Saraswatichandra 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras walking together and the song Kuch na Kahe….. plays……….. Saras drops her home and looks at her while she goes in. He says I know you won’t leave me ever even if you don’t say it. Saras smiles and leaves. Kusum sees them from the terrace and is jealous. Kalika comes to Kusum and fills her ears against Kumud and Saras. She says Kumud might have felt to meet Saras, she loves him after all. She says Kumud will always love him even if he cheats her many times. Kusum gets angry.

Kumud comes to her room and looks for Kusum. Kusum asks her where were you. Kumud says I went to bring Danny back, he was going back to Dubai. Danny was not stopping even when Saras asked him to stip, but I had to take his passport, Kusum says why are

you doing this with me, stop all this, why are you after me, if you believe in marriage, then go back to Pramad and show me keeping your marriage. Badimaa comes and scolds Kusum. Kusum says Kumud’s marriage was not by cheat and now he has changed, then why is she not going back to him. Badimaa says because he did not respect her. Kusum says I did not ask her to give me Saras, but she gave him himself.

Badimaa says Saras is not a thing to exchange. Kusum argues with Badimaa further. Guniyal comes and says their dad got a heart attack and they have to rush to meet him. Vidyachatur talks to Gyaan on phone and asks him to take care of his dad. Badimaa cries. Kumud says maybe this bad time will bring us closer. Kumud comes to Kusum and says take some sarees with you. Kusum says why, you became like you used to be before after leaving Pramad. Kumud says I came here saving my life from Pramad and you….. Kusum says I don’t love my husband. Kumud says our situations are different.

Kusum says everyone are trying to free you and making me tangled. Kumud says yes, everyone are supporting me as I tried to keep up my marriage with Pramad, give Danny a chance. Guniyal asks Kusum to become ready and meet her grandpa well and look happy with Danny. Kusum says i can’t do this. Guniyal says he is weak at this stage, I will think you won’t care for him being selfish. Vidyachatur says my dad wants to see Kusum and Danny together. He says how to lie him. Badimaa says we have to lie to him, he got a heart attack, anything can happen to him. Badimaa asks Vidyachatur to call Saras, as Saras will make Danny agree for this trip.

Vidyachatur calls Saras and Saras tells him not to worry and start the preparations for leaving and he will talk to Danny. Danny says I won’t go anywhere. Saras talks to him and says her grand dad could not come in the marriage being unwell, but he wants to see you and Kusum together. Danny says so should I lie to him. Saras says you told me that this marriage is not a lie. He says I know you can’t hurt anyone. He says now its time to fulfill your every promise made to Kusum.

Kumud asks Kusum to keep the sarees for Dada ji’s sake. Kusum takes it and keeps it in her bag. She applies the sindoor. Kusum says now are you happy and cries. Everyone leave to meet grandpa. Kumud looks at Kusum. Saras and Danny are after their car. Yash’s car stops on the way as the tyre goes flat. Saras says I will change it. Kusum looks at Danny. Saras says it will take 15 mins, sit in the car. Badimaa is worried about her dad. Saras asks them to take his car and go to grandpa. He says I will change the tyre and bring the remaining people. Badimaa says yes, it will be good.

Kusum sees Saras and Saras looks at Danny. Vidyachatur says will they come together. Badimaa says yes, its good if Kusum and Danny come together. Yash takes the family and leaves. Saras changes the tyre. Kusum is till eyeing Saras. Kalika smiles. Saras sees Kusum looking at him and feels odd. Kalika says Kusum can’t get her eyes off Saras and Saras from Kumud, great.

Saras’s hand gets hurt and blood comes out. Kumud gets worried for him and holds his hand. Kusum is angry seeing them together. Kumud asks Danny to bring first aid box and cares for his wound. Danny tells Saras that he will change the tyre. Kalika smiles seeing Kusum stare at Saras. She speaks against Kumud and says there is no one to stop them, Pramad gave her divorce and you got married to someone else. Kusum walks away from them in anger. Kumud stops Kusum and asks where are you going.

Kusum says I will go by taking lift. Saras says its not safe. Kusum says I don’t think anyone worried for me. Danny stops Kusum and she argues with him. Danny says I know you are angry because of me, the car is fine, go and sit, I promise you won’t need to see my face. Everyone reaches the place and Danny asks Kusum not to forget that they are husband and wife. Kusum says don’t forget we are doing this act for Dada ji. Danny and Kusum have an argument. Kalika laughs. Kumud and Saras see them fighting and look at each other.

Dada ji welcomes everyone well. Vidyachatur says why did you come out. Everyone smile seeing him. Badimaa asks how are you now. Dada ji says I m fine seeing you all. Everyone greet him touching his feet. Dada ji asks where is Kusum and her groom. Kumud says they are shy and standing behind. Saras asks Danny to greet him. Kusum and Danny greets him. Dada ji is happy seeing them. Kalika smiles. Dada ji blesses them. Yash’s mum says even my bahu came here for the first time, won’t you welcome here. He asks where is she. Kalika and Yash greets him. Dada ji says my new bahu will welcome my new son in law. Everyone are puzzled.


Saras and Kumud are together in a room and fight for the room. Saras falls on Kumud and they have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  2. Love Saras and Kumud
    after long time Samud going to have a romantic moment in Saraswatichandra

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