Saraswatichandra 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 28th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur calling Chandu Kaka and asking about Saras and Kumud. he comes to know they left. Badimaa is worried. Saras takes care of Kumud in the cold storage. He hugs her crying. Saras sees a window. The guy is still waiting outside the shop for Saras. Saras says Kumud, there is a window, I will check it. Saras looks at the window and says Kumud, its a glass window, we can break it and get out. He tries to break the window with a big spoon. They get out from the window. Saras looks at the car. Saras says he has saved us by flashing the car lights. Lets go and thank him. The guy leaves. Saras says I don’t think he knows how much big favor he did on us.

Vidyachatur calls Kumud and she tells him they will reach home soon. Saras hugs Kumud. O piya……….. plays…………….. Saras smiles. Kumud too looks at him and smiles. He makes her sit in the car. They reach home. Everyone get worried about them and shocked hearing about the cold storage. Kusum asks shall I call the doctor. Everyone try to make them feel warm. Guniyal gives them hot tea. Saras tells about the guy who has helped them by flashing the lights. Kalika says really we should be thankful to him.

Kumari says its my mistake, I gave this idea. She hugs Kumud. Badimaa says they are fine and are not fighting, see how much together they are. Saras says so it was your plan. Vidyachatur says yes and jokes. Everyone laughs. Badimaa asks everyone to go and sleep as its Sangeet and Haldi function tomorrow. Saras thinks about the cold storage moments with Kumud. He catches cold and sneezes. He thinks about Kumud. He says I will take coffee for her. Kumud too sneezes. She thinks about Saras and smiles. She thinks of having something hot. She says even Saras might have caught cold. She wories about him. Saras comes to her room by window.

She hears him and says you. He waves hi to her. She says I was thinking to bring coffee for you. He says call me inside else I will fall. She allows him. He jumps inside the room. They drink coffee together. She says you brought only one cup. He says don’t you remember what Tony Singh said, sharing increases love, so we will share the cup today. She says I will marry Tony singh then. Saras says its one and the same, its our Sangeet tomorrow, I m very excited.

He asks her to dance. She says its your marriage too, you too dance. He says I can’t, you laughed at me last time. They have a talk. They recall their last dance. Saras sounds confident and says I can do anything if I wish. Kumud says fine, lets see, come tomorrow for the dance class. He asks will you teach me, I will come. Badimaa comes and Saras tries to hide but could not. Badimaa looks at him.

Guniyal comes too and see Saras. Saras signs hi to them. Kusum comes with ginger tea. Everyone come one after another and see Saras in the room. Kumud looks at them. Everyone smile. Vidyachatur asks Kumud are you fine. Badimaa says she does not need us as Saras is with her. Saras smiles. Everyone leave. Its morning, the sangeet function starts. Kalika offers her help and acts sweet. Kusum says what happened to her, she does not taunt us anymore. Kalika thinks of spoiling the fun and ruin Kumud’s life.

Kumud teaches Saras some dance moves. She sees the pearl with him. She asks can you dance. He says don’t underestimate me, I did not tell anyone but I will tell you, promise me you won’t tell anyone, come closer. He says I completed one dancing session in college. She over reacts. She asks him to dance and show her. He says are you sure. He holds her. She says I won’t dance with you. He says sorry. She says we will change the steps, you stand on your head. He says what. She jokes and he believes her.

Saras stands on his head and the pearl falls from his pocket. Kumud smiles seeing it. She takes the pearl. Saras says Kumud, listen to me. She says come to check our scores. Saras shouts Kumud and goes after her. Kalika is deciding her clothes for the sangeet function. Yash’s mum comes to her and asks why are you so excited. Kalika says its a golden chance for us. She says our difficulties will go away soon, its my promise. Yash’s mum does not understand and asks her to get ready soon. Kalika smiles.

Kumud gets hurt in kitchen and is unable to walk. She thinks how will she dance with Saras.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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