Saraswatichandra 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ghuman talking to Aarti. Aarti says she never did this before, so she is afraid. Ghuman says she has something which will make her less afraid and gives her a bundle of money. She says you will get much more, just do what I want. Aarti says yes, don’t worry, I will do what you say. Ghuman smiles and says our real work starts now, you can go. The doctor asks Saras to take care of Saraswati and see that she does not get stress. She asks Saraswati to take care. Saras thanks her for taking care of his mum. She says it was my duty. Saras says lets go home. Ghuman looks on from far and thinks you did not do good by sending me to jail, you don’t know Ghuman is back, now see what I will do with you all, I will snatch ground beneath your feet, else my name is not Ghuman.

Kabir says he has dropped Avinash to the hostel. Everyone miss him. Badimaa says when anyone goes, someone else comes, don’t know who will come this time. Kumud comes and says this time someone is coming. Badimaa asks who. Kumud says the one who is near your heart, my mum in law, your friend, Kabir and Saras’ mum. Everyone is shocked. Kumud says Yes Kabir, your mum is alive. Badimaa asks what is she saying. Kumud says I met her, she is in this village. Kumud tells them everything. Badimaa thanks Lord for this miracle. Danny asks does Saras know this. Kumud says yes. Kusum says no one can be more lucky than Saras and Kabir. Kumud says Saras is bringing her home. Danny says Kabir, Maa is coming home, can you believe it.

Guniyal says we did not know she is alive. Vidyachatur says this is miracle, but how did this happen. Kumud says she is in trauma and is in hospital, someone left her there, but don’t know who. Vidyachatur says Nandu, Bhabhi is alive. Kumud says Kabir, your Maa is coming. Kabir says yes Bhabhi, but she does not know me, for her I was dead when I was born. She might be not knowing she has another son. Badimaa says you stayed in her womb for nine months, a mum knows her son by her love, you are her blood, she will know your breath and heartbeat.

Saras brings Saraswati home. Everyone is shocked seeing her and walks towards them. The way Saras holds her with arms around her, being protective looks good to see. Everyone look at Saraswati. Danny holds Kabir and smiles. Saras says come Maa. Kumud thinks of Aarti’s words not to meet Saraswati as it can make her stress level rise. Saras makes Saraswati sit. Kabir and Danny cry. Kumud hides. Sarawati smiles. Saraas smiles and looks at everyone. Saraswati hugs the toy. Badimaa says Saraswati………….. Everyone smile and is worried seeing her mental state. Badimaa hugs her.

Badimaa says I knew this, you can’t go leaving us. Everyone worry as Saraswati does not identify them. Vidyachatur says we can’t believe our eyes. Guniyal hugs her and says see Lord’s justice, you left your household midway, but today you got the whole family and came back. Saraswati does not react. Badimaa says Saras you always told your Maa is with you, Lord has not broken your trust, you said right. Saras says Maa, this is Kabir. Everyone smile. Saraswati asks who are these people. Everyone’s smile goes. Saraswati asks where did you bring me, whose house is this. Vidyachatur says Bhabhi, this………. Saras says Kaka and stops him. Saras says Maa, they are ours. Saraswati talks to the toy baby. Saras says Kabir, you always missed Maa, today Maa has come, go and meet her. Vidyachatur asks him to come. Kabir comes to Saraswati. Kabir holds her hand and rests in her lap. Saraswati says my son and talks tp the toy. Kabir is stunned as she asks him to be quiet as her son is sleeping.

She says this is my son Chandra. Everyone cry seeing her. Kabir touches her feet and takes her blessings. Saras asks Kumud to come and meet Maa. Kumud walks out and Saraswati reacts badly saying she is the one who ruined her family and took away her son. She asks Kumud to go from here. She says she is our enemy, she took away everything from me. Everyone is shocked.

Kumud cries. Saras pacifies her and says Maa’s state is not good, she does not identify us, she is between us, but not completely. She knows only me.

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  1. arey saras jaldi tumara maa ka memory get back soon yaar.emotion of saras just superb even kabir.but even danny ka emotion also amazing.

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