Saraswatichandra 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yash’s mum telling about Yash doing a big mistake marrying Kalika. Kumud syas Kabir went to find Menka, only she can give statement against Ghuman. Kusum gets a call from doctor and says what, Laxminandan got conscious. Everyone get happy. Vidyachatur says we are reaching you. He calls Saras and Danny. Saras asks what happened Kaka. Vidyachatur says our prayers are answered. Saras sees everyone’s smiling faces and says dad is conscious now. Vidyachatur says yes, he has opened eyes, he got a new life. Saras hugs Danny happily. Everyone smile. Vidyachatur says lets go, he might be waiting for us.

Danny says I will bring my phone. Yash’s mum says its good he came to his senses, now Ghuman won’t be spared. Danny hears this. Ghuman comes to Laxminandan in the hospital. She says will your sons take you from me, before they tell you the truth, I will lie to you such that you don’t believe them, you are my life’s earnings, how can I lose you. He wakes up and says you lost me. He says stay away from me, I know what you want. She says what are you saying. He says I got to know everything, Vidyachatur told me everything. She is shocked.

He says what you did with my son, what you did with Saras and Kumud. Ghuman says Vidyachatur did not wish us to marry, then how can you believe him. He says go from here, you are looking so ugly saying lies. He says you wanted to kill my Kabir, you took away my Saraswati, I should have killed you that time. She says you will kill me, you don’t know our family is breaking, Danny is also not listening to me, trust me, this is lie,I left everything to go with you. He says you took away everything from me, go. She says fine, if you are not mine, then no one is mine, now see what I do if I have to take revenge. She leaves.

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Danny asks everyone to go in and he will park the car. Danny sees Ghuman leaving. Ghuman leaves and is very angry. Danny calls her and says just leave, mom you have to leave India asap. Ghuman says what. He says police is finding you everywhere, meet me soon near Chowk, I will bring your Dubai tickets. She says it means you have forgiven me. He says no, I m your son, I can’t see you in jail. Ghuman smiles and says I want to see you once before going Danny, I m coming. Ghuman comes to meet Danny at the Chowk. She says why did he not come till now. She says I should wait in the car, if anyone sees me then. Danny comes there. She smiles seeing him.

She says you came Danny, how are you. Did you see I took such a big risk to see you once, did you bring my ticket. Danny says yes, but answer me first. He says how cam you put such a bad blame on me. She says I did to do good for you. He says you are not my mum, I thought you love Laxminandan, but you tried to kill his son. If you were a woman, you would have not given money to keep Kumud at Chandni Bazaar. If you were a human, you would have not tried to kill Kumud, Saras and Kabir in London. Danny says you can use me for your benefit. Danny confronts her sins. He says you are my mum, you know I can’t live without Kusum, tell me is this lie.

She says this is lie, its Saras and Kumud’s plan, to make me fall in Laxminandan and your eyes, Kalika is working for them, trust me, Saras wants to make you away from me, you told me you won’t see me in jail, don’t waste time, give me ticket, I have to go. Danny says you should have worried for our relation. She says I struggled so much to give you this life, now I have to go. Menka comes and Ghuman is shocked seeing her. Menka says you kidnapped me, but the child I saved from you, has saved me from you today.

Kabir comes and says don’t be shocked. You made the payment by card at the hotel where you kept her. Kumud comes and says we all are fine, Danny and Kusuk are together, you could not do anything. Ghuman says Danny give me the ticket. Saras says how can you go, your husband is well now and you should be with him. Ghuman says Danny give the ticket. Danny says I don’t have any ticket, I did this to bring you here. She says you lied to your mum. Danny says yes, a single lie infront of your thousand lies, someone told me to support truth.

Saras asks how does it feel when anyone cheats you, now do you feel what dad and Danny felt. Ghuman says no, I don’t regret, don’t think I will cry and beg you. Kumud taunts her. Ghuman says I will show winning to you all. Be ready. She goes towards her car and is shocked to see police. The inspector says Menka gave her statement against you. Menka smiles. Ghuman looks at Menka. The inspector says you are under arrest. Ghuman moves back. Danny is hurt. Ghuman looks at everyone with anger.

Ghuman says I will take revenge from everyone. Saras says this is Saraswati’s family, you can’t do anything. Ghuman gets angry and is arrested. She looks at Danny and is taken away by the police. Saras says its your victory Danny more than ours, as you walked on the right path in so tough time. Kumud says we are proud of you. Danny says I have someone who loves me like mum, I call him Bhaiya. Saras is touched by his words and hugs him. They come back home.

Saras tells Guniyal that Ghuman got punished, now mum’s soul will get peace. Guniyal says I wish Lord keeps you all happy like this. Laxminandan meets them. Saras touches his feet and hugs him. Kabir feels guilty and stands far. Saras says welcome home dad. Laxminandan says you were Saraswati’s first son, so we kept your name on her name, Saraswatichandra, and today you made us proud, your mum will be very happy. Saras asks and my dad?

I did not do any duties towards you, I forgot you also lost your wife Ghuman cheated you, I broke all relations with you, still you came to accept me from Dubai, and what I did with you, I ….. Saras cries. He says when I realized my mistake, I used to come to the hospital daily, but you could not hear me. Everyone cry getting emotional. Saras says I hate myself, I don’t deserve your love. Saras falls in his feet and says I m sorry dad. Laxminandan hugs him. Kabir looks on feeling restless and dying to hug his dad.

Saras thanks Kumud for bringing out Ghuman’s truth and making his family complete with Kabir. Kumud gets a vomiting feeling and runs. He asks what happened and calls out Kumud.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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