Saraswatichandra 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 25th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud trying red bangles and smiling looking at the mirror. She says I’m feeling shy, how can I send photos. She looks for her mobile.
Saras is waiting for Kumud’s photos. He gets the photo of a cow. (LOL!!) He thinks it might be a mistake. He gets animals silly photos. Danny and Kusum are having a laugh. Kumud comes there asking for her phone. Kumud says you both have done something. They both run. Kumud sees her phone and the photos. She smiles and thinks what might be Saras’s reaction to this. She thinks of taking her photo in her room. Saras is still waiting. Laxminandan comes and asks why are you worried, Saras says I’m fine. Laxminandan tells him about another important meeting lined up tomorrow. He asks Saras to make a good presentation.

Kumud is taking her photos and thinks of different angles and clicks pictures. She thinks of Saras’s words. She looks at the moon and talks to the moon. She closes the window and takes the pictures. She sends him the photos. He receives it and watches them on his laptop. Kumud says few poetic lines for him. He is happy to see her photos, and smiles staring at the photos. She says come soon. She takes her bangles photo and sends him. He sees it and smiles. (Gleeeeee!!!!!!!!)

She says my breath is taking your name, you come soon. He touches her photos and feel Umm…. Ghuman enters this scene and watches him staring at Kumud’s photos. She thinks this is the preparation of the presentation, great.

Laxminandan talks to his client that Saras is ready with the presentation. Ghuman comes to Laxminandan, and tells Saras has to give the presentation. Laxminandan is getting ready and asks is Saras ready. He asks about Saras’s medication, Ghuman says Saras has changed. She says he is sleeping seeing Kumud’s dreams. Laxminandan favors Saras. He tells Saras has made himself more even in my eyes. He says he is sleeping peacefully, he will give a good presentation, you watch out. He leaves. Ghuman says I will not be happy for Saras, I will try to make Saras alone again. (b*t*hy Duck!!)

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kusum and Kumud are arranging video chat. The sisters have a light talk, Kusum teases Kumud. Kusum says how can I get a husband like Saras. They both have a bet. Vidyachatur comes and talks to Laxminandan and Saras. Vidyachatur says we have sent invitations to our relatives. He asks how many people will come from Dubai with you. They have the marriage related discussion on video chat. Guniyal says we will do everything, you bring the baaraat soon.

Kumud tells her mum that she is going to school. Badimaa stops her, Kumud says I m going for the last time. Her mum says invite everyone at home so that you can talk. They give her permission to go, but on a condition that she will apply uptan. The kids come to Kumud, and she asks what are you doing here. They come to meet Kumud. She says I’m glad to see you all. Kumud says I’m going Dubai, and I will bring computers and chocolates for you. They says ok go soon and bring computer for us soon. They bring a gift for Kumud. She opens it and sees a Maa Saraswati idol. Kumud smiles and says this gift will be with me always.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras gets hiccups, and thinks Kumud might be thinking about him. He calls Kumud and she says I was thinking about you. He says I know, I was getting hiccups. She says it will stop now. It does not, she says someone might be thinking about you, He says yes, 800 girls mailed me after my engagement, asking me to break the engagement. She says send me the mails, I will reply them so that they forget you. His hiccups stop, he says maybe the girls feared you. She says my school kids gave me Saraswati Maa idol, they don’t know this name is linked to me for lifetime. He says you know, come soon to me. She says come back and take me with you. Mann ke dor.. plays.. He asks which color you like the most, Kumud says red. He asks which cloth you like, Kumud says silk. She smiles. He asks which furniture you like, wooden or metal. She says metal. She asks why are you asking this, he says I will tell you later. He says I have to go to the meeting, catch you later. She says I forgot I will be going away from my home. Kumud gets sad.

Kumud hears Vidyachatur asking Kusum to do the maths. Kusum says you ask Kumud to do it, Kumud sees this and cries. She goes towards Badimaa’s room, Badimaa is scolding Kumari. She talks about Kumud, Kumud cries further. Badimaa asks Kumari to learn from Kumud. Kumud looks at her house and thinks of her childhood. Her memories are attached with the house. The Episode ends on Kumud’s sad face.

Saras asks Kumud are you keeping the Karwachauth fast, she says we are not married, why will I keep it. He says Danny told me everything that you kept the fast.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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