Saraswatichandra 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pramad telling Kalika he did not change and he has sent the MMS at the time of Kusum’s marriage. He laughs off with her. Kalika laughs on him saying Kumud is still Saras’s, are you going accepting your defeat. Pramad says its Kumud’s bad luck. Yash is coming and sees Kalika talking with Pramad. He says Kalika….. Kalika is shocked to see Yash and says I was going to the mandir and saw him coughing, its good you came, help him. Pramad says I m fine and leaves. He smiles seeing Kalika with Yash. Yash asks Kalika to come with him to the mandir. She says its late, lets go home.

Vidyachatur and Yash talk about an order. Vidyachatur says I can’t work till Kusum gets well. Yash says I m new in this, I need someone. Saras comes and says Kaka, Danny

was taking care of this assignment, he knows the client, he will take care of this very well. He says I failed twice, can’t you trust me one more time, if not, I will go from here and only Danny will come here. Vidyachatur says you have founded the Karkhana, do as you wish, who am I to say. He leaves. Kalika says Saras wants to bring Danny in this house, so he is making the way through the Karkhana. She says whatever you do, I will break your plans.

Saras walks outside the house and turns to see Kumud but there is Kusum crying in the window. He does not see her and leaves. Kusum says I know Saras, whom your eyes are searching is not me. She says I know I can’t get love by asking you. She cries and Kalika sees her. She comes with the tea and talks to Kusum. She says I can understand your pain, as I also loved Pramad a lot, and dreamed of getting married to him, but one day he cheated me. Kusum asks Kalika to leave. Kalika says I did not lose like you, I met Yash, I married him and got love from him and also got his family, and see how happy I m today. She says Kusum, I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and young, Danny is going to come for the Karkhana work, everything will be fine in some time, you don’t worry. Kalika smiles and leaves.

Kusum says yes, everything will be fine except me. Saras comes to his home and calls out Danny. He looks around for him and says where did he go, he is not even taking my call. He sees Danny’s cupboard empty and says even his passport and clothes are not here, did he……. Danny is going to the airport seeing his and Kusum’s photo in his mobile. He thinks of Kusum and his moments. Saras is also on the way calling Danny. He asks Danny where are you. Danny says I m going back forever, I don’t have any place in Kusum’s life, not even as a friend. Saras calls the airport and asks about the Dubai’s flight timings. He comes to know that the flight took off and is upset.

Saras comes back home. Saras says why did you leave me alone Danny. Danny is present in the house and says you always want to do everything alone. Saras is happy to see him and hugs him. Saras says I knew it you won’t go. Danny says I was going, someone else stopped me. Kumud appears and gives him his passport back saying I hope I don’t need to take this back from you again. She looks at Saras and he signs thanks. She leaves and Saras goes after her.

Saras stops her and says thanks for supporting him. Kumud says I brought Danny back as I want to see Danny with Kusum, I supported Kusum, not you. Saras says whatever you say, I know you are with me, now that Danny is back, you see how I make everything fine. Pramad sees Kumud and Saras walking outside the house together. Saras says I know you did this for me, I want to get you and it will be possible when we bring Danny and Kusum together. Kumud says you are being selfish. Saras says if its selfish to be with you, yes, I m selfish, who loves only you, and I want everyone to be happy, I m sure that I can fill happiness in our lives.

Pramad comes to them coughing. Kumud and Saras are shocked to see him. Pramad says I was passing by and suddenly I m feeling unwell, so I stopped, if I knew you both are here, I would have gone by some other way. He says its true, I m feeling good to see you both together, I wish you stay together and happy and no one comes in between you. He says one more thing, I did not have the guts to give you the divorce papers, so I gave it to your dad, I signed it. Kumud is shocked and says what….. He says Saras, if you permit, I want to talk to Kumud in private for the last time. Saras aigns ok and walks away.

Pramad tells Kumud that there is no one to stop you now, you are free to become your Saras’s. He says I m going to America for my treatment, I don’t want to hurt you, but see we met again. He apologizes to Kumud and says if possible, forgive me, I have given you much pain, but I will pray for you that life does not bring us infront of each other. He blesses her keeping his hand on her head and says take care. Pramad starts leaving. Kumud says one min looking at the car.

Pramad stops and looks at her. Kumud shows him the calender. He says I tried to do some good work and says about the marks on the calender. She says you are going for your treatment, nothing is more important for me, its that sign, if you need anything then….. He says then come to you? Think whether you can bear me. Pramad smiles and leaves. Saras says he is giving your divorce, do you think its true. Kumud says he has changed, no need to doubt him again. Saras says now trust me, so that we can bring Danny and Kusum together. Saras says your marriage was a fake one, it could not make us apart, and our relation was true. Who was waiting for the divorce, I know that we are together and will always be. Kumud looks at him.

Kusum sees Kumud coming back home and Kalika says Kumud has met Saras. She fills Kusum’s ears against Kumud and Saras.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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