Saraswatichandra 2nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 2nd May 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 2nd May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Menka telling Kumud and Saras about Ghuman who was called Roopmati in Chandni Bazaar. She was famous and Ghuman knew many businessmen will come to see her dance and Laxminandan’s friend forced him to see Ghuman. She says Ghuman danced that day for him and he did not see her once. She says Ghuman’s pride broke that day as he did not see her. She wanted to become his wife and she went to his office or hangouts. She knew that he was very happy with his family, Saraswati was becoming a mum and Ghuman went jealous. She controlled herself and then stole the baby giving her to Daima to kill him. She says Menka took the baby from Daima.

She says Ghuman made a fool proof plan, Laxminandan felt Saraswati was careless and her baby died, even Saraswati felt the same and differences came between them, Ghuman acted to support him and filled poison in him. She says Saraswati knew about Ghuman and Laxminandan’s affair and she did suicide one day. Saras cries. Menka says when Kabir understood this when I told him everything, she came to take revenge for his mum’s death.

She says then Kabir came here. That’s why he is taking Ghuman with him to UK. We will not hide anything from you now Saras, she says please save my Kabir. Saras says nothing will happen to him, we lied to you to find the truth from you, now we have to stop him, I don’t want my brother to kill Ghuman and spoil his hands with her bad blood. He tries calling Kabir and says its unavailable. She says they maybe boarding now. Saras says you did his upbringing, how can you do this with him, you fell so low to take revenge from your sister, take this passport. Saras and Kumud leave. Menka smiles and says I spent my whole life to do this, Ghuman always suppressed me under her thumb, its my turn now. She says Kabir you can’t stop now, you will have to kill Ghuman.

Badimaa thinks about Saraswati’s baby. Vidyachatur and Guniyal have a casual talk. He says I m getting gas smell, lets see. They go to see and open the windows. Guniyal asks Badimaa why was she lost. Badimaa turns off the gas stove. Badimaa says no, the milk boiled and gas stopped, I did not see. He says its good we came here on time. She says sorry, my focus was not here. Guniyal says there is something that is troubling her. Guniyal says she was crying yesterday thinking about Saraswati.

He asks Badimaa to share it with them. Badimaa says no, nothing, I missed Saraswati so I cried. Guniyal takes her to the house temple and asks her not to lie infront of Lord. Badimaa tells them about Saraswati’s baby whom Ghuman changed with a dead baby. She tells them everything. They are shocked. He says how can Ghuman do this, how can she fall so low, how can she think to kill such a small baby. Badimaa says Menka saved that baby, don’t know where is he. Guniyal says bit why did Menka take the baby. Badimaa says we don’t know who is that child, is he alive or not.

She says if he is alive, then where is he and how. She says Saras and Kumud went to meet Menka to know this. Ghuman thinks about Kabir and says she will give him back what he gave her, double. Saras and Kumud are on the way. Saras says I have to do anything but stop Kabir.

Kumud finds about UK flights and come to know the flight took off. Saras sees Ghuman and gets angry. He follows her and stops infront of her car. Ghuman asks whats this, will you kill me. Saras says yes, I could have. Ghuman says I m your mum. Saras says no, Danny will hate you if he knows your truth. Ghuman asks what truth. Saras asks about his brother. Ghuman says what nonsense. Saras says you did not win my dad as my mum’s love failed you, so you changed my brother with a dead baby and put the blame on my mum, my dad left my mum and she committed suicide, this happened because of you.

She says still my mum left I know my brother is…… Ghuman says he is alive and his name is Kabir. Ghuman says I knew this before you both came to know. She says Menka cheated me. She says I know what Menka wanted, but why was Kabir doing this. She says I knew him. I saw his pic and understood its him. She says she heard Menka talking to Kabir on phone. Menka asked him to kill Ghuman on his birthday. She smiles.

Ghuman says Kabir is waiting for me there in UK, but his death will meet him there. Saras is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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