Saraswatichandra 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 16th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud lying in her bed and thinking about Saras’s proposal. She smiles with happiness and is shy hiding her face. She hears the wind chimes and turns to see. She sees Saras and asks what are you doing here at this time. He holds her and draws her closer. She says its late night, if anyone sees us. He says let them, Saras and Kumud are together, now we are going to be married, why will anyone have a problem. Mann ke dor…………….. plays………………. he touches her face and says I have brought sweets, will you have it. She says no. He says are you sure. He takes out a chocolate and says think again, I have many ways to make you eat, will you have it now. She says no.

He says fine, I asked you to have it, but if you don’t want, I have

to make you eat. He touches her face and applies the chocolate. Music plays………… They have an eyelock. They get closer. He touches her lips and she closes her eyes. He gets closer to her and says now tell me that you love me. She smiles and says I won’t say and runs. He says Kumud…….. if you don’t say, I will keep asking. She says so keep asking, I won’t say. He says I will make you say for sure.

Its morning, Kumud is smiling being alone. She gets a call from Saras. He asks what did you think. She asks about what. He says I spoke to Badimaa, she is about to talk to pandit ji. She asks about what. He says come on, what do you think. She says I m going to school, where are you. He says I m going to the city and will come back after two days. She says if possible come back soon. He says for what, you don’t even admit your love and say I love you. She says I won’t say. He says then be alone, I will end the call. They have a sweet argument and end the call. Guniyal asks Kumud to come down soon. Saras smiles.

Guniyal packs Kumud’s fav food for Kumud. Badimaa talks to the pandit and asks him to come over as they have to decide about Kumud and Saras’s marriage. Kusum sees the jewellery in the newspaper and says I will ask Danny to buy me such one for me. Yash says I pity on Saras and Danny. Everyone are happy. Vidyachatur says I will do their marriage as a prince and princess’s marriage. Kumud says the marriage should be simple. Kusum says no way, I did not think about anything i my marriage, atleast in your marriage, I have live every ritual with Danny. Kumud leaves for the school.

Dada ji asks Vidyachatur to call people and inform. Vidyachatur says I will inform them once the date is fixed. Kalika thinks she is being treated only as a maid, no one cares for her. Kumud teaches english in the school. She is informed that someone came to meet her. She goes to see. Its Saras in punjabi get up. She greets him and says I m Kumud Desai. Saras says Kumud means lotus right, you are more beautiful than lotus. She asks who are you. He says Katar Singh from Patiala. He holds her hand. She takes her hand back.

He flirts with her and says I m happy to know you are gathering money for the school. My dad did not let me study and wanted me to earn money. He says I did not learn english. Kumud says did you come to learn here. He says my age is to help kids, not learn myself. I came here to make a donation. She says you thought good. He takes care of his fake beard. He says I know I m very attractive, very girl look at me, but even you are attractive. Kumud says come, meet the principal. He says the principal has sent me here.

Kalika is angry hearing Saras and Kumud. She says before they give everything to Kumud, I have to see. Kusum hears this. Kalika is tensed. Kusum asks what are you doing here. Kalika says i m cleaning. She makes an excuse and leaves. Kumud shows the site to Saras. Saras goes to take coconut water. Kumud checks her phone and is missing Saras. Saras as Katar Singh talks to Kumud and likes the concept of the school. He says you are sweating, will yo have coconut water. She says that guy went. He says I have it, with two straws, you can have it with me, sharing increases love.

Saras says I m very touchy kind, I feel when two people are linked by love then you are linked forever. Kumud feels odd by his flirt and says kids are waiting for me and walks away. He raises his voice and does a Sunny Deol act. He says you are beauty with brain with great sense of humor. He says do you believe in love at first sight. She says what. Danny comes after having a bath and sees Kusum getting ready. He comes to her and helps her. He says I was thinking about you all night and when you came infront of me, I felt how much beautiful you are, when I came here, I was making plans to bring Saras and Kumud together, I did not know one day I will plan to come closer to you. he holds her hand and kisses her hand. Mora piya…………. plays…………… Kusum says I did not ever think someone would love me so much but now I know, did you forgive me. He hugs her. Kusum cries. He says I m in romantic mood and you are crying.

Kumud talks to Saras and tells him everything about Katar Singh. Saras says shameless, its good you did not had coconut water with him. She says how do you know. He says you just told, he will come again tomorrow and be after you. Kumud says he was clean by heart, are you jealous. He says why would I, do you love me, else you would have said. She says you feel Tony Singh loves me. He says what if Tony says you. She says I will kill him if he says. She ends the call. Saras says your Methi la Laddo has become very sweet in love.

Everyone are with the pandit to fix the date for Kumud and Saras’s marriage. The pandit tells everyone that……………..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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