Saraswatichandra 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kabir talking to Ghuman. He says Danny will be yours and going to Dubai. Ghuman says if you do this, I will be thankful. Kabir says I will ask what I want, and reminds her of her promise. she asks what do you want from me. Kabir says if I ask at right time, I will get. She says ok I can wait for you. He says so you are so special. He says give me some time. Ghuman says we will have time after my work ends. She smiles and leaves. Menka comes and says I have found a perfect man for Ghuman. She is trapped in your plan. She laughs and says great, but remember our work is bigger than this. Kabir says yes, right things matters. Kumud comes to a dance club and sees some dancers. The man says Sunanda ji, a girl came with me, she is asking about your old friend.

The man leaves. Sunanda asks what do you want to ask. Kumud walks to her and says Ghuman. Sunanda is shocked and angry. She turns to look at Kumud. She asks why did you take her name infront of me, why. She says she was not a woman, but a poison. I won’t take her name, you can leave. She shows the door to Kumud. Kumud says I came from very far, only you can help me. Sunanda says leave. Kumud is leaving. Sunanda thinks and Kumud says I saw you got hurt hearing her name, but she was your past, she is my present, if you want, you can stop my family from breaking. Kumud cries. Sunanda hears her crying and melts. She stops Kumud.

She looks at Kumud and says I see lies daily in this market, if you come to do the same, I will identify you. Kumud says no, I m saying the truth. Sunanda says so look in my eyes and say who are you. How are you related to Ghuman. Kumud thinks about Ghuman, Kabir and Menka. Kumud says I m her bahu. Sunanda is shocked. Kumud says don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to show her down, I came here to know her secret, because of which our relations are at stake, you can help me. Sunandan asks which son, own or step son? I know her since childhood. She says your face shows Ghuman is still poisonous. Kusum says lets wait for 5 mins, may be Kumud will come.

The door bell rings and everyone goes. Its Kabir who brings a file for Saras. Kabir asks what happened. Saras says Kumud went to her friend’s mahendi and did not come till now. Vidyachatur says we are waiting for her, we will start aarti after she comes. He says you also come. Menka walks in after Kabir. Ghuman smiles seeing Kabir. Saras tries calling Kumud but her number is switched off. Saras says where did you go Kumud. Sunanda asks Kumud what she wants to know. Kumud thinks Sunanda is angry on Ghuman and will tell everything. Kumud asks about the secret. She says tell me everything you know about her.

Sunanda says you have to wait for some time, its choti Navratri here, its time for my aarti. She says what will you do here, come with me. Kumud says my family might be worried, I will call them but my phone is not charged, can I charge here. Sunanda says fine. Kumud charges her phone. Everyone at home are worried about Kumud. Saras says I don’t know where she went. Ghuman gets angry and says the aarti will be on time. She asks Kusum to start the aarti. Everyone looks on. Guniyal says she is right. Kusum says yes. They do the aarti.

Sunanda does the aarti and Kumud attends it praying. Saras prays for Kumud. He says please send my Kumud home. Kumud says I m coming soon Saras. Vidyachatur asks Saras what should we do now. Saras says I don’t understand. Guniyal says keep strength. Kusum says I know all her friends, she did not tell me anything. Saras says we will call her friends and ask. Ghuman thinks.

Everyone call Kumud’s friends and came to know there is no such marriage of any friend. Guniyal says where did Kumud go. Saras says if there is no marriage, why did she lie to us. He says we should find her now. He gets worried. Kabir says I will also come with you. They leave. Kusum asks Danny to go. Danny also leaves. Ghuman looks on.

Sunanda throws Kumud’s phone in water. Kumud asks what did you do. Sunanda says the one I like, I never let her go. Kumud is shocked.

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