Saraswatichandra 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ghuman asking Aarti to control Saraswati completely. Aarti says but Mam, how can I….. Ghuman says why, you can’t, fine let your parents die hungry, I will talk to some other nurse. Aarti says no. Ghuman says good, hear me carefully now. Saras wakes up and sees Kumud getting ready. He asks where is she going. She says its Vatsavitri puja, woman do the puja around the Peepal true to pray for her husband’s long life and get him in every birth, she kept the fast. He says we don’t need to prove our love by these fasts. She says I like to fast for you, its not to prove love but to thank Lord. She leaves. He says even I like to keep fast for you.

Aarti says what? Ghuman says why, you got worried, its just the beginning, now you will say you can’t do this, I gave you the choice, so sorry, I will decide what you do and when. Aarti says but I can’t do this. Ghuman says I have habit of hearing just yes, I don’t hear any no. She asks her not to think much and do as she says. Ghuman says I m back in game Kumud, this time I will end all games and go, now no one can save you from me, not even your Saraswatichandra.

The women do the puja. Guniyal, Kumud and Kusum come. Guniyal says if Kabir and Anushka were married, Anushka would have kept this fast and do this puja, she was upset hearing about this. Kumud says maybe she kept it in her heart, I wish they get married soon. Kusum says we will keep her with us all day, she will be glad. Kumud says lets start the puja. They tie the threads around the tree and do the puja. Kumud prays for Saras’ safety and his presence in her life. Saras comes there and she smiles seeing him. Saras smiles and makes an innocent face. Kusum smiles seeing Danny. Guniyal turns and sees Vidyachatur. The women get happy.

Guniyal says you all here. Vidyachatur says you kept fast, it was like rain my happen, so we came to take you. Danny says my reason is different, if I did not come, Kusum would have kept me hungry all day to take revenge. Vidyachatur says no no. Danny says yes yes. They laugh. Kusum says oh, so you came for this, not for me. The women touch their husband’s feet and they bless them. They leave. Kuud and Saras look at each other. Saras signs no. Danny asks them to come.

They come home. Kumud asks about Anushka. Kusum says don’t know, she and Avi went out. Vidyachatur asks about Kabir. Danny says he might be in his room. Vidyachatur says everything is decided my tigers, we won’t fail now. Saras says I m ready, but we can’t say about his hungry dude. Danny says excuse me, I m also ready. Kumud asks whats going on. Vidyachatur says we were talking about Karkhana. Kumud says come, breakfast is ready. Saras says we will have it later. Kumud asks when. Danny says when we feel hungry. Kumud asks whats cooking. Vidyachatur says you know it, as you were cooking in kitchen. Kumud says bad joke, tell me whats happening.

Guniyal comes and asks whats going on. Saras says we had breakfast on the way when we came to take you. Kumud asks what did they have. Saras says samosa, dhokla, hot jalebis. Danny’s mouth waters and he leaves. Vidyachatur says Saras, we have to talk about new order, lets go. They all leave. Kusum says don’t you doubt on them Didi. Kumud says I m sure they are lying, I feel they all kept the doubt. Guniyal says I will talk to your dad. Kumud says whats the need for Saras to fast, he has to take medicines. She leaves. Kusum says let Danny be hungry for a day. Yash’s mum asks her to go and make him eat.

Anushka and Avi come home. Yash’s mum asks them to have food. Anushka says we are not hungry, we had food outside. She says fine. Avi says why did you lie to her, only I had food, you did not have food. Kabir hears this. Anushka says don’t tell this to anyone, tell them I had food. Avi says fine and leaves, Anushka sees Kabir and leaves. Danny is diverting his mind from hunger and reads a magazine. He says when will the day end. He says Danny you can do this, focus…. Danny smells the food and says from where is it coming, maybe my mind is not working. He asks the Lord why is he doing this with him, give me courage to keep the fast.

Kusum comes with a food plate and shows him. He says he is not hungry. She asks why, what did you have. He says he had breakfast. She insists. She says she will make him eat. He says he kept the fast. She smiles. He holds his head. She says I knew this. He says you knew it. She asks why did you not tell me. He says I wanted to give you surprise. She says no need to do this. He says why, you do so much for me, can’t I do this for you, sometimes my heart says I should do a lot for you. She smiles happily holding his hand.

Anuahka talks to her dad and says she is fine. Kabir comes to her and she ends the call. He asks her not to keep any fast for him. She says this decision is mine. He says stop this drama, we are ………… She says not together, right, you feel I don’t love you, I know we are not marrying, this is your decision and I accept it, but this fasting decision is mine. He asks why. She says as my trust is not weak like yours. Kabir leaves. She cries. He stops and looks at her. Kumud brings food for Saras and asks him to have it and then medicines. Saras says no, he ate a lot and now can just have medicines. She asks him to stop acting, as she knows he kept the fast, but he can’t.

He asks why. She says you have to take medicines too. He says he won’t eat. She insists. He says he won’t eat. She says fine, I won’t talk to you. He says Kumud, see you know and I know this is not anger, but worry, so don’t do this anger on me, see till you are with me, I don’t need any medicines. She says please don’t keep the fast, you are weak and you need medicines. He says I like to fast for you. She thinks of their earlier moments, how he kept the fast before. She smiles.

Saras comes to meet Saraswati in the mental asylum and breaks down seeing her. Kumud comes after him and looks at him. Saras says Maa and tears roll down his eyes. Kumud looks stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Kumud of course

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