Saraswatichandra 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saraswati asking Kabir to decorate the house, as its Chandra’s engagement. Everyone is upset. Saraswati says I m troubling everyone here, but Chandra told me I have to tell you all if I want anything. She asks Vidyachatur did he invite guests and got puja items. He says yes. She says everything should be done well, its my son’ engagement, decorate well. She says she will sit now, as she got tired. Badimaa makes her sit. Saraswati changes her clothes and comes in the living room. The house is well decorated and everyone is very upset. She says Ganpati ji should not be kept in engagement, but I like him, so we will first do his puja, then engagement. She asks where is the diya. Everyone looks on.

She asks Badimaa to get the diya. Badimaa says she will bring it. Badimaa looks for diya. Kumud gives it to Badimaa and cries. Danny consoles Guniyal. She cries and says she can’t see all this. Danny says enough Kaki and cries himself. Aarti walks in with Anushka. Saraswati is glad seeing her. Kumud looks on crying and sees Saras coming. She thinks of his words. Everyone look at Saras. Saraswati is glad and takes him to Aarti. She says she is very happy. Saras looks at the Ganesh idol and prays to get a way to stop this engagement doing anything. Badimaa also prays the same. Kumud prays she can’t live without Saras, and even he can’t, but she accepts Lord’s decision.

Saraswati asks them to exchange rings as mahurat will pass by. She asks Aarti did she get the ring. She says yes. Saras takes his hands back. Saraswati gives them the rings. Everyone look on shocked. Saras looks at Badimaa signing no and gets tears in his eyes. Aarti takes the ring to make him wear it. Saraswati asks him to show his hand, give ahead. Saras thinks of his engagement with Kumud. He shows his hand and she asks whose ring is this. She asks him to remove it, and tries to remove it. Saras takes the ring. She asks him to keep it.

Saras looks at Kumud. She signs him yes and cries. He looks at the Lord and thinks he can’t wear any other ring, help me Lord. Much air blows and the diya goes off. Everyone is shocked. Saraswati asks Badimaa to light all diyas again. Badimaa says yes. Saraswati asks Saras to wear the ring now. Saras gets an idea and puts his hand on diya fire. Badimaa sees it and is shocked. She says Saras. Kumud is shocked and says Saras………………. Saras stops and moves his hand. Saraswati sees Saras’ hand burnt and gets afraid. Saras looks at Kumud. Everyone looks on shocked.

Saras says he is fine. Saraswati says no, its burnt a lot, how did it get burnt. She blows on his hand. He says don’t know. She says no engagement now. Everyone is glad. Saras thanks the Lord. Aarti gets upset. Badimaa thinks Lord has blessed Saras and Kumud. Aarti thinks there won’t be engagement now. Saraswati says direct marriage now, everyone is shocked again. Aarti smiles. Saras cries.

Kumud asks Saras why did he burn his hand. He says I told you I won’t wear ring of anyone else’ name, don’t say this is because of you. She says Maa said now marriage will happen directly, this is the truth. He says its not the truth, the truth is Saras and Kumud’s love.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wow saras u hurt ur hand for ur kumud really superb yaar.that y we like u most.bus aap to stop this idoit marriage ko the only way is saras ka dad lakshminandan vyas can stop it.and i dont get this y they stop saraswati.i known saras cant hurt his mom but saras u can atleast say that we cant do the enga or marriage without his dad.then saraswati will understand this right guys. i hope i dont hurt anyone by my comment.phir bhi if it hurt anyone than i apology.

  2. plz give memory to saraswathi

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