Saraswatichandra 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa coming to talk to Sarla nurse. She asks her about the baby born in the hospital 21 years ago. Sarla says ask his mum about him. Badimaa says his mum is no more, only you can tell me. Badimaa says its very necessary. Sarla says fine, come in. Saras looks out for Kabir. Kumud says I saw at bus stops too, but can’t find him. Saras says we have to find him. Saras sees a lodge board and says he might be any lodge, we will check in lodges. Sarla asks Badimaa to check the files. Sarla helps her. She says sorry, 1993’s file is not here. Badimaa gets tensed and says shall I check again. Sarla says fine see.

Badimaa checks some file. Kumud and Saras find Kabir in nearby lodges. Saras gives his card and they tell the lodge receptionist that Kumud is Vidyachatur’s daughter. She says she will help them. Kumud says if Menka Maasi leaves….. Saras says don’t worry, we will get her.

Badimaa gets the 93’ss file and checks Saraswati’s records. She reads dead baby born and says but two dead babies were born that day in the hospital and Daima gave one baby to Menka, who child was it. She checks again and sees a tear page. She gets the torn page in the file and reads it. Sarla tells her that Janka Devi’s baby was not healthy, she gave birth to a dead baby. Badimaa says what, are you sure. Sarla says yes, I was there. Badimaa says its 21 year old thing, are you sure. Sarla says yes, my mum’s name was also Janki so I remember her.

Sarla says the couple left the baby here and went. Badimaa understands it now. She gets Saras’s call. She cries and tells him everything she found out. She says it means Saraswati gave birth to a healthy child and the reports got exchanged, it means Ghuman took the baby who was alive and gave him to Daima to kill him. She says he was your brother. Saras is shocked. Kumud says Saras….. He says I will not leave Ghuman and cries.

Kumud says look at me. He says I will kill her. Kumud stops him and says we have to be patient. He says patient, she wanted to kill my brother. Kumud says we have many questions, why did she do this and where is that child now. She says we will punish her later, first lets find the answers. Saras says fine. We have to bring her truth infront of everyone.

Badimaa comes home and thinks…… She sees a trunk and opens it. He gets a box and sees some baby clothes and toys. She smiles getting tears in her eyes. Guniyal comes there and asks when did you come. She sees her crying and asks what happened. She asks what is all this. Badimaa says Saraswati bought this for her child. She says Saraswati used to say Saras will have a brother to play with him. Guniyal says yes, Laxminandan came here hearing about the dead baby but Vidyachatur pacified him. She asks why are you thinking about this now, but he died. Badimaa says no, he was born. She says it happens what Lord wants.

Saras talks to Kumud about his mum and what she might have gone through when she came to know her child was born dead. He says this happened because of Ghuman. He says she did this for money, to marry my dad, she tried to kill the baby, I will not leave that woman. Kumud says we can’t decide before talking to Menka. Saras says I did not know my brother was alive. Kumud asks him to trust Lord. She holds his hand. Badimaa lights the diya and says don’t know Kumud and Saras met Menka or not. She prays to help them see the truth, as its very important, is Saraswati’s son is alive. Saras can meet him. Give him this happiness.

Saras gets a call from lodge receptionist and tells Saras that Menka is not in the city maybe. Saras says we have checked everywhere, we did not find anything. I feel manbe she is not in Ratnagiri. Badimaa asks them to come home and then they will think where can Menka go. Saras says fine, we will come home. Saras and Kumud come home. Saras is very upset. Badimaa comes to talk to him. She says I thought a lot and why this secret came after so many years, maybe the Lord wants you to meet your brother, don’t lose hope.

Saras says I m afraid that I came to know about him, if anything happens to him then. Badimaa says no, he will be fine. Kumud smiles. Its morning, Ghuman does her packing. She calls Danny and asks where are you. He says factory being in Desai house. She says I did not see you yesterday too, why are you avoiding me. Danny says no, I was busy. She says I m going out for some days for some important work, I will call you. Danny says fine and ends the call. Ghuman says Kabir might have left for airport, I should also go.

Ghuman says you showed many dreams Kabir, you have to pay double for it now.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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