Saraswatichandra 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 19th April 2014 Written Update

Show starts with Kajal telling Saras that Jugnu will not harm Kumud as he loves her and he is not a goon and in turn he visits temple daily.Saras tells they should check all temples and they leave.While Ghuman meets Kabir and he flirts and tells he will ask Ghuman what he wanted and he will ask her when they go out somewhere like abroad and she looks at him and asks what is the reason he wanted to go with her and she just laughs and leaves when kabir thinks Ghuman can’t even imagine what she agreed for.

Otherside kumud is all set to escape and Jugnu comes inside and Kumud tries to hit him and run away and tries to lock him when he drags her inside and tells he saved from Sunanda and so he will marry her as he loves her and forcefully ties her to chair for marrying.


Danny talks to kusum about papers and they wonder who helped her and Danny decides to find him while he reaches to his car he finds Kabir trying to open Danny’s car and so danny hides and looks at Kabir and finds him suspicious after Kabir leaves Danny checks his car and finds the original papers of Desai house.

Saras is tensed as they didn’t find Jugnu and Kajal and Kusum decide to leave before Sunanda knows while Kajal tells she is missing some place of Jugnu and see a Maa Kali photo and remembers that Near Maha Kali temple they can find them and they rush there.

Danny confronts Kabir and Kabir tells he was the one who stole the papers and tells he gave Ghuman duplicate one and tells he will explain that he don’t want desai family to hurt and also tells not to inform ghuman about it or else she will play another game and tells to hide it until SaMud returns and denies to explain further.

Jugnu forcefully tries to Marry kumud and puts a saree on Kumud when she screams not to do so as she loves saras and can’t marry him but he tries to put Sindhoor when Saras breaks the door and beats up Jugnu when Majnu tries to stop him but Saras is angry and pushes him and also Kumud who tries to stop him.Later he hugs Kumud who apologizes to him for coming to here without informing him and tells Jugnu is not a bad guy and they should forgive him as he helped not misbehaved with her.

Emotional moments happen between SaMud and all are happy as they are united and Kumud tells Jugnu that he helped her but she loves only Saras and Kajal and Kusum decide to leave when Saras stops them and asks to complaint about Sunanda and also
assures to keep them safe from Sunanda ,while Jugnu tells he will also help them and he now knew that Saras loves Kumud more than him and tells he will help them and corrects his mistake and Kajal,Kusum too are ready.

While Kumud feels happy to see Majnu and recognises him and Saras thanks as Majnu helped him lot and Kusum asks why Kumud came here when Kumud tells she came to know about a secret and Saras tells they together will find about it.Both look smiling at eachother.

Precap : Police tell they are raiding on Sunanda’s place while SN gets call from a manwho tells Kajal and Kusum informed about her and SN is tensed.

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  1. Finally saras n kumud are bak together

  2. what a entry from saras …………. like me

  3. Above written update doesn’t have the full episode

  4. What happen today yar neither full episode update nor diya or bati’s update..plz update dobh update

  5. this is only site today i got full written update all other site didnt wrote full only little.. thanks for update

  6. Soooooo happy sunenda get ready to rot in jail soon

  7. Don’t trust Kabir- hate him. Sunanda serves her good

  8. alishah umbreen

    i thk kabir iZ Also good person and he loves alot saras and his mom……

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