Saraswatichandra 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 27th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Saras trying to make the pots when the lady who’s hand is broken knocks down the pots saras has made. Saras hears her say how they don’t want to eat from the money he has made. Gunial brings VC tea but VC denies and tells her how Saras is suffering for all the things only because he isn’t able to do. Gunial tells him how Kumud has taken him some snack. He tells her how proud he is to get Kumud married to Saras as she has already proven that she will stand by him through thick and thin. Yash’s mother is outside listening to their convo feeling tensed.

Saras is distracted seeing Kumud there, he just can’t take his eyes off her. She tells him how he is starring at her when he pretends to be making the pots again but can’t seem to take his eyes off her struggling with her hair. He gets up and tucks her hair behind her ears, he is completely mesmerized by her.

The lady with broken arm is telling her son how he can’t go to school anymore as they don’t have money. Saras and kumud hear this when Saras tells them how he is going to help them but the lady refuses his help and runs outside to start making pots when Kumud comes and convinces her how the pots are going to sell tomorrow and everything will be back to normal soon. She tells the lady how she should let her son go to school and she will help with the money.

After the lady and her son leave Saras ask why did Kumud lie about selling the pots when the lady herself breaks the pot Saras has made. Kumud tells him everything will be fine now that she is with him. Saras is back to starring Kumud fixing her hair remembering earlier when he tucked her hair. He tells her how she should tie her hair so that they don’t cover her face, she replies by saying how her hair won’t fly on his wish which they eventually do making him smile.

Guman is trying to make up to Laxminandan with his favorite vegetable when he tells her how the CA called and told him the business on Kumud’s name is meant to go in loss. He tells her how he wish VC was here , he could have made the business a great success. Guman reminds him of their son and then tells laxminandan how they should hand over Kumud’s business to him but laxminandan refuses.

At night Saras is remembering Kumud promising them that everything will be fine. He is more than determine to help Illaben and starts making the pots again.

Guman is shown giving manager VC’s house papers when he tells her this is really risky but she convinces him how they are ready to take the risk. She tells the manager to keep this between them.

Saras can’t help but remember Kumud when she was walking to him earlier. Kumud comes there are puts her hands on the pot he is making bringing him out of his thoughts. Both of them are shown making the pots when Kumud tells him to leave it as she will do it. Saras denies her as the pot would mess up to which she tells him to have some trust in her.

Precap: Kumud tells him how he takes forever to learn, Saras is thinking to himself how if she wasn’t distracted by her he would have learned it in first try. She then tells him how him being from Dubaai is a dumbo when it comes to making pots.

Update Credit to: scarlet.moon

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