Saraswatichandra 20th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 20th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud saying he will choose………….. a lovely daughter exactly like her mum, so my votes goes to girl child. Everyone smile and clap. Yash asks Kumud to say, boy or girl. Kumud says she wants a boy, who will be mumma’s boy and love me a lot. Yash asks Guniyal. Guniyal says boy or girl, have to be healthy. Yash says say any one. Guniyal gives her vote to boy, as she got happiness by her daughters. Danny asks Badimaa. Badimaa says I have many sons, and one daughter now. Yash asks Saraswati. Saraswati says I have three sons, now I want a girl like my bahu. Danny asks Yash’s mum to say. Yash’s mum says a girl who fills our house with happiness. Danny says he won. Yash says the Naam Karan is pending and I will win in that. Badimaa says lets do godh bharai function now and asks them to leave. Saras says let me be here, as they are also here.

Danny says I m her Devar and Yash is her brother, we can satnd here. Saras says I m her husband, I can stay too. Saraswati asks him to go. He says no. She asks him to stand far and see. Kumud signs Saras to go. He signs and says ok. He goes and stands far. The rituals start. Khushiyon sang laayi……………….haye haye…………….. mangal bela aai, shahnai…………… plays………….. Saras looks on and smiles. The women do the godh bharai. Danny and Yash dance. Saraswati gives the Bal Gopal idol to Kumud and Badimaa does her aarti. Badimaa gives her jewellery set. Saras smiles seeing everyone happy. They do Kumud’s tilak. Kumud starts feeling unwell and smiles.

Saras notices her and worries. Kumud holds her stomach and atlast gets unable to bear the pain. She starts crying and shouts Saras. Saras shouts Kumud and goes to her. They bring her to hospital. The doctor says the baby slipped, we have to do delivery now. Saras says its just 7 months now. The doctor says no option left, if we delay, the risk will be for both mum and child. Saras says he will come to Kumud, as he can’t leave her alone. The doctor stops him saying rules. He requests and she agrees. Everyone get worried and sit outside the OT.

Guniyal says will Kumud get fine. Danny says yes, Kumud and baby will be fine. Saras stays with Kumud. The doctor talks to Kumud. Saras holds Kumud’s hand and she asks him to take care of baby and keep the baby happy. He says don’t say this, nothing will happen to you. We three will be together soon. She says she can’t go away from him, and can’t leave her baby, I want to live with you and see my baby. He says yes, you will see.

The doctor says her BP is low, don’t worry I gave injection. Saras asks Kumud to be strong and diverts her mind in talk asking whether she wants boy or girl. She says she wants a son exactly like him, who loves his mum a lot. They talk about the baby and what they want to make the baby. He asks the baby name. She says she thought the name. He says me too. They ask each other. The operation goes on. He says lets write on our hand’s name, and when the baby comes, we will show each other and decide. The doctor says congrats, you got a daughter. Kumud and Saras smile. Saaras hugs her. They see the baby. Kumud says why is she not crying.

Guniyal says its so late. Danny says the baby will come soon, we will hear the cry soon. The doctor shows the baby and she starts crying. Saras and Kumud smile. Everyone hear the cry and smile happily. Badimaa thanks Lord. Saras comes out smiling and does the doctor’s duty to congratulate them and say it’s a daughter. Danny dances as he won the bet. Saras says Kumud and baby are fine. Danny says I won Yash, it’s a daughter. Yash says they both won, he is very happy.

Everyone meet the baby and welcome her in family. Danny teases Saras. Saras says our daughter went on us. Badimaa says she will have qualities like her parents. Kumud says she forget her pain when she saw her. Danny says yes, I heard she did not cry, then cried hearing her dad’s words, he is so rude, even I fight with him. Saras says don’t complain about me. Vidyachatur asks her name. Kumud says she will say and shows her palm. Saras is amazed and shows his palm. She sees and laughs. Danny asks what happened. They show their hands to them. Saras says we wrote on our hands and did not tell each other. Kumud says Sanskriti. They show their hands to them. They smile seeing same names. Saras explains the meaning of Sanskriti. Saras says they got daughter after lots of difficulty, I m sure its Lord’s blessing to us. He says she is Sanskriti Saraswatichandra Vyas. Kumud says our daughter. Danny says let’s take a family photo. They take a pic and the show ends on a happy note.

Saraswatichandra Ended

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where are other people??? I wished all old cast like Laxshman, umari, granpa, kumud’s uncle and his wife were come back. Not even Kusum, Kapir and Anushka shown in the final. .The show wasted whole week without family reunion. Happy it ended now the writers of the show were getting worse day by day. Just reading written updates alone makes me bored and sleepy. Great actors but have nothing to say just smiling.

    1. u are right.we don’t know what happened to the others, so i don’t think it has ended

  2. Will mis dis show a lot gautam,jennifer,varun alwaz rockzzz…….

  3. finally today my another fav show ends.start well and end well too.but i will miss the show very much and saras and kumud also.we wish best wish to the whole team saraswatichandra.and cheer for saraswatichandra serial team.happy journey guys.we will miss u saras ka gautham.i hope to watch u again in lifeok channel wo bhi jaldi se.goodbye guys.

  4. why did it end?

  5. I was watching this serial from very beginning though it has many bore twists it entertained us all over the years finally the time has came to bid good bye to the Saraswathi Chandra….Miss u a lot Saras n Kumud…danny n all others good bye hope u will have a bright future ahead….

  6. pls continue on monday or i might kill myself

  7. Gud job sc…you rock

  8. it would have been better if u ended saathiya

  9. pls continue on monday, am begging

  10. pls samud come back. pls

  11. Ended the show like tereliye….. so many point left to b linked

  12. what about the rest of the family

  13. We will mis u kumud nd saras

  14. i think instead of ending it, it should be a new beginning for the family

  15. Wat hapd to Kabir-Anushka s marriage???whr s Kusum..????n Laxmonandan dint cum..!!!n yeah..d whole stry strtd wid Saras’s plan to start a school in d name of ger his it ws neva shwn…atleast they should hav made some months leap n ended with baby s naming ceremony or evryone preparing fo KabirAnushka wedding..wid d WHOLE FAMILY…cant beleive dat they ended abruptly widout appropriate reason inspite of bringin unwanted twists like their tragic cum senti Date…im nt satisfied with their ending…nt soo memorable…n they dint play Mann ki Dor…aww..i miss dat..

  16. kya hogaya saraswati
    kaha gayi anu aur kabir
    aur kahagayi laxminandan
    kahagayi kalika
    where are they yarr and especially kusum????????

  17. ended show very soon.they shud have start new beginning.they wud have showed kabir-anushka’s marriage & also baby’s naming ceremony.all family members pic should have been ended very least more 2-3 months show should be there

  18. i’m really sad coz i’m startin’ missin’ them a lot the hole cast saras and kumud danny kusum dogba saraswati guniyal vidya grandpa yash monica kalika luxmindar the hole cust wish u a bright future god bless u guys take care….

  19. dolly agar ya serial 2,3 months k bad bhi khatam hota tu tum yahi kehta why end so soon…aik din khatam hona tha chalo aj ho gaya..
    good bye sarasvtichndra

  20. I read that the reason they decided to end earlier than expected was because the actors were barely showing up for recordings, because they didnt care anymore since it was ending, so I’m thinking that Kabir, Kusum, Anushka etc, just didnt bother showing up anymore, and that’s why they proceeded with airing the final episode with or without them…

  21. Will miss saras and kumud. …….SAMUD

  22. Will miss Saras,Kumud and Danny!!!

  23. Nw am waiting 4 gautam’s new romantic serial….

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