dont do this

  2. So saras not leaving the show. .was that just a lie to get more

  3. Why dont they show any romance between saras and kumud..even akshara natik still romance all the time even though they have kid

  4. I think because Jennifer winget show tantrums. ..idk why do a show if you are not conformatable.because of her they can’t do any romantic scences. Thats ridiculous…

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