Saraswatichandra 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud taking food for Saras. She says she will limit Saras to the room. Danny says he is Vidyachatur’s fan else that Sadu, I mean my loving elder brother does not listen to anyone. Kumud looks at her. Danny says apart from you. Everyone smile. Kumud goes with the food. Vidyachatur sees Anushka and Kabir silent. Danny talks to Avinash. Avi asks him to play cricket with him and Kabir. Danny says I feel you are liking Kabir’s company. Avi says yes, he has become my best friend so I was telling Didi………….. Anushka stops him from saying and asks him to have food silently. Everyone look at each other. Kabir gets up and leaves annoyed.

Saras eats the food and says he is feeling uneasy like tied, in just one day, but what to do, Kaka scolds a lot and I have to listen, if there was anyone else. I would have gone out, what happened to me. Kumud smiles and says when you get angry, your cheeks get red like tomatoes. Saras emotionally blackmails. He asks about Kabir and Anushka’s love story. She says I wish they get ready for marriage. He says I tried to talk to him, but he is not listening. She says yes. He says he took my being silent quality, see how much I talk now. He says its not Anushka’s mistake, she was helpless, I m sure Kabir won’t get a better life partner than her. He says if Maa was here, she would have explained him relations, and heart relations have to taken good care of. I hope Kabir understands soon. Kumud looks on and thinks she is waiting for the day when Maa comes in this house.

Its morning, Saras wakes up and says good morning. Kumud says good morning. He asks the time. She says its 8. He says Kaka made me kid, see I slept for much time. She says I was waking you up and you did not get up. He says what to do, I get tired, everyone knows I don’t take holiday, you know how much I work. He asks where is she going. She says school work. He asks what work on Sunday. She says principal kept meeting. He says I told yesterday you can’t lie. She says I will tell you, wait for sometime. He says fine, but is everything ok. She says yes I m fine, don’t tell anyone. He says what will I say if I m clueless. She says don’t worry. He says I love you and she leaves. He says what is she hiding from me, I have to wait if she says. Lets sleep for some more time.

Saraswati talks to her baby toy and feeds the toy. Kumud comes to meet her and smiles. She brings tiffin for her. Saraswati thinks about Ghuman’s words and is scared. Kumud goes to talk to the doctor about Saraswati. Saraswati smiles seeing the food. Kumud asks can she take Maa to a private hospital. The doctor says sure. Ghuman sees Saraswati with the food and thinks how did Saraswati forget my words seeing Kumud, whats special in Kumud.

Ghuman signs the nurse. The nurse asks Saraswati not to eat this food, else her health will become bad. Saraswati says that girl got this. Ghuman comes and says she is your enemy, and fills her ears against Kumud, repeating the same lines. She says this food has poison to kill you and your son. Saraswati gets scared. Ghuman says what was she thinking, she will snatch my everything and give back to Saraswati, but now you will lose everything, Ghuman will win again failing everyone.

Kumud comes back in the ward and asks where did Saraswati go. The nurse says she went to other ward, she said her food has poison and you mixed it, don’t meet her now, as her stress level has get high. The doctor says such patients can’t be predicted, you can meet her sometimes. Kumud leaves. Ghuman looks at the nurse and comes to Saraswati. Ghuman says she has come to help her, as she is her friend. She asks do you want to meet your son. Saraswati says yes. Ghuman says I will make you meet him, but don’t tell that girl Kumud. Saraswati agrees. Ghuman says she is not a good girl, she won’t let you meet your son, she is very bad and can kill you, but don’t worry, I m with you, your friend. She says the nurse Aarti is also with us. Aarti says yes. Ghuman asks Saraswati to be away from Kumud.

Badimaa talks to Saras and says even she gets worried when problems come. She talks about Kabir and Anushka. He says they need some time, I m sure they are made for each other and they will realize soon. She asks about Kumud, it feels she is having something in her heart. He says yes, you are right, I asked her and she said she needs time and will tell when time comes. She says fine, but she should not be in any problem. He says no, else I would have felt it. She says give her time and let her say. She wishes for everyone. Saras pulls her leg. She says stop it, else I will slap you. He says how can you love many people at same time, think about yourself. She says I have everyone and you tot worry for me, work now. I felt light talking to you.

Kumud comes and says I see you love Saras a lot when I m not here. Saras says yes, she is my Maai, I complained to her that you worry for school more than me. They laugh. Kumud says she is my Badimaa and hugs her. Ghuman waits for Aarti. Aarti brings medicines and Ghuman throws it. Ghuman says next step now. She says she has laid the trap, the prey should be caught in it. She says Saraswati should blindly trust us, Control her well that she obeys you, then I can work on my next plan.

Ghuman says she is back in game, and this time she will end everything, no one can save you Kumud, not even your Saraswatichandra.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such an irritating storyline and plots. Saras gets beat up really bad by Prashant and his friend, gets stuffed in a wall and he is saved from there and is back to normal (no broken bones, not much injuries) right away. And this is happening over and over and over again in this show. And this Kumud woman is really irritating. It is like she forgot how to be normal but only knows how to over dramatize everything.

  2. Ya this is quite right the story is repeating again and again …. I think the writer hav only one story to repeat …..oh plz add some romantic twist …some good effect …awesum stury not only the repeation of o n e thing …..add twist like saras kumud”s kids …and more ………like sathiyaa and pyaar ka dard …diya baati and etc

  3. Yea i agree.. they don’t show any romance between saras and show some romance… and some iinteresting and less irritating

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