Saraswatichandra 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 2nd April 2013 Written Update

1. So Ilaben tells Kumud that Saras is indeed very lucky that Kumud was going to marry him and then adds that just because of her she is tolerating Saras ! Kumud is not able to bear it anymore and she tells her that here is someone who is doing so much for her,without asking anything in return,just to help her and she doesnt have any answer to that ! Saras’s face softens as he hears her words <3 She implores Ilaben to take the money !Kumud approaches him ! He tells her that he now knows that all the pots were sold by her to which she replies that "they " had sold them together ,He goes nearer and nearer to her,hayyee ! <3 And he tells her that he doesnt deserve the money to which she replies that the hard work was there and he remorsefully tells her that she is not even letting him apologise ! Kumud is affected by how close he is to her and she tries to leave but he stops her by holding her hand ! He tells her that he had never wanted to hurt her but he had always done that HAWWE ! And he takes her hand,sees the bruise on it and he tells her,with pain on his face ,in his voice,in his eyes,that she had always borne the pain ,and she looks at him,into his eyes,and they look at each other,silence indicating everything and OMG I didnt expect this,but he pulls her closer and he slowly puts his hand across her waist and she is flustered by this and she pulls away and runs!She runs away and he looks at her retreating figure,in shock ! As she runs,unknown to her,her payal falls down and Saras is aghast at what he has done!Kumud comes back to her house,still running,and this is seen by Kusum and Kumari who have this teasing expression on their faces and impervious to their questions,Kumud keeps running ,she runs across the courtyard and falls at the Moorthi of Lord Krishna,she remembers how she had pushed him into the mud,how by mistake he had pushed her during the pottery scene and she thinks to herself that she had not forgotten that he had told her No even without seeing her and she reproaches herself for letting him come close to her and she reminds herself that she only wanted to help him,for her family and that she has no other relationship with him !!2.VC comes and praises her and advises her to always support her life partner and that is very important and tells her that she has made him very happy! Kumud has no words to reply! VC then tells her that she would be hungry and they leave!Guniyal looks at Lord Krishna and tells her that she could see that the happiness on her victory wasnt there on Kumud's face this time and she tells Him that she could see a new kind of expression on her face and that she would not let Kumud would suffer anymore and she decides that the time has come to reveal everything to VC !3.Kumud goes to her room and looks at the pot which she had kept,Saras's first pot and she remembers her mother's words about how only a husband has a right to be intimate and that since he had already said No,she would only be hurt more and Kumud has tears in her eyes She looks at the Lord Krishna photos on the wall of her room and she asks for forgiveness and tells that she would not let such a thing happen again!Saras,meanwhile sees the payal which had fallen down and he takes it in his hands,remembering what he had done!4.VC feels that Guniyal wants to say something to him and she tries to tell him that them spending too much time is not good and even Dukh Baa comes and agrees with Guniyal but VC is not bothered and says that it is good for them to spend time together before Marriage and he also tells Dukh Baa to try to understand Saras !5. SaMud are unable to sleep ! They keep remembering that moment ! Kumud tells herself that maybe this was her future ,remembering how he had refused to marry her,she sees the pot on her table and remembers how she had spent time with him to make the pots and Saras too,sitting elsewhere is all shaken up as he tells himself that he shouldnt have done that ,he worries about how he would face her and how he would apologise to her !Meanwhile Kumud decides to go to him as she realises that briefly she was also lost in the heady feeling of being in his arms ! Hayyee <3Episode ends !!
Precap shows Kumari telling Saras that Kumud had stayed up the whole night ,to make pots for him so that she could do her school work ,the next day and Saras realises that she had sent kumari with the food indicating that she did not want to meet him! Haww ! Meanwhile Kusum tells Kumud that food is ready and she suddenly sees that her waist payal is missing !
(Meanwhile Guman is very happy that the company set up in Kumud’s name by LN was incurring losses and she tells her sis that she would go to India only after the business is shut down and VC’s Haveli is mortgaged fully! But obv her sis goads her and tells that meanwhile Kumud would make Saras her’s and would be the owner of LN’s property but she is least bothered)

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