Saraswatichandra 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud confronting Dada ji and Saras. Saras says if you knew everything, why did you bring us here. Kumud says because some people don’t accept their mistake. Kumud scolds Saras for lying and cheating to her. She says this is the reason that I don’t trust you. Dada ji speaks in Saras’s favour. Kumud says for whose happiness, did you do this. Dada ji says Kusum and Danny. Kumud says do you know them. Dada ji says I know everything that Kusum did not accept Danny as her husband, so Saras and I called everyone here. He says everyone are together, its good. Kumud says whose idea was this.

Dada ji looks at Saras. Kumud says Saras did not do this right, everyone were really worried about Dada ji, stop playing with everyone’s feelings. Saras says

what changes came in Kusum. He says yes I lied, but see whats happening. Yash’s mum is arguing with everyone at home. She says you kept a havan for Kusum even when she did not accept her marriage, why this injustice with my son, I accepted Kalika as my bahu, then why not everyone. She says do anyone care about me and my son. She says you kept us in your home being afraid of the world.

Badimaa says what did we do. Yash’s mum asks her to be quiet. Guniyal says I will arrange the havan for Yash and Kalika. Yash’s mum says I m not begging, I m asking for my right. She says now its not needed to do it after I have asked for it. She leaves angrily. Yash goes after her. Kalika leaves. Saras and Kumud are bringing Dada ji back home and are on the way. Saras looks at Dada ji that he is seeing outside the window. He holds Kumud’s hand and she signs no. He signs please….. Dada ji says Saras, I m feeling hungry now, lets go to some shop and eat. Kumud says no need, you did not fight any war, lets go home. Saras shows Kumud’s hand on his hand and smiles.

She removes her hand and turns. Yash talks to her mum and says I m happy that you accepted Kalika. She says let Dada ji come, then you see what I do. He says I don’t want anything else now, during the havan, we also took the kuldevi blessings. She says I m doing this for you, I m happy with Kalika as she keeps you happy, I want to see both of you happy. Kalika comes to them and greets Yash’s mum. She says you care for me, knowing this I m very happy. She says I will serve you more now. She hugs Yash’s mum and Yash. Kalika smiles as she has fooled Yash and his mum.

Vidyachatur is waiting for Kumud and Dada ji. Kumud reaches with Dada ji and asks him to stop overacting. Badimaa asks is everything fine. Vidyachatur asks Kumud what did the doctor say. Kumud asks Dada ji to say. Everyone look at Dada ji. Dada ji looks at Saras. Saras says the doctor said Dada ji is fine no,w but needs lots of rest. Everyone smile. Dada ji says Saras, tell them what the dctor said to change air. He asks them to take him to Ratnagiri. Kusum thinks if Dada ji comes with us, I have to act infront of him.

Guniyal says will he be able to travel. Kumud says its fine, we will be able to take good care of him if he stays with us. Saras says its same, he will be resting there too. Kumud says so we will leave tomorrow morning. Saras smiles. Kusum is in her room packing her bag. Danny comes to her. She tells him to pack his clothes as they are going back tomorrow morning. He gifts her a box. She says I don’t want it. He says throw it then and leaves. Kusum goes after him angrily, but stops to see the gift. Its a chunri. Kalika comes and says wow this chunri is very beautiful, maybe Danny gave you. See the brothers know every well to win hearts, see how Saras gifts Kumud often.

Kalika says its good you are trying to accept Danny. Kusum says who told you. Kalika says you have accepted the bangles, then sat with him in the havan and now this gift, everyone are happy with your decision. Kalika leaves. Kusum says is everyone thinking what Kalika said, I m not even thinking about Danny, I have to talk to Kumud now itself. Kumud brings pheplas for Dada ji. She makes him eat. Dada ji says its good you managed the talk. Kumud says yes, but I m not in this plan with you. Dada ji says who thought of making Kusum and Danny sit in the havan. Saras comes and Kumud says Saras.

Dada ji says who thought of making Kusum wear the bangles by Danny. Saras says Kumud. Dada ji says you both are apart but brought Kusum and Danny closer, if you both come together, you can do wonders. Kumud says I won’t lie to Kusum, never. Kusum is coming to Kumud. Kumud says you both think this is a joke, think when Kusum and Danny know this, what will they react. Dada ji says you also wish what Saras wishes. Saras smiles. Kumud says have food and leaves. Dada ji looks at Saras and asks will you be able to manage her your whole life. Saras says with happiness and smiles.

Kusum sees Kumud leaving from Dada ji’s room. Dada ji asks Saras what did you think about you and Kumud. Saras says I can’t think of myself before settling Kusum and Danny. Kusum hears all this. Dada ji says you know that Kumud can wait for her entire life for you. He says she wears your mum’s anklets, your grandpa and I bought two anklets for your mum and Kumud’s mum. Saras shows him his mum’s Mangalsutra which he kept for Kumud. Dada j asks him to make Kumud wear it as soon as possible. Saras hugs him happily. Kusum cries hearing this. (MAD woman!!) Kalika sees Kusum and Kusum falls. Kalika runs to Kusum asking what happened. Kusum leaves crying.

Kusum comes to her room and cries. She looks at the chunri Danny gifted her and picks it up. She throws it on the floor. Kalika comes to her and says what happened, tell me. Kalika says I thought you will manage, but ….. she sees the kamarbandh in the cupboard and says this is Saras’s, right, which he gave you. Kusum takes it from her saying don’t touch it.

Kalika says you wore this bangles because its Saras’s mum’s, but you know what everyone thinks you have accepted Danny. She says thats Danny gifted you this and his hopes increased. What will you do when he asks you to wear this chunri, what will you do then, before it gets more tangles, go and tell everyone the truth that this chunri and the kamarbandh can’t stay together in the cupboard, its in your hands now. Kusum thinks Kalika is true today rather than everyone else.

Kusum falls and Saras holds her. Kusum shamelessly stares at him. Kumud sees them and hides watching them. Saras is shocked to see how Kusum held him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. I Hate Kusum . She Is Really Selfish . Want To Destroy Four Lives .

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