Saraswatichandra 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras annoyed with Kumud. Sangeeta says he went without having tea and asks Kumud did anything happen. Kumud asks her to go and do her work. Anushka comes to Kabir with coffee. She says have it. He says fine. She asks do you want anything else. He says no thanks. He falls and she holds him. They have an eyelock. She asks are you ok. He says ya. She says sit there, come. She makes him sit as his foot is hurt. She keeps a pillow under his leg. She gives him coffee. She says tell me if you need anything, you have my number right. He says ya. She says take care and leaves.

Saras works in office and dictates an official mail to Nikki. He thinks about Kumud. Nikki says you already said this line. Saras in unable to concentrate. Nikki finds something wrong with him. Saras thinks about Kumud’s words. Nikki comes back and knocks the door. She gives a florist’s card and suggests him to surprise Kumud with flowers. She asks what should I order. He says I will do. She says ok and leaves. Saras says what she saw, she will think I was actually drinking, I should have understood this. He calls the florist and orders a bouquet for Kumud.

Kumud is watering the plants at home. She is upset and makes a crying face. She says I m sorry, I m not in a mood to talk today, how can he do this, what was the need to lie to me, I did not stop him. She sees a plant and says what happened to you, I watered you yesterday, see you have to grow up fast, as Saras promised me when you get flowers, he will give a flower as a gift to me. She thinks about Saras’ words. She cries. Saras waits for her call, and says she can’t be angry till now seeing the flowers, but I m forgetting, she is Kumud, she won’t call me, she might be waiting for my call, no I won’t call, I will go and surprise her. He packs up his work to go home.

Nikki comes and says the cab came for you. He says thanks, did the flowers reached. She says yes, I checked. He says thanks, you are the best. She smiles and says thanks. Kusum waits for Danny and says I will talk to Kumud. She calls Kumud. The sisters have a talk. Kumud says this happens in big cities, everyone change here. Kusum asks are you fine, did anything happen. Kusum tells her about Danny not taking her call. Kumud says he might be busy, don’t worry, this will happen as he is managing the factory. Kusum says I m afraid that Danny can change. Kumud says the one who has to change, will change, what can we do in this.

Saras comes home and says Kumud might have smiled seeing the flowers. He sees the bouquet in dustbin and joins the card. Saras gets angry. Prashant looks at him standing behind and smiles. Flashback scene: Prashant thinks how he took over the bouquet and did not let it reach Kumud, knowing its for Kumud. He took it saying he is her relative and Saras told him already to receive this. He smiles seeing the roses and crushes it. He takes the card and tears it. He threw the bouquet in the bin by crushing the beautiful roses wickedly. (He seriously needs help from a doctor!!)

Back to present scene: Prashant looks like the bandaid on his hand as he got hurt by the thorns of the roses. Saras really feels bad and rings the door bell. Kumud opens the door. A great misunderstanding has begun to air in between them. Saras walks in. Kumud serves him food and he says I will take it myself. She sits to eat food with him. Saras does not talk to her.They look at each other and turn. Saras goes to the room. Kumud says its his mistake and angry now, as if its my mistake. Saras says she misunderstood me and still I tried to make up to her.

Kumud comes in the room and Saras turns to sleep. Music plays…………. They don’t face each other. Kuch na kahe bas chup rahe…………….plays……………Saras thinks of the bouquet in dustbin. Kumud thinks she saw him drinking wine. Both of them are very upset. Its morning, Danny does pushups while Kabir looks on and counts. Kabir stops counting and thinks about Anushka’s care. Danny asks him to count. Kabir says all this is because of you all. Danny asks why. Kabir says you all are pampering Anushka. Danny says we have to do as she is our……… Danny says see I know you both don’t gel well, but we have to do this for family, she is not bad, and takes much care of you.

Kabir says I feel irritated when she is with me, please do anything. Kusum comes and calls Danny. Danny tells Kabir that don’t know what happened to Kusum, she calls me our every two mins, we will talk later. Kumud wakes up and sees Saras getting ready for office. He takes his bag and leaves. O piya…………plays…………… (End this misunderstanding soon…….Cant’s see them like this!!)

Kumud hears some women talking about Prashant’s flat and how one girl living there disappeared one day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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