Saraswatichandra 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 27th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa doing Kusum and Danny’s aarti to welcome them inside the house and does their tilak as part of the Grah Pravesh ritual. Danny and Kusum touches her feet and Badimaa blesses them. Saras says one min. He smiles and everyone looks at him. He pulls the rope and the rose petals fall on Kusum and Danny. Everyone smile. Kalika smiles and says all this will end in some days. Everyone claps as Kusum hits the kalash and enters the house. She follows the rituals and marks her foot in the house.

Badimaa hugs Guniyal happily. Saras looks on. Guniyal asks Danny to take care of Kusum. Saras says Kusum is Danny’s responsibility and he will take care of her the entire life. Kumud says lets go. Dada ji says wait, before we leave, I want to talk to Kusum alone. Kusum brings Dada ji to a room and closes the door. Dada ji asks her to sit. He says its easy for marriage to form and break with time, but its all about fate, when I got married to my grandma, she did not even see me, and after the Grah Pravesh, she accepted me and my family. He says we are much happy together, but this did not happen with Badimaa, I did not forgive myself for that, but Badimaa tries to stay happy, I pray the same for you.

Kusum says I did the Grah Pravesh, I will do what you say. Dada ji says no, that will happen what you want, you are doing this seeing my illness, but you did not wished to come here, don’t hide it from me, you are Kumud’s shadow, so listen to your heart like she does, give Danny a chance with trust, and go ahead with him. Kumud took the decision that till you and Danny stay happy, she won’t marry Saras. Kusum is shocked. He says if you understand love, you would have known what Saras means to Kumud, its only him who can bring happiness in Kumud’s life, she won’t accept that happiness seeing you, can’t you adjust for her sake, its not tough as Danny loves you, I have seen him.

Kusum says Dada ji, did I do anything wrong loving Saras. He says no, the one you love, his happiness is in your hands, if you make him annoyed, then its your fault. Dada ji leaves. Kusum looks on. Danny is in his room seeing Kusum sleep. He covers her with the quilt and touches her hair. He takes a pillow and sleeps on the sofa. Kusum opens her eyes and looks at Danny. She thinks about Dada ji’s words to give Danny a chance.

Its morning, Badimaa and Dada ji talks to Kumud. Badimaa says Kumud has to go and help Kusum in the cooking. Kumud gets a call and she leaves. Kumud meets Saras outside the house and he teases her seeing the bag as she is leaving for school. He gives her the sheera which Kusum made. She says Badimaa always scolded Kusum to make this right, she tastes it and says its very nice. She asks whats the plan. He asks her to make him eat by her hands, not by spoon if she wants to know his plan. She makes him eat and he says Kusum makes the sheera better than you. He says I m going to site now, we will have dinner together. He says I m going to Rajkot tonight and will come tomorrow, I want Kusum and Danny to be together. He says I have told Danny to come here to your house for stating some work so that Kusum can be alone at our house. Kumud smiles.

Saras is at the site. Badimaa talks to Saras on phone and says I can’t do this. Saras says you have to do this. Danny asks Badimaa for some food. Saras asks Badimaa not to give food to Danny. Badimaa tells Danny that you won’t have food. Saras says tell him as I say, tell him why should I give you food, you have your wife at home, go and ask her. Badimaa tells this to Danny and Danny leaves. Badimaa says Danny got upset and I m feeling bad. Dada ji laughs. Saras ends the call and smiles.

Saras tells Kumud that we have to do this to bring them closer. Kumud says you look innocent but you are very naughty. She asks did you eat the food. He says no, how would I miss the chance to eat with you. They eat together at the site. Kumud says poor Danny, don’t know he ate or not. Saras says no, he can survive even on noodles, he can have them thrice a day, Kusum is very lucky that she got a guy like Danny.

Kusum served food to Danny. Danny asks are you ready to believe in this marriage. Kusum says whatever, this is the truth. Danny says I can’t see you like this, Kumud and Saras are sacrificing their love for our sake, will you support me in bringing them closer. Kusum thinks of Dada ji’s words and agrees. Kusum calls Kumud and asks about Danny. Kumud asks Danny when will you go back, your wife is asking. Danny says some more time. Yash says you can go Danny, I will do this work. Danny says no, I will do. Kumud asks Kusum shall I come over there, if you are getting bored. Kusum says yes, come.

Kumud calls Saras and gives him the updates. Kumud says I m going to her, when will you come back. He says very soon, I miss you. Kumud says hmm.. call me after you reach. He says fine and ends the call smiling. Kumud comes to Saras’s house and sees darkness. She calls out Kusum and is shocked to see Kusum standing behind her with a candle. Kusum says the fuse blew off. Kusum says lets play our childhood game, where I used to put off the light and you used to bring the light back.

Kumud checks the fuse. Kusum talks to Kumud. The power comes. Kumud says think about your new life, everyone are happy as you are giving Danny a chance. She says you made the sheera very good. She asks Kusum to give her ginger tea. Kusum opens the door of a room and Kumud goes inside to blow off the candle. Kumud is shocked to see the room well decorated and also the kamarbandh lying on the bed.


Kusum argues with Kumud saying why are you sacrificing Saras for me. She burns herself igniting fire in her room saying you are free from me now.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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