Saraswatichandra 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 24th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras saying the feeling which I cannot fulfill, I should not revive it. He says what I have told her yesterday, she should not by heart it. Saras closes his eyes and stands, Kumud enters. He hears his payal sound and opens his eyes. He asks her why she came to him at this time of night. She asks whether he is annoyed. He says no, I m angry on myself. She asks why.

He says what I told yesterday forget it. He says it will hurt you and he cannot make a realtion with anyone.
He will be alone whole life, so there cannot be anything between us. Kumud is astonished to hear this.
He further says that he will maintain distance from her forever. Kumud cries and leaves. Kumud rushes to her room. Saras stands thinking. Kumud comes to her room and thinks what Saras told her today. She is very much hurt. She cries.

The next morning, Kumud’s mother is seen working in the household. Badimaa comes in the kitchen and asks Kumud is she worried. She says no. Badimaa asks whether something happened between her and Saras. Kumud says what. Badimaa says Saras was sitting near the lake wishing to tell to his mother. Kumud says I don’t know anything, he is like that. Badimaa says Saras told no to this relation, not to you. Kumud recalls that Saras has told the same thing.

Badimaa says he is not like that, but he became like this. She has seen him since childhood. Badimaa narrates how he used to be in childhood. Badimaa speaks in favour of Saras. Badimaa says he has big burden on his heart, and Kumud has to lighten it. She has to open the way to his heart and only she can do it. Badimaa says she will be grateful to Kumud if she does. Kumusd says I will try hard to do it.

Kumari meets someone while hiding. She is afraid. She gets a letter which he hides. Kusum asks what is the paper. She says it is some list of items. Kusum asks if she is fine. She says yes. Kumud now thinks about Badimaa and Saras’s words. Saras is restless in his room. Kumud reads the letter that he wrote to her and cries. Kusum comes to Kumud saying why did not you tell Vidyachatur that she is getting hurt in Saras’s presence. She has seen yesterday how Saras treated her while dining in order to hurt her. Why does you think about him this much? Kumud says I m not thinking about him, I am just helping him. I’m unable to forget his no how much I try. Why does he insult me, then why should I forgive him and help him. But Badimaa has trusted me that I will be able to take him out of this situation. I will make him come close to life.

Everyone are making arrangements for Ram navemi. Vidyachatur comes and tells he got the land for the school as it is near the village. He asks to see the land and do the payment today itself. Vidyachatur says he will show it to him lets go. Badimaa says you have to be at home, Kumud will go with Saras, this leaves both of them shocked. Saras says no need. Saras says I will ask the way and go myself. Badimaa says why, Kumud will accompany you. Badimaa makes Vidyachatur agree. Kumud says they will return early.

Kumud and Saras start to make their way to see the land. They don’t get the seats in the bus, they climb up and sit on the rooftop of the bus. Music plays..
Kumud asks him to sit beside her but he does not sit there and goes to sit beside others. Kumud is hurt again. They both sit quiet. Music plays…

One woman comments on them and laughs. Saras says they are not married. Saras feels uneasy due to the rays of sun. Kumud tells the women to make shade by dupattas. They agree and make a shade. Saras feels she has done this for him. Kumud smiles. They stare each other and are quiet.

Vidyachatur tells his wife that he is good smell of the food she is making. They all pray for Saras. Someone knocks at their door. Vidyachatur opens the door and..

Scene shifts to Kumud and Saras:
She has only one bus comes to this place, if we make the school here who will come here. The agent tries to talk to Saras regarding the land. But Saras listens to Kumud and leaves from there. Kumud smiles.

A boy brings butter milk for Saras. Saras says he had not ordered it. The boy says Kumud have ordered it. Kumud smiles. Saras looks at the glass…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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