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Saraswatichandra 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prashant asking Kumud what happened. She says there is something at the wall there. Prashant looks at Mahesh. Saraas comes and asks Kumud what happened. She says the same. Saras says whats on the wall, I will see. She says no, don’t go in. Prashant says I will see. Kumud says I saw something there. Saras says come with me. Prashant and Mahesh checks the wall and they see a chameleon on the wall. Saras says its chameleon, why did you get scared. She says yes, by this. He says why did you not tell me before. She says I was scared.

The guard laughs. Saras says you won’t change. Prashant asks the guard to behave and remove that chameleon. Saras teases Kumud. Saras asks the guard to leave. Prashant asks Kumud is she fine, is this happens again, you can call me or the guard. Don’t worry, we have trees in the society so such things come. He leaves with Mahesh. Saras says you shouted so loud that the poor chameleon has run. She says you stay at office all day and I feel scared here being alone. He says no need to worry now. She says this may happen again tomorrow. He says then if it comes again, asks it to have lunch with you. He jokes and smiles.

Vidyachatur and everyone talk about Kabir and Anushka. Danny says see what she does now. Kusum says I also want to know what she does. Vidyachatur says I will go and wait for rain. Danny sees Kusum ironing and asks her to take rest. She says I m keeping your clothes ready for tomorrow. He says will I wear so many in one day. She says we should always have backup. He checks her temper and asks do you have fever, you are being weird since few days, what happened. She says nothing, I m your wife and its my duty to take care of you. He says fine, bring that packet. She asks whats in this. He says open that box.

She sees a saree and asks why this. He says for girlfriend. She says what? He says its samples. Their choice differs. She thinks of Anushka’s words and asks him did he feel bad. He says what, why will I? our choices can differ. She asks are you happy with me, as I take care of you. He says that’s why I said something happened to you, I told you many times you are the best gift of my life, I m very happy with you. He hugs her.

Saras comes to Kumud and says I know you are annoyed with me, I m sorry I could not talk to you, he holds her hand and says whenever I wanted to call you, some urgent work came. She says yes I felt bad, but not because of you, but as I did not talk to you, I called you again? No. As I understand work is most important, and I know this is important for you. He says thanks and hugs her. He says I m tired and will rest now. He asks how was your day. She says what to say, I did household work, cooked food, became friends with plants, I found Sangeeta odd, she worked well on first day and not today. She says non stop and he sleeps. She turns to him and sees him sleeping. More Piya………. Plays………. She smiles.

She lies to rest and hears some loud music. She sees Saras getting disturbed and shuts the window and door. Saras says who is playing such loud music. She says you sleep, I will see, how are these people, does not let a tired man sleep. He says she is very angry and goes after her. Kumud rings the bell of the neighboring flat and Saras says see Kumud, it might be a kids party, we will talk tomorrow. Kumud says why are they keeping the society awake. He says they won’t hear the bell. She says I will ring it till they hear. An old lady comes. Kumud and Saras is shocked to see her.

She asks what, tell, are you mute. Kumud says loud music from your home. The lady says so. Kumud asks her to lower the volume. The lady says why. Kumud says we want to sleep but are unable to because of this music. The lady says where did you come from, this is Mumbai and night does not end soon, I can’t sleep without hearing music. She scolds Kumud and says this is my house and I will do what I want. Kumud requests her to lower the volume as they have to sleep. The lady fumes and says I will not lower the volume.

Kumud says how can you do this. The lady scolds Saras and asks him to make Kumud apologize to her. Kumud says why will I. Saras apologizes to her. Kumud says why are you saying this, she should be sorry. Saras says see aunty, the music is good but if it lowered, then. The lady says go…….. Saras and Kumudd come home. Kumud says why did you apologize, it was her mistake. Saras says but look at her age. This happens in this age. She says she did not listen to my request and you supported her. He says no, I did not find it good to fight with an elderly lady, we will talk to secretary. She says he is rude. He says lets sleep now, it’s a small thing.

She says no, you did not support me, I won’t talk to you. She rests to sleep. He says good night and turns off the lights. Its morning, Kusum gives tiffin to Danny. He says I was thinking where is my extra efficient wife. She says with you. He gets Kiran’s call. She thinks who is she, I did not hear her name before. Danny says good you are in India, tell me when are you meeting me, yes I miss London, remember guitar, you me and coffee, call me, we will catch up. Kusum gets tensed and says who is this Kiran. Danny leaves.

Kumud is angry on Sangeeta as she did not turn up till now. Saras reads the weather forecast which points to her anger. She gives him tea. He says its very good. She says I added poison in it. He spits and says sorry the table spoiled. She is angry. He says sorry, its my mistake. He holds her hand. She says leave my hand. He says come with me in office party in evening. She says fine. He checks her temper and asks are you fine to agree so soon. I will come and pick you up.

Anushka and Kabir bump into each other. She does not talk to him and leave. Kabir is happy seeing her go and bumps into the door. He gets hurt. She comes back and asks are you ok. He says this happened because of you. She says I m sorry, come I will leave you till your room. He says I will go. She says come with me, give me your hand. He says what? She says just come. He holds her hand and she smiles.

Kumud says what Saras, say something. Saras says what to say, you are looking very beautiful. Prashant sees Saras and Kumud going out and gets angry.

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