Saraswatichandra 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 20th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras writing a message on the kite for Kumud. He writes this pot is incomplete because your hands did not touch it, this kite was cut because you had the string, he writes further that to complete our love story, I have to come back, wait for me Kumud, yours Saraswatichandra.
Danny comes to Saras and tells him that the car has come, lets go. Saras keeps the kite there and looks at the pot and gives a sad expression. He leaves from there.

Vidyachatur and Laxminandan are with everyone, Guniyal packs a tiffin for them. Ghuman comes. Laxminandan gives instructions to Danny. He asks for Kumud. Kumud comes and Laxminandan asks her to come to him. He says he thought he will take her and go, he says he wants to make a similar house for her in Dubai. Sunny comes and Kumud looks at Saras. Laxminandan tells them he will come soon. O piya re.. music plays. Saras greets Vidyachatur and Guniyal. They bless him. They greets Badimaa, she asks him to come soon, we will be waiting for you. They start leaving. Saras looks at Kumud, and she goes to him. Vidyachatur asks Kumud some work and asks her to come with him to Karkhana. Kumud and Saras look at each other. O piya.. plays. Kumud hugs Danny and looks at Kumud. She starts crying.

Laxminandan, Saras, Sunny and Ghuman (Bye Bye silly duck!!)leave from the Desai house. Kumud tells everyone that she is going to Karkhana. Badimaa notices her. Kumud is on the way to Karkhana and sees Saraswati written on an autorickshaw’s back. She then sees a married couple and smiles. She thinks of how Saras and she had exchanged garlands. She thinks how will I be without him. She comes to a puja tree and sees a woman tying the thread to the tree. She thinks if anyone ties the thread and roams around the tree, the wish will be fulfilled. Saras stops the car midway. Laxminandan asks what happened, Saras says I left my wallet at home, I will go and bring it, meanwhile you go to the airport. Kumud is doing the rounds of the tree and praying. Saras is coming to her running. (Very Romantic situation)

Kumud wishes Saras comes, and they should be separated anytime in their lives. Kumud tears her dupatta and ties it on the tree. Saras is shown running.

Kumud tells Kaki that she has shown the work to other women. Suddenly, Kumud sees Saras infront of her. He smiles looking at her. (Succeeded finally!!) Kumud thinks she might be imagining. She says go from here, come to me when you come really. He says I really came, She turns to look at him. He comes close to her and holds her hands. She realizes its not her thoughts. She could not believe it. Mann ke dor.. song plays..

Kumud smiles and says you went, he says how could
I leave without talking to you. She says my wish became true. She says now you don’t go. He says I have to leave. He holds her face and says so that I can make you my bride and take you with me forever. She asks him if you go away from me, will you forget me. He says where’s love, there’s trust, I got this trust from you. She says I trust you completely, but I fear of losing you. He says ok, give me something by which I can feel you always. She says one minute, and brings something. He asks what is it. She says open it. He sees its colors. She says you came in my life and filled colors in my life, I m made of these colors. Saras takes a white dupatta and says till I come back, keep it as it is, I will bring seven colors with me and apply on it. Kumud smiles.

She gives him the colors box, and he gives her the white cloth. He says don’t cry, keep dreams in your eyes, not tears. He says I will come back soon. They both look into each other’s eyes. He moves backwards, and leaves her hand. Kumud starts crying. They feel the pain of separation. Kumud could not see him leaving. (Sad scene) Saras leaves. A sad music plays..
A plane is shown to depict Saras went to Dubai. The Episode ends on Kumud’s sad face.

Saras is talking to Kumud on phone, he says we share the same sky.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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