Saraswatichandra 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sunanda talking to Kumud sweetly. She says I will help you and smiles. The man comes and Sunanda asks him to get hot water for her. Saras, Danny and Kabir are looking everywhere for Kumud. Saras is worried as he can’t get info. Sunanda says she and Ghuman danced when they were young. She says big businessmen used to come to see our dance. She says even I had everything, but don’t know what special thing she had, she used to take all credit and everyone were amazed by her beauty. She says Ghuman uses people as things, she ruined everything, even Laxminandan. Saras takes help by some villager. Saras thinks about Kumud at the time she left.

Kumud asks how did Ghuman marry Laxminandan. Sunandan says he married her but she has just did business, poor him,

he did not know its not love,  but her trap. Kumud asks what trap. The man brings hot water for Sunanda’s feet. Sunanda says call your family first. Kumud says yes, they might be worried. Kumud looks for her phone and asks Sunanda. Sunanda asks the man. The man gives the phone to Sunanda. Sunanda says take it, call your family, they might be worried, tell them you are here in Chandni bazaar with Sunanda. She drops the phone in the hot water bucket and says who Sunanda likes once, she does not let her go. Kumud is shocked seeing Sunanda changing her colors. Kumud asks what did you do, why did you throw my phone. Sunanda says what did you think.

Kumud says you said you will help me. Sunanda says I knew when you came here, no one can go out of here without my permission. She says forget your old name and address as you are ours now. Kumud asks why are you cheating me. Sunanda says as life cheated me. She says you are in my jail and your family can’t find you here. She laughs. Kumud tries to run away. The door is locked. Kumud asks for help. Kumud asks what do you want from me, let me go from here. Sunanda comes to her and looks at her in an evil way. She holds her hand and asks the man to take her, she will tell him later what to do with her. Kumud cries saying leave me, let me go.

The man takes Kumud inside. Kumud says I came here trusting you. The man says I brought you here as Sunanda asked me to. He locks Kumud in a room and leaves. Saras is trying to find Kumud. Kumud tries to open the windows. Saras says where are you Kumud, why did I not stop you and let you go. Kumud says I came here lying to you. Saras thinks about Kumud’ss words and says I did not listen what you wanted to say. Kumud says I wish I did not hide anything from you. Saras says I m sorry. Kumud says I m sorry and cries.

Kabir says we have checked all bus stops, she is not there. Kusum says no one saw Kumud today. Danny says we should go to police now. Kabir says yes, Danny is right, lets go. All of them go to police station. Sunanda calls Ghuman and says I heard you are in problem. She says your bahu is missing right. Ghuman asks how do you know. Sunanda says she is with me, I spoke to her how you trapped Laxminandan. Ghuman asks what is this joke. Sunanda says what did you think, you will take Laxminandan and no one will come in your way, but see you got a good bahu. She has guts, she came alone in Chandni bazaar. Ghuman asks where is she and what did you tell her. Sunanda says nothing, I m still your friend. She came to ask your secret and I have trapped her.

Ghuman asks why did you keep her. Sunanda says we will teach her dance and singing. Kabir comes and looks at Ghuman. Ghuman thinks did Kabir hear her talk. Kabir says I forgot my phone here and smiles. He asks what happened. Ghuman says nothing. Kabir says Danny and Saras are going to police station, I m also going. He leaves. Guniyal says Badimaa was worried since morning, see Kumud really got missing. Vidychatur says she will be fine, we will get her. Kalika comes and thinks if Kumud does not come back, then she will be very happy. Everyone are worried for Kumud. Kumud tries to get some help and tries to break the window. She breaks the window and is happy.

Saras does the police complain. The inspector asks does she have an affair. Saras gets angry. The inspector scolds him saying some husbands make their wives disappear and come to the police station to act innocent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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