Saraswatichandra 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud facing pain time to time as days passes. Saras cries and Danny consoles him. Saras says I know nothing will happen to her, but can she bear so much pain. He says I m afraid. Danny says we all are afraid, but we know her, we should support her, we have bear a lot of pain earlier too, we should make her strong, Kumud won’t backout now. Saras says yes I understand, but if anything happens to her. Danny says no, we all are with her and you, trust us, nothing will happen. More days passes. Everyone take care of Kumud. Badimaa and Saraswati make Kumud sit and have food. Kumud smiles.

Kumud feels pain again and they worry. Badimaa asks Saraswati to call doctor. They call Saras and Danny. Kumud says I m fine, its because of much food. Badimaa says we were worried. Kumud says she has four mums in this house, and even Saras, he won’t let anything happen to me and baby. Saraswati knits the sweaters and shows Badimaa. She likes it and they laugh. Badimaa shows the socks. Danny and Yash come and see it. Guniyal says see I made this cap. Yash says great Kaki, the baby will look cute in this. Badimaa asks Danny what he got. Danny says I got this, milk bottle. They smile. Yash says he got shorts. Saras is taking care of Kumud and makes her have food.

She holds her stomach and asks him to keep his hand. They feel the baby movements like kicks. They laugh. He says I can feel the baby. Saras keeps his head and feels the baby kicks. He talks to the baby. He says I m your Papa Saraswatichandra and asks can he hear him. The baby responds and Saras smiles continuing his talk. Kumud smiles. Saras says I m sure you will be exactly like me. Saras complains about Kumud, and says everyone is in her team, so I want you to come in my team, will you. The baby kicks and Saras laughs saying baby is saying yes.

Saras says Kumud is stubborn and fights a lot, don’t become like her, become like me. She says yes, explain, but I have chosen the name. He says I have also thought. She says no, it will be what I decide. He says no, mine will be final. They start arguing. They complain to the baby and laugh. Everyone do the arrangements of the Godh bharai. Danny asks what should I wear. Badimaa says its for women. Danny says I m also happy, but we will celebrate too. He calls Yash to put new bedsheet. Badimaa looks at Danny and says what happened, you were so excited and now upset.

Danny says its Kumud’s godh bharai, I m happy, but I m worried, if………… She says enough, we have to be happy for Kumud, and not show sadness on our face, else she won’t celebrate happiness. Danny smiles. Saraswati brings a small Bal Gopal idol and says she will gift this to Kumud in evening, will she like it. Guniyal says yes, and worries for Kumud. Saraswati says Kumud will be happy, she made big decision and shown much strength. I m sure Kanha ji will not let her down, you see you will see Kumud playing with her baby. Guniyal smiles. Saraswati asks her not to let Kumud see her crying.

Kumud waits for everyone in her room. She sees cradle toy and says who got this. Saras says baby’s Papa. She likes it. He says mum does not bring anything for the baby. She says come and shows the cupboard. She sows many things for the baby. She says she bought every month. He says why so soon. She shows everyone’s gifts too. She shows what she made. She says when the baby will come, tell the baby that I made this. He says why will I say, you say it. She says if I can’t see the baby, then… She says form my side. She turns and cries.

He says nothing will happen to you, you will see the baby and show all this yourself. What happened to you, when the time is close, why are you feeling tensed. He asks her to trust Lord as Lord does not do anything wrong. He asks her to be strong. He says our dream will be surely true. He says I can’t give a proper hug as the baby is between us. She hugs him.

Kumud comes with Saras in the godh bharai function. Danny asks everyone what they feel, will Kumud have a daughter or son. Saras says he wants twins and everyone laughs. He says a boy and girl, both healthy. Yash says say any one. Saras thinks. Danny says we have two bowls for girl and boy, Yash and I have a bet, Yash thinks Kumud will have a son, and I think it will be a cute little daughter. Danny asks them to vote. He says wrong vote will make you pay Rs 100, from which we will buy a gift for the baby. Saras says if he has to choose, then…………. He looks at Kumud and they smile.

The godh bharai function is going on and Kumud gets the pains. Saras shouts Kumud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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