Saraswatichandra 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone doing the chakri ritual grinding the wheat with their respective partners. Kumud looks at Saras and is helpless sitting with Pramad. Kalika smiles. Danny is upset to see Kusum with Mohan while Kusum is eyeing Saras. Saras controls himself from going to Kumud. The ritual ends and all of them start praying. Pramad says Kumud you had to do this ritual with me, I m sorry. Everyone leave and Kusum is still sitting at her place. Danny sits next to her and says see how you grinded, its thick, he says if you don’t get the right life partner, everything goes wrong, I will grind it and show you. He grinds the wheat and shows her finely grinded flour. He says don’t worry, we will make everything fine. He says Saras and Kumud are with us. Kusum says I will

have to talk to Kumud now.

Kumud is thinking that Saras might have felt hurt seeing her doing the ritual with Pramad. Kusum comes to her crying. Kumud sees her and stops her. She says I did not forget my promise. She says this cannot happen, its very tough for you, I know, but I won’t let you bear this. She says the guy you chose is right, Danny will keep you happy. Kusum says Danny? I don’t love Danny. Kumud is puzzled and asks then whom do you love. Kusum says Saras…. Kumud is shocked. (Shame on you Kusum!!) Kusum hugs Kumud and says I love Saras. (Kusum is a b*t*h, I m getting angry on her!!) Kumud slaps her. (Did the best thing, slap Kusum ten times so that her mind comes to the right place!!)

Kumud leaves crying. Kusum also cries. (Crocodile!!) She goes after Kumud. Kumud is shaken up by this truth and runs to her room. She thinks about Kusum’s words and smiles thinking Kusum was joking. She tries to pacify herself but cries realizing its true. She opens the drawer and sees the pieces of the wedding card on which Kusum wrote Saras everywhere. Saras comes to Kumud. Kumud says Kusum…. Saras says its my responsibility, you don’t have to worry. Guniyal sees Kusum and asks her to come and see her wedding ornaments and says Kumud made this for you. Kusum cries. Guniyal gives her the motherly speech. She then asks her what happened. Did you tell Kumud everything. Kusum says yes without any shame.

Pramad comes to Kumud (Another moron!!) and says I have some work. Kumud say not now, I will come to you later. He says I will wait. Kumud asks what do you mean by saying your responsibility. He says I mean there is someone who will take care of Kusum. He says give this to her and says the Lord will take care of everything. He gives her the Kanha idol. Kumud says Saras, if Kusum and I are in a difficulty, whom will you support.

Saras says Kusum, as my Kumud is very strong and will not need any support, but Kusum is very innocent. Kumud says so you know her. He says yes, I saw her before you, she is very innocent and I don’t feel happy seeing her upset, she should get her love. He says its our responsibility. Kumud scolds Saras and says I m being punished because of your one mistake, how can you do such a mistake, even Kusum’s life is at stake now. He asks how come, tell me. Kumud is silent. Saras leaves.

Guniyal tells Kusum what did you do. Kusum says I could not hide it from Kumud, I had to tell her the truth. Guniyal blames herself for her daughter’s life. She says I won’t let this happen. She says this is not a kamarbandh to be exchanged, she says no one can break Kumud and Saras’s relation as the Lord has made them inseparable. Kusum says then why is Kumud still with Pramad, I did the Ghadi ritual with Saras, maybe the Lord wants me to be with Saras. Guniyal slaps her and says I would have not given you birth, that would had been better. Guniyal leaves angrily.

Saras talks to Danny and says we are trying and we will talk to everyone. Pramad stops Saras and says it looks like Kumud is worried about anything. He gives him some papers and asks him too give it to Kumud. Saras sees the papers and says this is your property papers. Pramad says maybe it will help Kumud. Saras says you wanted to kill Kumud for money. Pramad says I want her happy. Saras says she will be happy if you give her divorce. Pramad says I m sorry to her, I can’t leave her till I m alive. He says once I regret completely, then… He leaves. Saras gets angry.

Kumud is in her room crying and thinking about Kusum’s words. She thinks I will solve the relations as they are tangling. I have to explain Kusum that she does not need Saras, but someone like Saras. She prays to the Lord asking for help.
Kalika is in Pramad’s room. He asks her what are you doing her. She says I m filling some colors in your life. He says you can only bring darkness, go from here. She says I m not with you in this game, you know who are with you. She says this is you showing some flowers, she says you want Kumud, and she wants Saras and Saras wants Kumud, but Kusum wants Saras. Pramad is shocked. Kalika smiles and says Kusum also wants Saras. Pramad looks at her coughing.

Kumud is feeling bad for slapping Kusum and sees Kusum cutting her nerves. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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