Saraswatichandra 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having tea. Danny greets everyone. Yash’s mum joins everyone and says Kusum made me do great yog asaans, that I got rid of my back pain. Danny tells Kabir that no one knows her talent. Kusum asks what did he say. Kabir says he was praising you. Vidyachatur asks Kumud where is tea. Kumud says in room. They ask did you give him tea. She says he will make it himself, he is doing everything on his own. She leaves. Saras takes out water from a well and fills in a pot. Saras says where is she. He fills the buckets and waits for Kumud. He says till when will I have to act like washing clothes, come Kumud.

She sits to wash clothes. Kumud comes. He sees her and catches pace. Kumud sees him putting so much powder on the clothes. She laughs seeing him. She comes to him. He asks why did you come. She asks will you end monthly detergent today itself. She says move, I will do. He says no, I don’t want anyone favors, I want to be independent. He says I have much work, you be quiet.

Saras watches the clothes and she smiles looking at him. He gets irritated. He sees red color on his white shirt. She says white clothes should not be washed with colored clothes. He gets up and falls. She runs to him and falls on him. He moves her hair and looks at her. He says there are many benefits in washing clothes. She beats him and helps him in getting up. She slips and holds him. He says come with me to Mumbai, we will wash clothes together. She says I will teach you before going. He says listen to me, I don’t know this. Guniyal and Yash’s mum see them. They talk to everyone and says Kumud should go with Saras.

Saras took this decision for us. Vidyachatur says I think they can stay far from us, but they have to be together. Laxminandan says we should convince Kumud to go with Saras, they can think of family planning there. Kusum asks Guniyal to explain Kumud. Guniyal says fine, I will try. Kumud tells her that she can’t leave Ratngiri, Saras is right but……. Guniyal says but a wife has to support her husband. Yash’s mum says Saras is doing this for our factory, please agree now.

Kumud leaves. Yash’s mum says we have to try something else now. Kumud sees Saras in the room with face covered and shouts thief. He stops her and says its me, why are you shouting. He says I was doing dusting. She says you have trapped everyone doing this drama. Saras gets back ache. She asks what happened. He says sprain. She makes him sit and he runs after her. He then sits back. She says apply this. He says I don’t want, I have to do all this work alone in Mumbai. She applies the balm on his back. He smiles and says slowly, its aching a lot.

She asks are you fine now. He says fine, as you touched me. She says you, always doing drama and leaves. He says fine, I will go alone. Kumud comes to talk to Laxminandan. Danny brings juice for him and says Kusum made it. She smiles and leaves. Danny says its affecting her. Laxminandan says but I feel bad to hurt her heart. Danny says she will be happy if she goes Mumbai with Saras. Kumud sees Kusum giving medicines to Vidyachatur. She too brings medicines. Kusum says don’t worry, I will give him medicines daily. Kumud leaves.

Vidyachatur says we have broken her heart. Kusum says she will be happy with Saras in Mumbai. Everyone sit for dinner. Kumud says no one called me to serve food. Guniyal says yes, everyone were hungry. Saraas coughs and asks Kusum to give water. Laxminandan says great, brinjal dish. Kumud asks did Maa made it or Kaki. No one answers her. Kusum manages everything and Kumud simply looks on. Guniyal asks Kumud to serve daal to Saras. Kumud does not. She sits to have food. Kuusm serves daal to Saras. Saras thanks her and says the food will digest today. Everyone smile.

Kumud asks Kusum to pass on the dish but Kusum does not give her. Everyone ignore Kumud. Kusum praises her mum and Danny gets upset thinking about his mum. Kabir tries to divert his mind. Saras tells Kabir that Danny eats Aundiyo which Guniyal makes. Guniyal says I will make much, but serve Danny more. Everyone laugh. Danny comes to his room. He sees Sorry written with flowers and candles. He sees sorry on the bed too.

He sees a big sorry card and smiles. Kusum comes and says I tell anything. Danny says I did not feel bad, I felt happy hearing you talk well about your mum. Your family can given me much love, I m smiling because of you, do mistakes, as you come closer to me to say sorry. She smiles and hugs him. Laxminandan and everyone plan. Kumud hears them and says I know why you are doing this, so that you all can send me with Saras.

Guniyal says think about Saras. Kumud says I won’t go Mumbai. Saras comes and hears this. Everyone ask Kumud to agree. Saras says no need to explain her now. He brings his ticket and says I want Kumud to come with me, but not against her will, so I have booked my ticket, I m going alone. Kumud is stunned. Vidyachatur says how can this be. Saras says I have to go. Laxminandan says think with peaceful mind. Saras says I m going after three days. Kumud says he did not ask us before booking ticket, let him go.

She leaves angrily. Guniyal asks Saras to do something. Saras says I can’t do anything now. He too leaves. Yash’s mum says we were making Kumud agree and Saras ended the story. They think to let them solve the problem. Danny says they can’t live without each other. Kabir says I have some work and leaves. Laxminandan says now we have new work, think about it. Danny asks what. Laxminandan says about Kabir’s marriage. Guniyal says I know those people, they are good, Kabir will like her. They laugh.

Saras asks Kumud to open the door as he is feeling much sleepy. He gets angry and says open the door. She closes the light too. He stays out.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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