Saraswatichandra 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti making Saraswati have the kheer. Anushka prays to Lord for Kabir and make him away from Saraswati’s love, as he was always away from his mum. She cries and says please Lord, make Saraswati fine. Kabir sees this standing behind. Saraswati likes the kheer and says you made it very nice. Aarti says I will also make it for you and Saras. I m seeing no one takes care of him, but I make kheer for him, family won’t like as I m not related to him. Saraswati says she will make her marry Chandra and calls him. Kumud sees her calling Saras and stands far. Saras and everyone come and ask what happened. Saraswati asks Saras to give a reply whether he will marry Aarti or not.

Kumud cries. Saras says first you get well completely. She says I m fine, you both promise me you will marry. He asks him to swear on her. Saras is speechless. She says tell me. He says I can’t do this marriage. She says why can’t you do, you won’t listen to me. She moves far and starts getting unwell. Everyone worry for her. Aarti asks them to move away and open the window. Aarti makes her drink water. Kumud cries. Saraswati is adamant on her words. She says Chandra you can’t do this, you can’t say no to your mum. She asks Aarti to swear on her and say it that she will marry Chandra. Aarti says yes shocking everyone.

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Badimaa says what are you doing Saraswati. She says you don’t say anything, he is my son Chandra. Saras gets tears in his eyes. She asks him to say yes if he loves her. Saras is numb. Kumud walks to her. Saraswati asks her to go and gets afraid seeing her. Kumud holds Saras’ hand and makes him swear by keeping it on Saraswati’s head. Kumud says Saras will do as you say. Saras looks at her. Everyone is shocked. Kumud says he will marry Aarti and shocks Saras. Saraswati gets glad and says she will be very happy seeing Chandra and Aarti marry.

Saras falls in her lap and cries. Kumud moves backwards and leaves. Everyone looks shocked. They leave from her room. They ask Kumud what did she do and why. Kumud cries. We could not stop you, how can you do this. Guniyal says we know you are hurtm but how can you do this, when Saras was managing everything. Danny says how can you think Saras will leave you and agree to marry someone else. Anushka says I believed in love seeing you and Saras, how can you decide to leave him alone in such bad time. Yash’s mum says its not easy like jewellery to give your Suhaag to Aarti. Badimaa says yes, its not a right, but a husband and wife relation.

She says it can’t be changed or hidden, what Saraswati doing is because she is not in her senses but you are, what will she think when she gets fine, how can you give your husband to someone else, nothing will be fine with this, situation will get more worse. Saras comes and is annoyed. He says why did you do this, this won’t make things fine, I was talking to Maa, why did you keep my hand on her head. He says he loves his Maa a lot and worries for her, but he can’t stay without his life. She says she did this as he can’t decide as he loves both of them, she will go away from him now. Everyone is shocked. Kumud leaves. Everyone cry. Kumud comes in her room and packs her bag. Badimaa tries to stop her and asks her to think about Saras. Kumud says we all know how much Saras’ mum matters to him, let me go, let him fulfill his Maa’s wish.

Saras comes and asks will she take all decisions alone, I will let you go. Kumud tells Badimaa to tell him not to stop her. Badimaa says she will support Saras, as she has got weak today, she is not her Kumud as she is running away. Badimaa leaves. Saras says I m not only a son, but someone’s husband also. She says she took the decision as he is unable to. He says I felt we can’t be separated, but you proved it wrong. She says I can fight the world for you, but not Maa. He says you know your place in my life, we have to make Maa realize this, she will know it when she gets fine. She says what till then, she wants you to marry Aarti, if anything happens to her.

She says if you don’t agree, you will lose your Maa. She cries and says think you are with me all these years being hers, now she is back and you have to go back. He says I m not a toy. She says you are her son, she needs you. He says you also need me, I won’t leave you, I will talk to her. He leaves, while she calls him.

Saras tells his mum that he can’t marry Aarti. Saraswati takes stress and falls on the bed. Saras shouts Maa. Kumud comes and is shocked seeing her.

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  1. soo boring nowadays it’s better to end than to drag

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  3. Please end this rubbish show. All characters are stupid.

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