Saraswatichandra 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 28th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the women standing at the rooftop waiting for the moon. Kumud tells Kusum she will break her fast alone. (Kumud looks simple and best!!)The moon appears and everyone are happy to see it. Guniyal tells Chandrika lets do the prayers. Kumari sees them and goes from there. Guniyal sees Vidyachatur through the net and opens her fast. Danny comes there and looks for Kumari and leaves. Chandrika opens her fast with Gyaan’s photo. Kumud sees them and smiles. Vidyachatur makes Guniyal drink water. Kumari is going somewhere alone. She tries to go out, but Danny follows her. She sees Danny and comes inside. She tells him don’t follow me, I’m not going to meet Umesh. He tells today I will take you to meet him, she tells what. They leave.

Scene shifts to Umesh:

Umesh is with her family, celebrating his marriage anniversary. Danny and Kumari see them in the restaurant. Kumari hears everything and is shocked. Kumari cries, she breaks down. Danny tells her lets leave from here. Kumari says no, one minute, she goes to Umesh. Umesh sees her and gets up from his seat. Kumari sees his family and slaps him. (You should have done this earlier, its late but ok!!) Umesh’s wife gets up and sees this. Umesh stares at Kumari. Kumari says what are you seeing, what you have done with me, this in nothing compared to it. Kumari leaves from there. Danny goes to Umesh and says will you book a case against Kumari for slapping you, you cannot, you know what your wife will do now. He leaves with Kumari.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is alone on the rooftop, she sees everyone are gone, and thinks of breaking her fast. She says the moon has come, when will you come. She hears Saras’s voice. She says it looks like you are here, near me. She sees Saras’s drawing through the net and sees the moon, and says our love is complete, but you are not with me, Saras actually comes to her. She sees his face through the net and is shocked. She cannot believe her eyes, she says don’t do like this, I cannot live without you, he says I have come Kumud, don’t live without me, I told you that when you see my photo, my existence will happen, she says is this reality or a dream, he says touch and see. She says if this is a dream, I don’t want to break it by touching you. He puts flower petals on her. He smiles. She gets happy and says you are really here. He comes closer to her and holds her, saying you kept the fast for me, he hugs her. She smiles. (The hug is everlasting!!) She says but you, he says call me by my name, you promised me when I come to you, you will take my name, complete your promise. She says my, only my Saraswatichandra. He smiles, she feels shy. He holds her face and looks at her. (They both look superb today, what a couple.. adorable.. sweet.. happening!!)

Scene shifts to Laxminandan:

The merger party has started. Ghuman and Laxminandan are with the guests. The client asks to complete the formalities. Laxminandan asks for Saras, Ghuman says he might be here, he will be coming soon. Laxminandan is worried, as Saras has to sign the papers. Laxminandan asks Sunny where is Saras, Sunny says I have not seen him today. The clients ask is there any problem, Laxminandan says no. Ghuman smiles.

Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:

Saras says first see the moon, she says the moon comes daily, but you came after a long time, I want to see you, without losing any time. She says you stay very far, he says even I’m seeing my moon after many days, but what should I do to bring a smile on your face. They both smile. Kumud sees the moon, and then Saras’s face. She does his Tilak and Aarti. Saras comes closer to her and makes her drink water. She breaks her fast. Piya re.. music plays. Saras says give me the Thaali, even I have to break the fast. She says even you kept the fast, I knew it, but I told you I don’t want longer age, I want to live with you, he says what will I do without you, you have to live with me always. She smiles.

Saras takes the Thaali, and sees Kumud through the net. She says first see the moon, he says how should I, your face is more bright, I can’t take my eyes off, I see this moon daily, I want to stare at you without losing any time. He then sees the moon and then her face, She smiles. She breaks his fast by making him drink water. They both look at each other. The song Abhi mujh me kahin… song plays..
They both enjoy the moment and live it well.

Kumud asks him to take her with you, he says not like this, let me make you proud and then take you. The client blames Laxminandan for the merger failure. Laxminandan gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. wtf!!!!! y did saras leave without thinking wot will happen there in dubai…..i hope tht sm miracle happens n laxmi.. forgives saras….buh i think saras must hav done smthing there afterall hes very responsible person… :)) <3

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