Saraswatichandra 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud seeing Tony Singh and running away. He follows her and rides a bicycle and goes after her. Kumud hides behind a car. He looks out for her. Kumud says its good he went off. He stands there and waves hi to her. She says what is it. He says why are you angry, I saw you coming so said hi. She asks why are you following me, don’t come after me. Saras flirts with her. She says I will call someone who will break your bones. He says I m going seeing the call come. He goes far and receives the call. She says Saras you were right, Tony Singh is following me, he ran away when I took your name. She says go to the school, tell me that you love me, if you are my girlfriend. She is annoyed and says I won’t say ever.

Tony Singh comes to her with a bouquet.

He flirts with her further. He starts crying. She says don’t cry please and takes the bouquet. He stops her and says if you want to go, you can, but take a photo with me, I will keep it with me whole life. He gives someone a camera and asks him to take a photo with Kumud and few kids. Kumud says now I will leave. He says our jodi is so cute and this looks a happy family pic. Kumud thinks Saras was right.

Tony Singh says you will become my wife, will you marry me sitting on his knees. Kumud scolds him. He says I m after a girl for the first time, you won’t get someone like me ever. Kumud says my marriage is fixed, so forget this. Tony Singh reacts hearing this and asks Kumud to marry him. He says do you love that guy, if so, tell him that I love you like I told you. He says it means you don’t love him, I m happy. Kumud says I love him so much, I love Saraswatichandra very much, learn from Saras whats love, don’t come after me in next birth too, as I m Saras’s for seven births.

Saras shows his identity to Kumud and she is shocked. She pulls out his beard and beats hi tummy. He says I made you say I love you at last and dances. She says you did this that. He says yes, my life starts with I, then love and ends on you. He holds her and says I love you. She walks away. Saras is happy that she admitted her love.

Kusum is in her room drying her hair. Danny sees her and comes to her. He holds her hand and goes closer to her. She says Danny, I know you want to take this relation ahead, but I think I m not ready, I always regarded you as my friend. Danny says fine, we will go ahead when you are ready. She says I m sorry, you might have dreamed about this, but………. He says its my mistake. He says can we have breakfast together. She says why not. He says I can’t wait for food.

Dada ji calls everyone in the hall. He asks Badimaa where are Saras and Kumud. Saras and Kumud come. Badimaa asks whats the matter. Dada ji asks Saras and Kumud to stand together. Dada ji talks to them and gives a pearl to them. Everyone smiles seeing it. Dada ji says this is a precious pearl, this was my first gift. He gives it to them from their grandparent’s side. He says I m sure you love will be young as this, but whoever keeps this will rule over, you decide who will keep this. Kalika is angry seeing this. Kumud and Saras argue for the pearl. Saras holds Kumud’s hand and she asks him to leave her hand.

Kusum says I will take the pearl in their fight. Kumud says no. The pandit comes and greets everyone. Kalika tells Yash’s mum that Dada ji gave the pearl to Kumud, not me, see after their marriage, they will give everything to Saras. Yash says stop it, be quiet and don’t think about this. Yash’s mum says Yash, she is right. Yash says please stop it, be quiet till Kumud’s marriage. The pandit says about Saras and Kumud, both are adamant and full of pride. Everyone laughs. Kusum says find the date soon, we are waiting. The pandit says no……. Everyone look on.

Kalika comes to her room and is very much in anger. She says she did not become Pramad’s and did not let me become his, I married Yash but I did not know Kumud rules here in this house, I did so much to end her love story, I made everyone against her but still Kumud and Saras are together, my fight is not with Kumud, but with myself now. She says I won’t let Kumud marry, Kumud will wait for that day but it won’t come.

Vidyachatur says Saras and Kumud’s marriage should be with Laxminandan’s and Ghuman’s yes. He says I will call Nandu. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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