Saraswatichandra 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras waiting for Kumud near the pool. Kumud comes wearing the saree which he gifted her. He hears her payal sound, and turns to see her. Kuch na kahe .. plays.. He sees her in the saree and keeps looking at her. He turns back and bows down. She says you called me and now you are not facing me, why. He says I’m afraid of myself, if I see you, I won’t be able to let you go away from me. He sees their shadows and says come closer Kumud, I can see you more clearly. He picks a diya and blows it off. She asks why did you blow it. He says because the moon is also staring you. He says Kumud, look up. He sees their shadows and smiles. He says move left, he touches her shadow, and Kumud closes her eyes.

Kumud smiles and says enough now don’t say anything, I m afraid of myself, if you say anything I won’t be able to stay away from me. If I see myself from your view, I will be more beautiful. She says look at me, and make me complete. (Romantic scene) He turns to see her. They both smile. Mann ke dor.. plays in the background. She asks am I looking beautiful or my shadow. He says shadow was beautiful which I wanted to touch, but I don’t want to break it. I just want to stare at it. Kumud, take an oath looking at the moon, she asks what. He says come, sit with me here. keep your hand here and they both touch the moon’s reflection. He says I promise as the moon is with its light always, the same way I will be with you always. Kumud cries with happiness and says even I promise I will love you till my last breath. Saras looks at her with passion in his eyes. They both look at each other.

The guests start coming, and everyone welcome them. Badimaa is happy seeing Saras happy. She says shall we start the engagement. Vidyachatur asks Guniyal to bring Kumud. Kumud enters and Saras looks at her. Everyone smile seeing Kumud dressed in a saree. (She looks Fab..) Danny tells Ghuman see if she was in Dubai, everyone would just stare at her, she is looking good. Vidyachatur says it looks like I’m seeing you for the first time. Laxminandan says you are seeing my bahu, she is one in a million. Guniyal and Badimaa are happy to see her. Kumud holds Badimaa’s hand and smiles. She greets Laxminandan, he says be happy and come to our home soon and light it up. Danny says my mum does not like anyone touching her feet, she will hug you and bless you. Ghuman is silent. Danny says mum she is waiting.

Ghuman hugs her. Ghuman tries to smile but could not. Laxminandan says shall we start the Rasam. Saras and Kumud stand together and he tells her Miss Kumud, will you marry me. Kumud says we promised to be together, else I would have not. Laxminandan asks Saras to make Kumud wear the ring. Everyone clap. Saras holds Kumud’s hands.
Kusum teases Kumud. Kumud and Saras got engaged. Danny announces this. Everyone clap. Ghuman sees Kumari and signs her to leave. Kumari nods yes. Sunny says the ring ceremony is over, leave her hand. Everyone laugh. Kumari leaves fro the house. Everyone congratulate Kumud and Saras. Danny is going outside. Vidyachatur hugs Kumud.

Danny goes to a tea vendor and says your band people did not come. The vendor tells him the address of the band people. Danny goes to look for them. Danny sees Kumari going somewhere. He says where is she going at this time. Saras gets a call and is shocked. He says I m coming and leaves. Kumud sees his leaving. Kumari comes to a mandir and meets her dad. She asks him am I doing right. He says I would have not come here to bless you if you were wrong. Kumari wishes Badimaa was here. He says after the marriage, I will take you to your mother. She will bless you anyway. Umesh hurries for the marriage. The pandit starts his mantras. Kumari sits with Umesh. Umesh signs to her father. Kumari is tensed…

Umesh is about to tie the mangalsutra and Saras comes there and stops him. Kumari is shocked. Saras comes with Danny. He says Kumari what are you doing. Her dad asks who are you. He says I’m her brother. Her dad says I’m her real father.

Ghuman taunts Badimaa. Saras stops Umesh, and Kumari interrupts in between. Saras is shocked…..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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