Saraswatichandra 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras watching Kumud sleep. She is having a disturbed sleep and thinking about the different phases of her life. Saras goes to make her sleep comfortable by winding the fan. as she did once. He thinks the fate is giving us a second chance. Badimaa sees them together. She says Saras. Saras signs her to be quiet as Kumud is sleeping. Saras goes to Badimaa. Badimaa asks is Kumud fine. Saras says no. He says she need me. Badimaa says no one will understand this. He says I don’t want to explain anyone, she is tired running from life, I know she won’t tell me but she needs my support. Kumud wakes up and sees the fan. She says every feeling is alive then how will this relation end. Badimaa asks what do you mean. He says Kumud is incomplete without me, to complete her i need to hold her hand forever, whatever happens, I will not leave her hand at any cost. Kumud hears all this and is shocked. She cries.

Sh thinks about her moments with Saras and is really happy. She smiles plus cries with happiness. Kuch na Kahe…. plays…. She gets her hand burnt and thinks about how Pramad tried to burn her. She thinks of the harsh reality and is shaken. She is unable to come out of Pramad’s given pain. She thinks of Pramad’s words and how she did Saras’s shraadh. She thinks about Yash’s mum’s taunts. She then thinks about Saras’s words that he will hold her hand forever. She says no Saras, you won’t be able to make me get rid of my past, I will be alone whole life but can’t see you in pain.

The next morning, Saras is thinking that Kumud this diwali is going to make our life brighter and happier, this time I am going to give my hand, will you hold it. He smiles seeing Kumud. He goes to her. her Kamarbandh falls and he holds her. He says with time our love got weakened, but did not break. He ties the Kamarbandh and says this time I will tie this relation that any wind won’t be able to shake it. Its not Kumud, not Kusum. He says I love you even today. He is shocked to see Kusum. He says I thought its… seeing the kamarbandh. He says I m really sorry and leaves. Kusum cries.

Kumari comes to Saras and he asks her did Kumud came for the aarti. Kumud is doing the aarti and Saras sees her and smiles. Kusum stands behind him and comes by his side. Saras looks at Kusum and feels odd of what happened. Kusum looks at him while he closes his eyes and prays. Danny comes in between them. Kumud says I m ready Kanha ji. She gives the aarti to everyone. Saras smiles. Kumud asks Kumari to give aarti to Saras and the rest. Badimaa notices this. Saras takes the aarti from Kumari and thinks Kumud is still annoyed with me, whats the reason.

Badimaa comes to him and asks did anything happen. He says no and takes her blessings. He greets Guniyal and Vidyachatur. They bless him. Kusum looks at him. Danny wishes everyone happy diwali. Kumari says how can it be happy like this, lets go and play a game. Danny says lets go.

Everyone are in the hall playing the game. Kusum comes and guesses it right, Danny hugs her. Saras smiles seeing them having fun. Kumud comes and says you guys play, I will go and light the diyas at the terrace. Badimaa sends Saras after Kumud saying she burns her hand in hurry, go after her. Yash’s mum says its Yash’s call and Yash talks to everyone. Everyone wish him happy diwali. Vidyachatur asks him how he is. Yash’s mum is happy and asks him to come home and get married, and taunts the girls. Kumari says yes, you get married first before us. Danny asks everyone to continue the game.

Kalika wishes Pramad happy diwali and says this is auspicious for us. She tells him about the insult of Desai family. She tells him everything and tells him about the boy’s family. She says I called Kumud and told her everything. Kumud is lighting the diyas and Saras comes and wishes her happy diwali. She says same to you. He asks what happened, won’t you tell me. She says nothing. Saras says look at me, what happened to you, this is the problem that you don’t tell me anything, you are not happy and not even sharing my happiness. Saras’s hand gets burnt and Kumud asks Kumari to apply the balm to him. She leaves. Saras says whats your pain, atleast tell me once. Kumud says see you got hurt when you came close to me, stay away from me Saras.

Kalika says its right time to attack Kumud and Saras. Pramad says you have made me alone in my house. Kalika says your parents left you and did not support you. He asks her to leave him and go from his house. He closes the door on her face. Kumud comes and sees everyone celebrating diwali and burning crackers. Badimaa sees Kumud and Saras. Badimaa comes to Kumud and asks her to start burning the crackers. She asks Saras to come to him and wish the best for them. Saras looks at Kumud.

Kumud sees the firecrackers and gets scared. She thinks about Pramad burning her in fire. Saras looks at her and Kumud runs inside the house. He goes after her calling Kumud. She says leave me, let me go. She thinks of Pramad and asks Saras to save her. He says look at me, nothing will happen to you, I’m with you, this is not fire, but diwali’s crackers. He says this night is not that one. She hugs him crying. Saras feels her pain and is stunned.

Saras and Kumud talk about their relationship. She asks him not to look behind in life and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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