Saraswatichandra 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sunanda asking Jugnu how did he arrange so much money in so less time. She says great, why are you angry on me, you should have thought before, why did you inform police about Kumud. Jugnu says I did not inform police, I was not in Sundarnagar, I was in city, if you don’t believe me, ask anyone. Sunanda says Sheikh? Jugnu says you mean Kumud is mine now. She says fine, take her. She says how will you manage her, she is very strong and very smart, you have to keep her in control else we will land in jail. She says take her very far where no one identifies you. Jugnu smiles and asks how, police is there outside. She says we will make her unconscious, police will not see the Rajasthani bride whose face only her husband can see. She smiles.

Ghuman comes

to meet Kabir. Kabir smiles seeing her and has roses for her. He flirts with her. He gives her the roses. She says thanks for everything. He says you will also do something for me very soon. She says I m waiting to know what will you ask for, you are interesting and your wish will be more interesting. He says lets have a cup of coffee first. Ghuman smiles. Saras tries to arrange money.

Majnu brings Saras to Hari Bhai and asks them to help them. Hari Bhai calls someone and confirms about Saraswatichandra’s background. He says my friend is taking your guarantee. He says I won’t be able to give whole amount. Saras says give me as much as you can. Saras signs on the papers and takes the money. Majnu keeps it in a bag. Hari Bhai helps them and Saras thanks him. Saras says don’t worry, I will give back with interest. Majnu says its 70 lakhs, now what about Rs. 30 lakhs. Saras says he will talk to Danny but he can’t connect to him. Saras gets worried.

He messages Danny to arrange Rs 30 lakhs and not tell anyone at home. Sunanda is happy with Kajal and says Jugnu gave me Rs. 50 lakhs, let her go now, I will in peace now. Jugnu says I got the tickets. Samru brings the drugs and gives it to Sunanda. Sunanda tells Jungu that they will make Kumud ready like his bride, he should also get ready as a groom. Jugnu smiles and leaves. Vidyachatur talks on phone and is worried. He tells Guniyal that he will look for a rented house, pack the necessary items. Guniyal says we have everything necessary, we can’t leave this house. She says it feels like its a bad dream. Kusum comes and sees her parents worried.

Kusum brings tea for them and pacifies Badimaa. Yash’s mum and Kalika looks on. Kalika fills her ears. Kalika says even Kusum should have gone missing. Kusum says I can’t believe what Danny did. Guniyal misses Saras. Yash’s mum taunts them for believing in Saras. Guniyal prays for Kumud and Saras’s safety.

Saras waits for Danny’s reply and is tensed. He calls home. Ghuman takes the call and asks who is it. Saras ends the call. Saras says what to do now. Danny is on the way and driving. Majnu says we are losing time, how to arrange more Rs 30 lakhs. Kumud waits for Saras to free her. Piya…………….plays………… She prays to Lord and looks at the door. She thinks where are you Saras, you said you will take me. O piya……………plays……… She cries. Sunanda mixes the drugs in water and asks Kajal to give it to Kumud. Kajal takes the glass. Sunanda says Kumud’s fate is to stay here, but now she will go with Jugnu being Saras’s wife. Kajal brings food and water glass for Kumud. She asks her to atleast have water.

She says I will send Kusum, have water by her hand. Kajal looks for Kusum. Kajal tells someone that Kumud will be unconscious after having water, so that Jugnu can take her. Kusum hears this and runs to stop Kumud from having that water. Kumud picks the glass and drinks the water. Kusum comes and is shocked seeing her drink water. She says Didi…… Kumud looks at her. Majnu tells Saras that we will give 70 lakhs to Sunanda and ask her to give one day time. Saras says no, she will give Kumud to that man, we can’t trust her. Saras gets a call and says 30 lakhs are arranged, come to an address and take the money. He says I m Danny’s client, he asked me to call you. Saras is happy and calls Danny.

Danny says my client will give you money but what happened. Saras says I will tell you after meeting, don’t tell anyone, not even Ghuman. Sunanda comes there and looks at Kumud. Kumud faints. Sunanda smiles. Saras goes to receive money from Danny’s client and thanks him. He says I m coming Kumud. Sunanda asks Kusum to call Kajal as she has to make Kumud ready as a bride.

Sunanda sees Rs. 1 crore and thinks what did I do. She says I m sorry Sheikh, you came late, Jugnu took Kumud. Saras is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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